Membership Method by Chris Luck

Membership Method by Chris Luck

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Membership Method by Chris Luck Download

Membership Method by Chris Luck Download

Membership Method by Chris Luck Torrent

Membership Method by Chris Luck Torrent

Membership Method by Chris Luck Free

Membership Method by Chris Luck Free

Membership Method by Chris Luck Discount

Membership Method by Chris Luck Discount

Membership Method

In this 5-week course, Chris Luck will help you build your membership site using his step-by-step system that's already generated $25,028,183.02 since 2007.

Course Overview

Week 1 : Profit Plan
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Module 1 : Brainstorming Your Million Dollar Membership Site Idea
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Module 2 : Reverse Engineering Your Industry & Understanding The Requirements
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Module 3 : Expanding On Your Ideas With The Magazine Benchmark Test
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Module 4 : Extracting Acquisition And Retention Ideas From Associations
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Module 5 : Tapping Into Social Media To Accelerate Your Success On Day One
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Module 6 : Planning And Strategizing Using The Ascension Benchmark Test
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Module 7 : Confirming Your Membership Site Idea Will Be A Guaranteed Success
Week 2 : Power Positioning
Available week 2
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Module 1 : Researching Your Perfect Customer Avatar
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Module 2 : Structuring Your Overall Positioning & Approach
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Module 3 : Setting Up Your Method Of Digital Delivery
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Module 4 : Identifying Your Content Posting Frequency
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Module 5 : Determining The Optimal Pricing Model For Your Audience
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Module 6 : Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition
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Module 7 : Choosing A Memorable Name For Your Membership Site
Week 3 : Success System
Available week 3
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Module 1 : Brainstorming & Registering The Perfect Domain Name
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Module 2 : Selecting The Best Hosting Server For Your Specific Needs
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Module 3 : Setting Up Your Membership Site Software
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Module 4 : Integrating Automated Page Builders
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Module 5 : Configuring Your Email Automation Sequences
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Module 6 : Registering The "Must Have" Payment Processor
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Module 7 : Exploring Million Dollar Membership Site Examples & Wireframes
Week 4 : Content Creation
Available week 4
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Module 1 : Structuring The Foundational Content For Your Membership Site
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Module 2 : Creating Micronized Very Quickly & Easily
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Module 3 : Curating Content With Automated Content Curation Software
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Module 4 : Tapping Into The Holy Grail Of Master Resell Rights Content
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Module 5 : Planning And Publishing Your Content For Maximum Impact
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Module 6 : Understanding & Building Your Edification Funnel
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Module 7 : Jumpstarting Your Success With A "Done For You" Service
Week 5 : Traffic Tunnels
Available week 5
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Module 1 : Funneling Traffic Using The Facebook Profiling System
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Module 2 : Buying Traffic Using My Facebook Ad Secrets For Membership Sites
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Module 3 : Becoming An Instant Authority In Facebook Groups
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Module 4 : Leveraging The Most Effective Pay Per Click Strategies
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Module 5 : Extracting Members From Public Forums Into Your Site
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Module 6 : Podcasting Your Way To 100 New Paying Members Every Week
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Module 7 : Getting More Customers With My 100,000 Visitors In 1 Hour System
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Chris Luck

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