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Learn how, when, and why to sell your private label for maximum profit with Mark Hirsch

Discover the secrets of the “Amazon way”- grow your business the way Jeff Bezos grew his with John Rossman

Maximize your time spent and your profits while still having a life away from Seller Central with Julie Sheranosher

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“The biggest thing that stood out to me is the amazing organization and the fact that every single speaker brought value. Even though I came to speak, I did not come to learn, but I found myself sticking around to listen to the other speakers because they brought so many interesting things that they almost converted me into selling things on Amazon which is AMazing since I’ve never thought of doing it before.”

– Julie Sherenosher
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Mark Hisch
#1 – Mark Hirsch – “Preparing for and Implementing the Sale of Your Private Label”

Learn how, when, and why to sell your private label for maximum profit.

#2 – John Rossman – “The Amazon Selling Platform – the Amazon way for Private Label Sellers”

Learn the secrets of the “Amazon way”-grow your business the way Jeff Bezos grew his.

#3 – Rock Star Amazon Sellers – Ben Frederick, Jonathan Gabriel, Ryan Bredemeyer (creator of HelloProfit!), Brian Burt

Hear directly from some of the biggest players in the game and how they went for 0 to $300K sales a month.

#4 – Julie Sheranosher – “Getting More Done in Less Time”

Maximize your time spent and your profits while still having a life away from Seller Central!

#5 – Rachel Greer – “Staying on the Good Side of Amazon”

Navigate the complex world of the Amazon TOS with ease, while staying sane.

#6 – Tools of the Trade – Joe Junfola (ZonBlast) & Nakisha Muhammed (HelloProfit)

Learn more about the critical secondary tools for any successful Amazon business owner.

#7 – Dan Meadors & Eric Lambert “Other Amazon Business Models”

There’s more than one way to turn a massive profit with Amazon–dig deep into some alternative business models.

#8 – Meron Bareket – “Expanding your business off Amazon”

Go beyond the Amazon framework and optimize your sales.

#9 – Nicole Keating – “Wellness for the Solopreneur”

Life as a solopreneur is difficult; find balance with a program designed to help manage your personal and professional life.

#10 – Nathan Chan – “Growing a Massive Audience Quickly with Instagram”

Develop a technical technique for tackling and tapping into the massive potential customer audience available on Instagram.

ZonSquad Live 2016 Event – Trailer from Jasmine Watts on Vimeo.
The reality is there is NOTHING more powerful than the open exchange of ideas.
That synergy and sharing of knowledge is the founding value of ZonSquad, and we want to share our latest and greatest with you! At this year’s ZonSquad LIVE event in Chicago, we really took things to the next level, with amazing presentations and Q&A’s with some of the BIGGEST names in the industry. But even if you didn’t get to join us this year, you can still benefit from this amazing wealth of information!
That’s over 12 hours of INCREDIBLE, ACTIONABLE content to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!
We are offering all of this material for only $297.

Old Price: $189.90

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