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3d money by erika kullberg coupon discount free

3d money by erika kullberg coupon discount free

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3d money by erika kullberg download

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3d money by erika kullberg mega.nz torrent

​Welcome to Financial FreedomWith 3D Money, you’re going to have a complete financial toolkit to stop the never-ending debt cycle, stop impulsive buying, completely remove your fear of money, restore your credit, and truly start making your money work for you (just like the rich do)!Take charge of your finances and your life today.It’s not just what you need, it’s for the whole family!Course modules    Money and Credit: How It WorksDecodeTake control of your financial situation and uncover the truth about your spending habits, savings, and debt. Only then can you truly understand your money and take charge of your financial future.Eliminating Debt: How It WorksDesignEmpower yourself to take charge of your financial future by developing a solid plan to eliminate debt, build up savings, and earn more money. You deserve to live a life free from financial stress and worry.Passive Investing: How It WorksDiversifyDon’t let your hard-earned money go to waste by leaving it stagnant in a bank account. Instead, learn how to invest wisely and diversify your income streams to secure your financial future. The peace of mind that comes with financial security is priceless.change your financial future todayAre you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?Were you never taught how to make your money work for you, instead of against you?Are you longing to break out of the generational cycles that are preventing you from living your ideal life?This course is for you if…Are you struggling with credit card debt?When it comes to money, a lot of us fall into analysis paralysis…we know we ‘should’ be doing something with our money (like investing)but we’re not actually sure ‘how’and when we search on Google, there’s an overload of informationit can be hard to sift through and figure out who (or what) to trust…and we end up just not doing anything.and I get it. That’s why I created 3D Money for you.Everything changes for you today3D Money was designed to handhold you through budgeting, investing and becoming debt-free. With almost 100 video lessons, you’ll gain the confidence to make intelligent decisions with your money, and that has the power to change the trajectory of your financial future.My ‘Do It With Me’ approach is what has my students raving about this course. I don’t just tell you how to do things. We do them together.Our students say…Kasia’s testimonial    Florence’s testimonial    Christien’s testimonial    Elliebeth’s testimonial    Giovanni’s testimonial    Helen’s testimonial    If you think it’s too late for you. You’re mistaken.When it comes to money, it’s never too late.I’ve gotten emails from hundreds upon hundreds of successful 3D Money students. Students in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s,and each one of them has an incredible story of how 3D Money helped change their finances for the better.Things that they thought were not possible (like investing their first $100 or improving their credit score by 100+ points or getting out of debt or buying their first house) quickly became achievable with 3D Money.Mobile – 3D Money feedback for salespageMaria’s testimonialUntitled design – 2023-01-07T151058.555Mobile – 3D Money feedback for salespageMaria’s testimonialPreviousNextAnd if you think it’s not possible for you, I would say you’re wrong.You don’t need tons of money to start investing to build meaningful wealth3D Money will prove that to you.When I was overwhelmed because I was $200,000 in debt and had no clue where to even get started, this is the toolkit that I wish someone would’ve taught me.I didn’t have anyone to guide me or hold my hand through this because I wasn’t taught about money growing up. I didn’t know where to start. So I’m creating what I wish younger Erika could’ve had.Yes, I’m ready to kickstart my financial freedomYou Will Master…Module 1Module 1 – Decode    In Module 1, you’ll learn how to finally create a budget (one that you can actually stick to)because as my student Simon put it: ‘it’s awful to work so hard yet have so little after paying all the bills’…but by following my signature 5-Step Budget Plan I teach exclusively inside of 3D Money, he says ‘now there’s a plan to make money work for me’.and that’s why we start with Decode, so you can truly understand what your spending habits are, how you’re saving and the fastest way to get out of debt. And it even includes a proven budget tracker that I developed to make it easy for you to immediately start saving more and spending less.Module 2Module – Design    In Module 2, you’ll learn how to increase your credit scoreMaria, one of my students, used what I teach inside of 3D Money to increase her credit score by 150 points!also in Module 2, you’ll learn how to eliminate debt with my 5-Step plan…this is the exact roadmap that I used to get out of $200,000 of debt in less than 2 yearsyou know what it feels like to be drowning in debt, and the stress and anxiety it causes…where every payment you make barely seems to make a dent, and it feels like you’re trapped…Now, imagine what it would feel like for you to be completely debt-freeand not have any monthly payments to worry aboutso your paycheck can actually go towards the things YOU want, and to build the savings and investments for the future YOU deserve.Module 2 will provide the exact step-by-step and tools you need to get out of debt so your once wishful thinking becomes your reality.Module 3Module 3 – Divresify    Then in Module 3, you’ll learn how to make your money work for you…instead of losing out every year to inflation (which will happen if your money just sits in a bank account)A lot of people will tell you to invest…but then don’t tell you how, or what to invest inThat changes for you today.that’s why many people never even startthey’ll say: ‘what if I do it wrong?’ And that fear stops them from ever investing.I don’t believe in just telling you to investI’m going to show you how to invest.I’ll guide you step-by-step through learning what stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Index Funds areI’ll show you on screen exactly how to open an account (and which accounts to open)and how to buy those investmentsand how to diversify your portfolioYou’ll gain the confidence to finally invest in the stock market.My story…Image of Erika Kullberg    Hello!I AM ERIKA KULLBERG.I’m an award-winning lawyer and personal finance expert, with degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Georgetown Law. You might recognize me from social media, with my catch phrase: “Erika taught me! She’s a lawyer and reads the fine print so I don’t have to. That’s why I follow her!”I went from being buried in over $200,000 of debt to becoming a self-made millionaire in a few years.  Now I’m on a mission to help you and others achieve the same financial freedom.9.7 million followers on TikTok5 million followers on Instagram4.5 million followers on FacebookHere’s my story…I didn’t grow up learning about money.  I come from a hard-working family: my dad joined the military at 18 and I spent my whole childhood moving around to different military bases.I learned from him the value of hard work.  But when it came to money, it wasn’t something that we were taught… beyond the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees. So when I graduated law school and found myself in over $200,000 of debt, I didn’t know what to do.  I felt hopeless, overwhelmed and like there was no way out. There was no one I could turn to for advice.That’s when I started teaching myself about personal finance.  I read every book I could find and consumed as much information as I could.  And with the special eliminating debt plan I created (that I’ll teach you inside of 3D Money too), I was able to pay off the $200,000 of debt in under 2 years.Financial knowledge + Action = Financial FreedomI know, and you know, that empowering yourself with financial knowledge can be the difference between a life where you are living paycheck to paycheck, constantly feeling like you’re falling behind… to a life where you feel truly financially free.Because true financial freedom means deciding how you invest your time, and who you invest it with.  It means having the confidence to know your finances are working for you, not against you.IT’S TIME TO SET YOURSELF UP FOR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.I have over 20 million followers all over the world who tune into my social media videos to get smarter with their money.But time and time again, people have asked me for more.  That’s why I spent the last few months (over 500 hours) creating this course to help you step-by-step take control of your money and become financially free and successful.3D Money was created for YOU, so you don’t have to make the mistakes.If you’re after real financial freedom for you, your family, and generations to come, it is my life’s passion to help get you there.This is 100% exclusive content, not available on my social media.I’M READY TO Get Access nowCourse Overview: 3-Step PlanYou can pay off debt. save $1,000. get an 800+ credit score. make money online. invest. start a Roth IRA. pay off your credit card debt. stop worrying about money. prepare for retirement. create an emergency fund. max out your Roth IRA. purchase your first home. earn more money. stick to a budget.I’ve developed a system to help you create your own, personal financial plan. Flexible enough to keep your life intact, but with the discipline and direction you need to turn your finances from a stress inducer to a motivator.See what’s inside:3 Modules | 94 LessonsPreviousNextEXCLUSIVE BONUSESBONUS #1 – My Own Investment Portfolio: The 6 ETFs I’ll Buy and Hold ForeverA lot of people will tell you to invest, but then when you ask them what to invest in, there’s silence…For the first time ever, I’m revealing to you what I actually personally invest in. These are the ETFs that I truly believe in to build me the kind of generational wealth that I could’ve only dreamed of in the past, that I’ll buy and hold forever.BONUS #2 – Every Credit Card I Use (Ranked In Order)It’s no secret that I love credit cards for the benefits they provide. Having the right credit card, and “reading the fine print” of your credit card could get you tons of benefits. For the first time ever, I’m giving you the complete list of credit cards I actually use (ranked in order). There are tons of credit cards out there and it’s difficult to figure out which ones are good… but now with this special bonus, you’ll get to see which ones have my official stamp of approval (and why).BONUS #3 – How This 5-Step System Can Get Your Medical Bill Reduced By $1000sLet’s be honest: the medical billing system in the US is frustrating, to say the least.  Why are medical bills so hard to understand?  And what can you do to reduce them?  My students have saved thousands of dollars on their medical bills by implementing this 5-Step System.  Apply the tactics you’ll learn in this special 1-hour video bonus lesson to save money on your own medical bills.BONUS #4 – Never Fly Economy Again: How I Use Credit Card Points To Fly First Class For FreeEver wonder how people can afford to fly first class? It’s not just for the CEOs and trust fund babies of the world. It’s simpler (and cheaper) than you think. I have never paid for a business or first class ticket out of pocket… ever.  And I can’t remember the last time I flew economy. In this bonus lesson, I’ll give you the 101 on how to use credit card points to upgrade your travel to business and first class, with the fancy lounge access and unlimited champagne on the flight (without having to pay any more than you would for an economy ticket).BONUS #5 – Maximize Your Next Tax Refund: Using The Law In Your FavorWe all have to pay taxes–there’s no way around that. But are you maximizing your tax refund? Learn how to use the law in your favor and get the best out of your next tax refund.BONUS #6 – Financial Self-Audit ChecklistIdentify unnecessary expenses, optimize your spending, and save more money by following the comprehensive expense audit checklist.This tool will ensure you don’t miss a single step to master your budgeting and use the Magic Budgeting Tool.BONUS #7 – Budgeting Mastermind Facebook GroupImmerse yourself in a private community where you’ll interact with like-minded individuals who are also on the path to financial independence.Benefit from shared experiences, gain insights from collective wisdom, and find inspiration and motivation to continue your journey.BONUS #8 – 7-Day Money BootcampEven the most diligent of people can sometimes let their plans get a little off track. Life happens, but my 7-Day Money Bootcamp is here to refresh your money goals and get you back on the right track. I lead you every step of the way towards regaining control.  Take control of your financial future todayget Started TodayWhat my students are saying:I think she is doing such purposeful work and I think it’s so beautiful that she’s willing to share her knowledge with us. It changed my life and I know it’s going to change and impact so many people’s lives. – FionnaThis training has made my financial goals attainable and achievable because I have a system to work off. I am on track to reach my 3-month savings goal in May, that’s $10,500. – TaylorShe’s giving a lot of information that people won’t tell you. I would definitely recommend her just because I think she is an honest and trustworthy person. – BreannaIt has helped me to catalyze my progress towards my financial goals, towards financial independence. After Erika’s training I now know where to put the money…how to manage it.– PhilipYou can achieve financial freedom.Join Now To Get Lifetime Access To:3D Money:  An online course designed to help you take control of your finances, learn to invest and achieve financial freedom.    Learn how to budget effectively with my 5-step Budget plan    Access your budget tracker to organize your finances for life    Learn how to improve your credit score    Eliminate debt with a 5-step plan    Make your money work for you instead of against you    Learn how to invest and what to invest in    Increase your net worth    BONUS #1 – My Own Investment Portfolio: The 6 ETFs I’ll Buy and Hold Forever    BONUS #2 – Every Credit Card I Use (Ranked In Order)    BONUS #3 – How This 5-Step System Can Get Your Medical Bill Reduced By $1000′-    BONUS #4 – Never Fly Economy Again: How I Use Credit Card Points To Fly First Class For Free    BONUS #5 – Maximize Your Next Tax Refund: Using The Law In Your Favor    BONUS #6 – Financial Self-Audit Checklist    BONUS #7 – Budgeting Mastermind Facebook Group    BONUS #8 – 7-Day Money BootcampJOIN NOW TO GET LIFETIME ACCESSLIFETIME ACCESSYou’ll have lifetime access to 3D Money. That means you can go back to rewatch videos and reference it.ON-DEMANDWatch at your own pace. Once you enroll, you’ll get instant access to all of the lessons. You can go through them whenever you want.lifetime updatesYou’ll get all updates made to the course, and all future bonuses that are added to the course.Course CurriculumModule 1: DECODESection 1 – Let’s Get StartedSection 2 – Money PrinciplesSection 3 – What’s Your Starting PointSection 4 – Your Net WorthSection 5 – Your BudgetModule 2: DESIGNSection 6 – Improve Your Credit Score By 100+ PointsSection 7 – Work Smarter, Not HarderSection 8 – Eliminating DebtSection 9 – Use Your Money Here, Not ThereModule 3: DIVERSIFYSection 10 – Get Ready To InvestSection 11 – What To Invest InSection 12 – Building Your Financial FreedomGet started todayWhy 3D MoneyFINALLY, A WAY FOR YOU TO LEARN MONEY THAT ISN’T INTIMIDATING.This is a way of learning that actually works.  You’re not going to be overwhelmed with 60 minute lectures that drag on and on…Each lesson is on average 5 minutes.  I keep it short and sweet and actionable.  So you can watch at your own pace, and even go back and rewatch lessons.​What’s stopping you from achieving financial freedom?Does 3D Money start at a certain date or time?Nope!  You’ll get access to the entire 3D Money course as soon as you join today.  You can go through the lessons at your pace.  Each video lesson is on average 5 minutes long, so you can go at your own pace.Do I have lifetime access to 3D Money?I don’t have the money to start investingI don’t know where to beginI want to achieve financial freedom but it’s already too lateI don’t have timeI’m stressed or feel hopeless about financesI’m ready to learn investing but don’t know where to investThis course ISN’T for you if…You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.I can teach you how to use your time most efficiently and make your money work harder for you. I can show you how even with $10, you can start investing. But you do still need to put in the time. Results don’t happen overnight and it’ll take patience and consistency.You think I’ll tell you a magic formula to investing.There isn’t a ‘magic formula’ to investing and anyone who promises you that you’ll double your money by investing in X, Y or Z is probably trying to make money from you. What I will give you is the tools you need to start confidently investing and managing your finances.Money Back Guarantee    Erika Kullberg’s 100% Money Back GuaranteeStill not sure if this is right for you? 3D Money is covered by Erika’s full 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

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