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Reels Academy by Anneke Odendaal DownloadReels Academy by Anneke Odendaal Mega.Nz Torrent​REELS ACADEMYLearn how to create Reels so that you can grow your business on instagram00​ Bonus 1:1 call ends in:What if the majority of your clients and customers came DIRECTLY from your Reels?Maybe you…Feel like your growth has hit a wallFeel like your followers aren’t really engaged or interested in your posts.Feel stuck on what Reels to make in the first place Seem to only attract your competitors or people who won’t even buy from youHeard coaches use the term ‘Reels Strategy’ but you’ve never had anyone actually explain how Reels fit into your businessFeel confused about all the conflicting information  on hashtags, algorithms, posting times, “shadowban”, etc.What if  there was actually another way?What if I told you what you’re looking for was totally possibleWITHOUT wasting a lot of time and pain trying to figure it out from scratchBy simply being YOURSELF, Knowing the EXACT type of Reels your Audience is looking for and HOW to make them.You can have a killer Reels strategy……without being tech savvy… without fancy equipment or video editing apps… without thousands of followers… without posting everyday… without having to pay for ads, bots or followers… and without spending hours per day on instagram  This is what happened in 30 days after using my own strategy..  This is where I am today…I’m spilling the goss on everything inside Reels Academy. You will learn the EXACT methods and strategies that I usedTAKE A PEEK INSIDEMODULE 1 START HEREInside this module you will learn how to set a strong foundation for your Reels strategy. Lesson 1:- NAIL YOUR NICHE Lesson 2:- SERVE YOUR NICHE Lesson 3: BIO MAKEOVER Lesson 4: HIGHLIGHT BUBBLES Lesson 5: COVER PHOTOS Lesson 6: SCROLL STOPPING CAPTIONS Lesson 7: HASHTAGS  Lesson 8: WHEN TO POST  MODULE 2 REEL ENGAGEMENTInside this module you will learn the crucial elements that will drive your engagement. Lesson 1: What Is Engagement  Lesson 2: Train your Audience Lesson 3: Engagement Stickers Lesson 4: How to start Organic DMs Lesson 5: Four Step Engagement Formula MODULE 3 REEL PERFORMANCEInside this module you will learn how to create top performing Reels Lesson 1: Your First Three Seconds Lesson 2:  Trending Audio Lesson 3: Do’s, Don’ts & Best Practices Lesson 4: Keep Them Coming Back Lesson 5: How To Hack The Algorithm MODULE 4 REEL PLANNINGInside this module you will learn how to plan for Reel success Lesson 1:  Success Checklist Lesson 2: Three Step Research Method Lesson 3:  Content PillarsLesson 4: Planning Method Lesson 5: Batching Method  MODULE 5 REEL FILMINGInside this module you will learn how to film and set up your Reels Lesson 1: Lighting  Lesson 2: Filming Styles Lesson 3: Three Ways To Get Higher Quality Uploads  MODULE 6 REEL TUTORIALSInside this module you will find step-by-step tutorials teaching you how to do everything.MODULE 7 REEL TRANSITIONSInside this module you will learn how to execute 17 of the most eye catching and entertaining transitions for your Reels (Includes face and no face tutorials)MODULE 8 REEL PROBLEMSInside this module you will learn the solutions to the most common Reel problems Business owners face on instagram. Lesson 1:  Why are my views low? Lesson 2: Why Am I Getting Views but no new Followers?Lesson 3: Why Am I Getting Views but no comments?Lesson 4: Why Am I Getting Comments but not many views ? Lesson 5: Why do some Reels perform better than others? Lesson 6: Why Am I losing Followers? Lesson 7: Why Am I Attracting Competitors Instead Of Customers? Lesson 8: Why Is My Text Being Distorted Lesson 9: I’m posting everyday , Why Am I Not Growing? Lesson 10: Why Am I Not Going Viral?  MODULE 9 REEL MASTERCLASSESThis Is a special module because it will continuously get updated. Anytime there is a special request inside the Private Facebook Group, I will record a new video lesson and upload it inside this module.MODULE 10 REEL SELLINGIn this module you will learn how to create Reels that sell without selling on Instagram Lesson 1:  How to Sell On Instagram Lesson 2: Learn How To Become The Only Option For Your Niche Lesson 3: Learn How To Make Reels That Lead To Sales Lesson 4: Learn The Four Step Formula For Selling In The DM’sMODULE 11 REEL ACTIONInside this module you will develop your action plan based on your challenge level. This is where you put everything you’ve learnt in Reels Academy into ACTION! Lesson 1: Choose Your Challenge Lesson 2: Intentions And ReflectionsBUT WAIT.. THERE’S MORE! You’ll also get these Amazing BONUSESSo let’s break that downone more time… BONUSES RECAP Academy Workbook Nail Your Niche Workbook Reel Dimensions guide Caption Writing prompts  Story Ideas for engagement  4 Step Engagement Checklist  Content pillars workbook Batching Workbook Success Checklist  Reels Academy Story Graphics Hashtag WorkbookChallenge Story graphic  Challenge Workbook Challenge PlannerThis ISN’T for you if…… You are super advanced at making Reels… Your IG has incredible reach and your customer base has steady growth.. Your looking for gimmicks and tricks that will work overnight… You think hashtags are the key to growth.. You want someone to do it all for you.This IS for you if……You are either a Service based or a Product based business owner….Your looking to increase & grow your business on Instagram… Your Reels knowledge and skill ranges from complete beginner up to Intermediate… You want to increase your followers/customer, views and overall engagement… Your looking to master Reels and IG strategies and are happy to invest time and energy into the process to make it happenWhen does the course start and finish?How long do I have access to the course?I don’t have an iPhone, is this course still for me?What if I use a different currency to you?How does the 1:1 work?Is there a money back guarantee?Take A Look Inside:(This is a snippet from the welcome video)Pay In Full$1,997(AUD$)One paymentBest PricePayment Plan$249/month(AUD$)12x payments of $249Powered by Kajabi

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