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The Social Clique by Rachel Pedersen DownloadThe Social Clique by Rachel Pedersen Mega.Nz Torrent​The Social Clique Cart Closes in…06Hours59Minutes56SecondsTHE #1 MENTORSHIP PROGRAM FOR FREELANCERS PREVIOUSLY $12,000 PERYEAR – NOW 91% CHEAPER THAN IT’S EVER BEEN OFFERED!DESIGNED BY A 7 FIGURE FREELANCER, FOR FREELANCERS WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GROWTH    THE SOCIAL CLIQUE PRIVATE FB GROUP – Build your freelancing network with new and existing members    ACCESS TO THE CLIQUE PORTAL – With over 180 trainings built for Freelancer growth    WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS – With my AMAZING coaches who have all built 6 figure freelancing businesses – to guide you as you build your business!    $100K CUSTOM BLUEPRINT – So you have INSTANT clarity on where to focus for growth     $100K SYSTEMS – Prepare for growth, so you’re not working 24/7 – and prepared to hire help    $100K TOOLKIT – Get all my proven systems and tools for attracting clients ASAP    CLIENT ATTRACTION MACHINE – The most leveraged system for filling your business with clients    DAILY CONTENT PROMPTS – Never wonder what to create again, I created 365 days worth of content prompts for you – designed to attract clients and opportunities!    THE MONEY MAP – This powerful money mindset tool changed the game for hundreds of other freelancers in Clique! I’d love for you to have it!Item    PriceThe Social Clique 1 Year    $997Credit CardCredit Card Number:Heck Yes I Need This!!!***By clicking the button above, you agree to our Terms of Service and the Communications and Participation Standards***NORMALLY $12,000 PER YEAR – NOW JUST $997 PER YEAR PLUS ALL OF THESE AMAZING BONUSES     FULL MARKETING ECOSYSTEM TRAINING     BUSINESS BUILDING STRATEGY    NURTURING STRATEGY     GOAL SETTING TRAINING    HIRING AND FIRING TRAINING    PRIVATE CLIQUE PODCAST FOR MINDSET AND MOTIVATIONThe Social Clique TestimonialsFreelancing is an adventure… But it’s also really scary sometimes. I’m not going to lie, there are days when all of this seems overwhelming and you just want things to be easy – like they were before the whole freelancer thing started! You might have even thought, “Can someone fire me so I can get another job, please?”Freelance work can be one challenge and emergency after another… Don’t give up yet; these challenges will get SO much easier with time if we take them on together.LET ME GUESS, YOU’VE TRIED cold-calling businesses…  DMing my ‘dream 100’ clients and Shark Tank companies…working free for businessesbuilding funnels and running ads to themAND – TO MAKE THINGS WORSE… You’re getting lowballed and chasing/convincing clientsYou’re being ignored and not getting the success you deserve You’re working MORE than when you had a 9-5I was excited, naive, and ready to take on the world!!I wanted to replace my 9-5 and experience freedom of time, finances, and location.So I set out the journey becoming a successful freelancer.I secured 1 client at $15 per hour.Then I secured 1 client at $25 per hour.And then another client at $600 per month.Things were starting to look good!I’m Rachel Pedersena 7-figure freelancer.I started on this journey excited to succeed with freelance clients.I am a Minnesota mom of 3… Who dropped out of college, and had little marketing experience.Over the past 7 years I’ve scaled my freelancing business to multiple 7 figures, working with clients like ClickFunnels, Dean Graziosi, Lionsgate, Cristy CodeRed, and Metricool.I learned SO much the hard way, and today I help freelancers scale their business without all the mistakes I made.I’ve helped hundreds of freelancers scale their businesses to 6-7 figures WITHOUT working 80-100 hours a week.Oh, and I still work as a freelancer, so I’ve got real foundations, strategies and tactics that work TODAY.Additional Social Clique TestimonialsJUST $997 FOR ONE YEAR OF COACHINGBut then something happened as I continued to look for and close clients…I started working WAY too many hours for way too little pay… And I struggled to generate client leads, market myself, close clients or replicate success.Has this ever happened to you?So many people want to scale to 6 figures, yet they fail before they ever get started.That’s exactly what I did.I’ll give you an example …I started working with a few clients, who were paying me $150-$300 per month, and a couple clients paying me $500-$600 a month.Very quickly I realized that to make $100,000 per year, I would need AT LEAST 20-30 clients! YIKES!!To make things worse:    I Couldn’t Afford To Hire A Team To Help…    I Was Spending LESS Time With My Family Than Before…    I Had To Rush Through Work, Which Created Mistakes And Losing Clients…This wasn’t how I had imagined life, at all.Something HAD to change, or I was going to break into a million pieces under the pressure.So I searched EVERYWHERE for the answer.I was GOING to crack the code to becoming a successful freelancer.I rolled up my sleeves, stretched my fingers, and started digging in to find the answers.I watched YouTube videos on how to find clients, and how to scale a freelancing business…But was left with vague, fluffy answers like “Just do it!” “Be consistent!” “Market yourself!”Dead end.I ordered and read TONS of books on sales, marketing, and freelancing…But most of them were a set up to sell another program – no answers.Another dead end.I paid for courses and mentors who promised the world, but was so disappointed that their content didn’t deliver the answers I needed, and they were NEVER around to actually help (I needed guidance and answers, FAST!).Yet another dead end.Until I cracked the code on a system that seemed promising…Time to test this system…I secured a client at $1200 per month.And then another client at $1500 per month.And then a client took my $2500 per month package!!!Before you knew it, I soared past $119k in client work for my first year in business.Then scaled past $226k in client work for my second year.$300k+ for my third year.And quickly grew to 7 figures.THE SYSTEM WORKED!!!JUST $997 FOR ONE YEAR OF COACHINGI was working full time as a freelancer, thriving. I worked too much still (mostly because I couldn’t stop – I was addicted to growth!!), but we were able to:- Pay down over $100k in personal debt- Retire my husband from his 9-5- Save nearly half a million dollars for our goals- Hire dream team members who helped me work lessNot only that, but our clients were getting MAJOR results – and sticking around for years!As I was asked to be on major podcasts and speak on massive stages, the word got out about my system.Freelancers began asking, pleading, begging me to share this system with them. Every single day I woke up to 5-10 freelancers asking to pick my brain, book a call, or share my system with them.I was running out of time to help everyone AND run my freelancing business.I hired Russell Brunson to be my mentor, and told him what was happening. There was SO much resistance and reluctance on my end to share my system.I also shared that I didn’t want to be a coach – but wanted to help freelancers in a sustainable way.He suggested that I trial it with a small group of freelancers, and instead of being a coach… I could be a mentor. But I HAD to have buy-in from the freelancers. They needed to have skin in the game for this to work.So I launched the BETA program, The Social Clique, a 1 year mentorship program with hands on support and guidance, to help freelancers scale to 6-7 figures per year.22 people signed up for the first round.Out of the 22 freelancers, 18 of them hit $10k months within the first 12-18 months!!!!81.8% success rate on the first round of The Social Clique!!!Quickly, I realized this system WORKS (not just for me!) and that I needed to share it with more freelancers.So after consulting with the early members of The Social Clique, we decided to make the program 91.7% off – to make it accessible to every freelancer who wants to grow.Today I charge clients $25,000 for a light strategy.I charge $113k-$247k to work with my agency.I charge $3500 per hour for consulting.While I paid $30,000 for mentorship with Russell Brunson (those prices have since skyrocketed to work with him), I knew that most freelancers aren’t prepared for that kind of investment.I knew that my agency prices, my hourly consulting rates were NOT easy for a freelancer to make happen.So after consulting with the early members of The Social Clique, we decided to make the program a reasonable price – one that gets your skin in the game, and incentivizes me to show up at a high level for you! JUST $997 FOR ONE YEAR OF COACHING

Old Price: $159.90

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