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Manifest Your Magic Bundle by Ashley Gordon DownloadManifest Your Magic Bundle by Ashley Gordon Mega.Nz TorrentWANNA KNOW A SECRET? IF YOU CAN MANIFEST MEDIOCRE, YOU CAN MANIFEST MAGIC YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT MORE, AND I KNOW THAT YOU’RE READY TO CREATE IT.  YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE ‘HOW’ TO UNLOCK THE MAGIC WITHIN, AND HERE’S THE HOW YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. INTRODUCING…Placeholder Image Cue the choir of angels → Ahhhhh!!!Placeholder ImageHOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SAID TO YOURSELF…    I know I’m capable of more.      I just need to get out of my own way.      I’m sick of feeling stuck AF.      I know what I want and why I want it, but I’m scared to go after it.      I just want to get past my mental blocks so I can heal and manifest my idea life! Placeholder ImagePlaceholder ImageI SEE YOU, GIRL.  You’ve been buying every“She believed she could, so she did!” journal at TJ Maxx, and then never even opening them because you don’t know how to write intentions that actually manifest.     You’ve been posting inspirational quotes on Instagram about trusting the Universe while you cry into a carton of Ben & Jerry’s — because where the F is my million dollars, brah??    Your mirror is covered in sticky note affirmations, and your arms are FAT STACKED with rose quartz and citrine bracelets, all while waiting for the moons to change to FINALLY unlock your next wave of abundance.   Don’t worry. I got you. You’re in the right place.   You don’t have to keep waiting to manifest the life you want.  Skip to the front of the line, babe. Placeholder ImagePlaceholder Image’I am having my highest month YET and it is all thanks to you, Ashley! After purchasing the bundle I started incorporating the prompts and exercises into my daily routine. Within the first two weeks I signed two new clients which brought in 7k in sales!’Chloe Urquhart | Social Media Coach (my coach) Placeholder Image  If you’ve been at this manifestation thing for any length of time, you’ve already discovered that it’s not about…   How long you’ve been manifesting  Surprise! You’ve been doing it your whole life!  How much you know about the law of attraction  It’s easier than you’re making it. Pinky promise.  How big your crystal collection is  My amethyst brings all the boys to the yardddd! What manifestation is really about is A L I G N M E N T. It’s about knowing your truth — and living it.Placeholder Image I’m a recovering perfectionist. So you better believe that when I discovered manifestation, I was the type of manifester who thought I was somehow doing it wrong or missing something. I wasn’t manifesting “perfectly” and didn’t know “HOW” to.   (I’m literally LOLing as I type this because that sounds so silly to me now.  I made manifestation hard, especially when it came to bigger things like finding my purpose and making money doing what I love.   I found it easy to manifest parking spots and free drinks, which is cool and all, but I didn’t know how to apply manifestation to more meaningful things. I always felt stuck or like something was missing. And I know I’m not the only one to feel that way!   Everything shifted when I finally realized that I was focusing my energy on ‘stuck’ and focusing my thoughts on not “doing manifestation right.”   I put myself in the waiting room for my desires because of the story I was telling myself.   I had to dive deep into my own limiting beliefs and realize that manifestation is more than just sprinkling half-believable affirmations all over my life. (Although that would be nice…    I was scared.   I was tired of holding myself back from the fear of being successful.   What IF all of my dreams actually came true?   What would happen if I fully believed in the Universe and myself?   It’s time for you to do the same.   That is why I created the Manifest Your Magic bundle!   This 5-part framework will help you find your purpose, tune into your intuition, break through limiting beliefs, learn tools for manifestation, and create MAGIC!   I want to help you jumpstart 2023 to be the BEST YEAR YET!!!!!!!!!   This framework will help you manifest magic in every area of your life.   When you grow your spirituality and manifestation, you uplevel the vibes of your whole life!Placeholder ImagePlaceholder Image’My experience working with Ashley was incredible and she directed me to discover what I already knew to be my calling/purpose, but I was unable to put it into words. She helped me identify my calling by using techniques that tap into feelings to fuel my fire and light me up from the inside. My way of being shifted tremendously through this work and I am now inspiring others to do the work to live their life on purpose. I am grateful to Ashley for sharing this work and look forward to working with her in the future.’  SHERYL CAMPBELL, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Placeholder Image’Working with Ashley helped me see my own power and light. My biggest breakthrough while working with her was believing in myself. I was in a negative mindset surrounding my current job, and she helped me see how it was serving me, which was HUGE! I am now able to see the gift and step into my power of being a leader. Plus, I started my own business, which I am so proud of! You truly can’t put a price on the help Ashley gave me! SO much value! She is so worth hiring as a coach. Ashley will be your biggest cheerleader and leads by example! I feel like she helped me find my wings, and now I am soaring!’  Barkley Brown, Luxurious Love Coach THE MAGICAL 5-PART FRAMEWORK  Placeholder ImagePlaceholder ImageMANIFEST YOUR MAGIC NOWSO, WHAT’S INSIDE THIS MAGICAL + TRANSFORMATIVE BUNDLE? PURPOSE:Create Your Life On Purpose Course, A Digital Program To Help Connect You To Your Calling And Purpose (valued at $297)INTUITION:Angel Numbers Guidebook + Manifesting Angel Numbers Like A Boss Babe MasterclassBELIEFS:Disrupt Your Limiting Story Workshop + Limiting Belief Breakthrough Training ( valued at $444)MANIFESTATION:Manifesting with Gratitude + Affirmation Bundle Manifestation 101 (valued at $97)MAGIC:Own Your Magic Live Online Experience (valued at $555)Placeholder Image$1572AND YOU CAN GRAB ALL OF THIS TODAY FOR ONLY $333Placeholder ImagePlaceholder ImagePlaceholder Image    You go with the flow and stay cool as a cucumber when things aren’t happening as fast as you think they should.    You scroll social media and feel abundant AF for your friends doing their thannggg, knowing you’re doing yours.    You are in total acceptance of your journey through the contrast of life and your full range of emotions, mascara-down-the-face-ugly-cry and all! You feel intuitively guided, divinely connected, and crystal clear, and you trust that your manifestations are on their way. Just click your ruby red heels, boo!  LET’S MANIFEST MAGIC!Placeholder ImageTRUST ME, YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT.-UNIVERSE ‘I received a $200 bonus from a client. The money felt like a sign that the universe has my back! Thank you so much, Ashley!!’Placeholder Image’The Create Your Life on Purpose course helped me tremendously in getting to know myself on a deeper level. I finally sat down and wrote on a piece of paper what I value in every area of my life, which I hadn’t done before. That helped me identify my personal mission in life. It’s about more than just money or material things but what makes me truly joyful. Ashley is a great instructor. I felt her sincerity to help, and she teaches gracefully. When I finished the course, I was thinking, ‘Um okay, this is my personal mission, but how will I make more money? That afternoon, I received a $200 bonus from a client. The money felt like a sign that the universe has my back! Thank you so much, Ashley!!’  Evelyn Vargas, Content Strategist | Virtual Assistant   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: What is a bundle?Q: How do I access the bundle? How will it be delivered?Q: Will this help me grow my business, improve my relationships, attract abundance?Q: Will I actually use this bundle?

Old Price: $49.90
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