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mindvalley certified hypnotherapist coupon discount free

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​Become a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist with Paul McKenna, UK’s no. 1 hypnotherapistIn just 16 weeks, master one of today’s most powerful professional skills for creating fast and lifelong behavioral change in yourself and others – and even build a new career and income stream as a certified hypnotherapistIAPCP Accredited4000+ coaches certifiedGlobal Recognition SealBusiness-building guidancePut a good description of the photo here    Why This Program    Product Overview    How it works    The Curriculum    Meet Your Trainers    Apply Now    FAQsNEXT INTAKE8 May 2024Apply NowWhy This ProgramPeople need help reinventing their lives, yet most solutions disappointFrom education and wellness, to work, finances, and relationships – our world is turning upside-down.Everywhere, people from every walk of life are now re-evaluating their lives: questioning long-held norms and seeking new paths. And while many of these changes are positive, many are also flooding millions with crippling anxiety and uncertainty.More than ever, they’re craving a guide: Someone who understands, uplifts, and paves the way towards a new, brighter future. Will you be that guide for them?DesktopHypnotherapists heal where others can’tBreakthrough seems out of reach… until they meet someone like you.You can deliver what no one else can.With matery of rapid transformational techniques, you radically reshape lives.Minds quiet. Addictions end. Trauma dissolves. Health restores.As a certified hypnotherapist you spark lightning-fast shifts most only dream of. And it’s just the beginning.As a certified hypnotherapist,you’ll guide people to…Put a good description of the photo herePut a good description of the photo hereRediscover peaceQuiet anxious minds and establish emotional calm.Put a good description of the photo hereOvercome addictionsBreak lifelong unhealthy habits for good.Put a good description of the photo hereHeal from traumaDissolve pain from past wounds and let go of grief.Put a good description of the photo hereBuild confidenceErase self-doubt and nervousness and step into greatness.Put a good description of the photo hereEnhance performanceRemove mental blocks inhibiting focus, flow and fulfillment.Put a good description of the photo hereTransform holisticallyCatalyze breakthroughs unlocking health, happiness and human potential.Mindvalley Certified HypnotherapistAn IAPCP accredited 16-week certification program for becoming a highly-paid and sought-after hypnotherapistLife Coach CertificateFormally accredited by the International Alliance of Professional Complementary PractitionersInternational Alliance of Professional Complementary PractitionersAccredited by the International Alliance of Professional Complementary Practitioners (IAPCP) – a global organization supporting the professional development of holistic care practitioners. This provides exclusive credibility through approved logos, listings, and resources to bolster your professional reputation as you embark on your hypnotherapy career.Product OverviewAs a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist you’ll be trained to…Desktop Images1.Quiet overwhelmed mindsReframe triggers causing anxiety and stress, establishing unconditional calm and resilience.2.Build unstoppable confidenceErase self-doubt and install natural confidence in any situation: social, professional and even public speaking.3.End addictive behaviorsBreak the lifelong hold of unhealthy habits like smoking, overeating, excessive drinking in minutes.4.Heal emotional traumaGently get to the root of past wounds for complete letting go and dissolution of grief.5.Unlock peak performanceRemove mental blocks inhibiting inspiration, razor sharp focus and flow states.6.Optimize health & wellbeingAddress subconscious patterns contributing to disease, chronic pain or low energy while installing new health and longevity.How it works01Access world-class training on demandDive into comprehensive hypnotherapy training designed to fit your life. With just 60-90 minutes a week, you’ll master this nuanced skill set through impactful, perfectly-paced learning.World-class weekly training on-demand02Feel supported with live coaching sessionsEvery week, engage directly with top facilitators in an intimate online classroom setting. Deep-dive into topics, get live coaching, and get your pressing questions answered on the spot.Live Q&A with master-coaches03Gain hands-on experience with peer coaching labsTheory is good, real experience is better. Each week you’ll actively practice skills in a peer environment and receive expert feedback, taking your abilities to the next level.Hands-on coaching practice sessions04Real therapy demonstrationsThe video vault gives you exclusive, real-world footage of Paul facilitating breakthrough sessions. Watch, learn from this master in action, and rapidly elevate your skills.Coaching demonstrations by master-coachesTotal Time Required3 Hours Per WeekFlexible and adaptable training timeline that fits even the busiest schedulesWhether you’re juggling a full-time job, family commitments, or pursuing other passions, our program is crafted to mold seamlessly into your life. With bite-sized lessons and flexible access, you dictate when and where learning happens, ensuring your journey towards becoming a certified coach never feels like a race against time. Your growth, on your terms.The CurriculumOur curriculum is uniquely designed with the precise education, resources and training you need to become a high-skilled and sought-after Hypnotherapist Coach.Certified Life Coach on multiple devicesPart 1The foundations of transformational hypnotherapyHide breakdownIn your first month, Paul guides you in mastering the fundamentals of hypnotherapy: the science behind it, the key concepts that facilitate it, and the vital knowledge and paradigm shifts you can absorb to ultimately practice it at the highest level.    How to transform the way people feel: you’ll explore the State Behavior Model that shapes all human behavior and emotions – and how to consistently and rapidly move people from one state to another.    From negative to positive, at the snap of a finger: you’ll learn the concept of Anchoring, and how you can use simple gestures and movements to awaken positive thoughts and emotions in seconds.    Unlocking the true power of language: the average person uses language to convey meaning – but as a hypnotherapist, you’ll learn how to use it as a gateway to lasting subconscious transformation.    And much more.By the end of Month 1, you’ll have an extraordinarily deep and accurate mastery of the building blocks of hypnotherapy. Your growth here will serve as the foundation of your training in subsequent months, and give you the best possible results with the program and your practice.Part 2The science and skill set of behavioral changeHide breakdownAfter building your foundations, you’ll then join Paul in mastering the proven techniques and diagnostic tools that make hypnotherapy one of today’s most effective methods for behavioral change, personal transformation, and peak performance.    Interrupting patterns of self-sabotage: by tapping into a person’s innate affinity for pattern recognition, you’ll gain the ability to stop self-harming patterns in their tracks, and reverse them.    Hypnotherapy for goal achievement: traditional goal setting requires high focus and consistent willpower – but with hypnotherapy, you’ll be able to help people rewire themselves to achieve their goals with far greater speed and ease.    Going within and erasing stress, sadness, and trauma: you’ll use the touch-based Havening Method to instantly soothe emotional and mental discomfort, and create a state of inner wellness in minutes.    And much more.By the end of Month 2, you’ll possess a new skill set of hypnotherapy tools for various common personal challenges: including for erasing self-sabotaging patterns and emotional pain, and accelerating goal achievement.Part 3Inducing deeper states and deeper transformationHide breakdownYour advanced training begins in Month 3. Here you’ll discover how to safely guide people into deeper states of consciousness, and from these states trigger a variety of life-changing outcomes: including freedom from addictions, relief from pain, and even identity shifting.    Harnessing the deep trance to shape reality: in non-clinical settings, deep trance states are often associated with loss of control – but through hypnotherapy you’ll learn how to tap into them for profound positive outcomes.    Self-mastery through identity shifts: you’ll discover how to use deep trance states to help people embrace positive identity traits from their role models – and rapidly master new thought patterns and even skills and abilities that would otherwise be foreign to them.    Paul’s signature addiction treatment method: from smoking to overeating to gambling, you’ll discover how to get to the core of any negative addiction – and erase it rapidly and permanently with the proven process Paul has perfected with millions of clients.    And much more.By the end of Month 3, your skill set will expand with advanced hypnotherapy techniques for addressing even the most stubborn blocks and patterns. And by knowing how to go this deep, you’ll also be able to replace that unwanted programming with positive patterns that stick for life.Part 4Mastering hypnotherapy as a practice and businessHide breakdownIn your final month, you’ll complete your skill set with techniques for addressing even the most challenging personal issues: including phobias and panic attacks. Then, you’ll put everything you’ve learned to its highest use by setting up a lucrative and impactful hypnotherapy practice or business with limitless growth potential.    Curing a phobia in 60 minutes: heights, spiders, airplanes – no matter what phobia a client comes to you with, you’ll learn this one technique that in most cases erases it for good in an hour or less.    Treating panic attacks and loss of control: you’ll discover the steps for helping a person overcome states of extreme fear and disassociation – and regain control of their thoughts and their life.    The 5 ingredients of a successful hypnotherapy business: straight from Paul’s own strategic plan, these five simple ingredients are what separates a profitable and scalable hypnotherapy business from a struggling one.    And much more.By the end of Month 4, you’ll emerge as a fully-fledged certified hypnotherapist: with a diverse skill set for addressing a wide range of goals and conditions. The mindset and confidence to serve at the highest level. And the strategic plan to build a profitable practice or business with the power to transform lives – including your own.Turn your coaching skills into a thriving business & consistently land clientsBeyond helping you become a highly skilled life-coach, we’re committed to guide you on how to use them to create a profitable and scalable business:Certificate of completion for AI MasteryKickstart your coaching business trainingImmerse yourself in our 21-day “Start Your Coaching Business” program. It’s tailored to help you master the core foundations of a successful coaching business: understanding your unique offer, pinpointing your ideal customer, and confidently landing your first or next coaching client. It’s all about setting you up with a strong start and momentum to keep growing.Asian male entrepreneur working in cafe in front of his laptopFind more clients, more oftenJump into our ‘Grow Your Coaching Business’ course, where we’ll show you, step-by-step, how to put together a simple yet effective system in just 4 weeks. With this in place, you’ll have a steady stream of people wanting to work with you. No more guessing or stress, just a clear plan to get clients on your calendar.A woman reading a document on iPad on how to use ChatGPT & MidJourneyLearn business coaching basicsDelve into the essential principles of business coaching. While it’s not a full certification, this training equips you with foundational strategies and tools to support your clients in their business endeavors. By offering this added layer of expertise, you not only enhance your coaching repertoire but also create a unique selling point that sets you apart.A woman reading a document on iPad on how to use ChatGPT & MidJourneyBoost your presence with your own Mindvalley profileGet your very own profile on Mindvalley’s platform, a place where thousands come looking for guidance. Make it truly yours: add a bit of your personality, highlight your wins, and let our global community see the real you. With this profile, potential clients can easily find and connect with you. It’s like having a spotlight in a room full of opportunity.Make friends and create connections inside our exclusive communityA VIP Ticket to the Live Supercoach Experience Event:Step into an atmosphere of transformation and connection. The Supercoach Experience is our elite, once-a-year gathering, reserved only for alumni and current students of Mindvalley’s Certified Coaching programs. It’s not just an event; it’s an odyssey of growth, networking, and unforgettable memories. Dive deep into the world of coaching, rub shoulders with industry leaders, and elevate your journey to new heights.Join the to Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist Online Community:Unlock the doors to our premium members-only app. Here, you don’t just chat; you build lasting connections, discover opportunities, and create friendships with fellow coaches. This exclusive digital lounge lets you mingle, collaborate, and network with the best in the business, ensuring you’re always in the company of like-minded friends who are on the same path.Meet your TrainersCertification Instructor and Britian’s #1 HypnotherapistPaul McKenna, PhD. is a globally renowned hypnotherapist and behavioral scientist. An international bestselling author and prominent media personality, he has helped millions worldwide improve their lives through the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy – and has personally trained thousands of hypnotherapists.Paul’s long list of clients includes high-profile entrepreneurs, professionals, and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, David Bowie, Roger Daltrey, Daryl Hannah, and James Corden.He regularly appears on various TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Rachael Ray, Anderson Live, and many more.Paul has been long sought-after for his one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, and is one of the world’s most successful self-help authors  with over 12 million books sold.His premier and first-ever certification program, the Mindvalley Hypnotherapist Certification Program is a rare opportunity to master this transformational skill set with the professional widely regarded as the world’s best.As seen onEllen logoGMA logoOZ todayRayr LogoAnderson logoApply NowLet’s summarize: Here’s what you getTraining: World-Class education1.Training: World-Class educationOur in-depth curriculum paired with ongoing master-coach interactions ensure you develop true mastery.Demonstrations: Learn From The Best2.Demonstrations: Learn From The BestHours of exclusive footage reveal the specific techniques used by the world’s top performing coaches with Olympic and Oscar-winning clients.Community: Join a Top Tier Network3.Community: Join a Top Tier NetworkOur community of elite coaches connects at global events and private online spaces to form lifelong friendships, collaborate and evolve the industry through exchanging insights.Dual Certification: Become “6 Phase Meditation” certified4.Business Building: Comprehensive trainingGet comprehensive A to Z training for building a profitable, successful coaching business and attracting your ideal clients.Total Value $34,999Total Investment Only $3,999Flexible payment options, to fit any budgetInvesting in this certification is an investment in your future. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique, and we want to ensure that our program is accessible to all.That’s why we offer flexible payment plans tailored to accommodate a variety of budgets:Put a good description of the photo here15 days refund badgeTry it for 15 days risk freeFeel completely confident embarking on this coaching certification journey with our 15-day program satisfaction guarantee.If you decide within the first 15 days that this program isn’t the right fit, simply inform us. We’ll refund your full program fee, no questions asked.How to apply: Step by stepApply to the programSubmit a refundable application deposit and fill out your application form.Application reviewWe’ll review your application and get back to you within 2 business days.Complete your enrollmentIf accepted, you’ll receive an email invite to finalize your registration.Put a good description of the photo here100% Money Back GuaranteeIf, for any reason, you aren’t accepted, we’ll immediately refund your deposit in full.Become a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist CoachWhat’s included:    World – Class Weekly Training on Demand    High-tier Hypnotherapy Experts    Hands-on Hypnotherapy Practice Sessions    Marketing Training: Business building training package    Community Bonus: VIP access to supercoach live event experience    Community Bonus: Exclusive community accessInitial application deposit$200Apply now by leaving a $200 fully refundable deposit.Apply now*VAT charges might apply as per the billing address.Lock IconFor your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.What our certified hypnotherapist are saying about the program’I had blocks coming in to this training that I didn’t even realise – blocks that were stopping me from me business.’Before, I wasn’t sure what the expectations are going to be. But I did a little bit of research and got excited about some of the techniques to empower myself and what I’ve gained has surpassed my expectations. I mean, I had blocks coming in to this training that I didn’t even realise – b… Read moreRebecca KlepicCanada’I think everyone should take this course honestly.’This training is so packed full of value and information, there’s no way you can make a wrong choice. It’ll add so much to how you show up in your relationships, the skills that you have when communicating, the way you support your loved ones. I think everyone should take this course hone… Read moreBriena SashUnited States’Making an impact on someone in just minutes is unbelievable.’I came looking to do some magic in my life and this was absolutely magical. Just knowing that there are all these techniques in there that go way beyond hypnosis. Making an impact on someone in just minutes is unbelievable. Read moreAndre RogiCanada’This training was truly the Rolls Royce of trainings’This training was truly the Rolls Royce of trainings. Paul McKenna is a true master. He trained us in all of his techniques, giving us a comprehensive overview of a multitude of hypnotherapy techniques. It felt like he was giving us an entire toolchest of tools that we can now use to hel… Read moreKerry FisherWriterMelville, United States’I came to this training not knowing anything at all about Hypnotherapy really.’I came to this training not knowing anything at all about Hypnotherapy really. I came with an open mind. Oh my gosh it was absolutely transformative and so much fun. You tap into deeper resources and you connect with brilliant people around you. Whether you’re a coach or just have a fasci… Read moreJohanna BrooksUnited States’It’s been amazing.’It’s been amazing. I’ve worked on this my whole entire life but I came up with my challenge and it made an enormous difference. These techniques are very powerful. This particular certification is going to help me adjust the way I communicate with the world and how I can be in my body mor… Read moreJonada VogelsGermanyFrequently asked questionsBrowse answers to your questions on program access, billing, and Mindvalley Membership. Need more help? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP.Is this certification included with Mindvalley Membership?What if I have no hypnotherapy experience?What if I’m already an experienced hypnotherapist – how will this help me?I have a busy schedule – what happens if I need to miss some of the weekly training?What time will the live meetings happen, and will they be available in my timezone?Do I get an official certificate upon completing the program?Is the Mindvalley Hypnotherapist Certification Program accredited?What if I can’t finish the certification?Can I get a refund if I change my mind?Become a Mindvalley Certified Hypnotherapist CoachWhat’s included:    World – Class Weekly Training on Demand    High-tier Hypnotherapy Experts    Hands-on Hypnotherapy Practice Sessions    Marketing Training: Business building training package    Community Bonus: VIP access to supercoach live event experience    Community Bonus: Exclusive community access

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