Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage

Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage

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Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage Download

Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage Download

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Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage Torrent

Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage Discount

Real Estate Wholesaling Course by Secret Entourage Discount

Real Estate Wholesaling Course

How to Flip Homes You Don't Even Own
Without Using Your Own Cash or Credit

Join us to learn how YOU can start flipping houses to earn $5,000+
every time without using your own cash or credit,
even if you have ZERO real estate experience.

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Hi guys my name is Nick Ruiz, before I got where I am today (multi-millionaire real estate entrepreneur), I want to let you know about two major events that helped shaped my life.

The first, was that I become a real estate millionaire in my twenties while most of my friends were still in college.

The second, was that I went completely bankrupt (like, federal bankruptcy court, no joke) as a result of the crash in 2008.

Now, if I went bankrupt, what on earth would you be able to learn from me?

I'm a failure, right?


Immediately following my bankruptcy, with my back against the wall, I only had one option: Success.

Times were tough.

I vividly remember going to the grocery store and not being able to afford a bag of my favorite sour cream & onion chips after getting the basic necessities for my family.

Even if some of you feel broke now, I bet most of you can afford a $1.39 bag of f*cking POTATO CHIPS!

Yeah, I took a couple days to wallow in self-pity, think negative thought after negative thought, and cry it out (don't judge me, we're all human)... but then I went in full hustle mode.

A few weeks later I found a killer deal and flipped a house for a nice profit – I was back in the game!

From that point on, I developed a completely recession-proof real estate system that will keep my portfolio safe no matter what happens, and I have bankruptcy to thank for that.

The bankruptcy scenario was the absolute best thing that ever happened to me.

It made me ten times smarter and sharper.

It made me a more decisive person and better entrepreneur.

It allowed me to be able to respond to trials and adversity with a much clearer mind, and to proceed with intelligence instead of reacting out of fear and pure emotion.

When little headaches came up in the business, I simply rose to the occasion and handled the issue quickly and smoothly.

I've been stretched to my limits with adversity, which makes any lesser adversities seem almost easy.

The bankruptcy truly added multiple "notches" in my belt of inner wisdom and intelligence.

I have much more clarity and field of vision.

So how do you get out of your down-and-out state like I did?

How do you jump start your income and bring in REAL cash, even with no real estate experience?

Read on...

The Course Includes:
1. Getting Started

How to Find Buyers
Types of Transactions
Assignment of contracts
Additional Q&A

2. Learn the Ropes

What to ask Sellers
Condition of Property
Seeing the Property
Making your Offer
Negotiating with Sellers

3. Break It Down

The Marketing Machine
How to Market
The power of consistency
Marketing Q&A
What to ask Sellers
Making your Offer
Negotiating with Sellers

4. Buyers & Sellers

Pre-qualifying the property
Getting Buyer Closure
Priming Sellersn
Negotiating with buyers
Getting to the closing table
Your paid, now what?
Final Q&A

Nothing in real estate needs to be created from scratch.
You don’t even need to use your own money to earn THOUSANDS on every deal.
Just check out this testimonial from Donovan, one of my students...

I've officially made over 20k in the biz! It's been crazy with all the obstacles that have came up, from working 60+ hours a week, being 21 and avoiding the bars on the weekends, going to school full time, girlfriend needing attention, and family needing support. Anything is possible if you take action!
Would you like to bring in checks like this?

Whether you are actually interested in doing real estate full time, or you’re just trying to scrounge up cash to start the business you’re really passionate about, I want to teach you exactly how to do a deal like this and earn $5k, $10k, even $20,000 on one flip.
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Other Testimonials

Major congrats to @americano_contracting for his close. Another student killing it out there! Keep up the amazing work man! @zadylee crushing it with $15,500 on this wholesale deal!!

A lot of you guys asked me if it's possible to flip in Canada and here's your answer. Keep up the great work and keep pushing brother this is just the beginning for you. To an awesome $8700 to a student of mine who crushed it in his first deal. If you can't read the text, it says "Nick, thank you for all of the information you put into your lessons.".

HUGE congrats to my student Daniel for closing his first deal and going home with a check for $5,600! DAMN @sf_keith just pulled in another deal for over $16,000 profit!
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