The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria

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The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Download

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Download

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Torrent

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Torrent

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Discount

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Discount

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Coupon

The Magnetic Freelancer by Danavir Sarria Coupon

The Magnetic Freelancer
How To Build A Client-Getting Funnel In The Next 30 Days And Have High Paying Copywriting Clients Chasing YOU... Even If You've Been Struggling To Land Clients For Years!
"Before taking this course, I had no direction at all. I didn’t know who I wanted to work with and I had no idea how to get freelance copywriting clients. Worst of all, I was charging way too low for the work and value I offered. After taking this course though, everything changed. Not only were clients starting to chase me... I was able to almost TRIPLE my email copywriting rates in just 2 weeks. Suffice to say, this was one of the best investments I’ve ever made." - Dean Green

Danavir Sarria - Your Magnetic Freelancer Coach

Dear Friend,

What if you could get high-paying copywriting clients to chase YOU… whether you’re an experienced copywriter who’s struggling to land gigs… or even if you’re a noob who’s never been paid as a freelancer before?

Imagine what that would mean…

No more spending hours inside of job boards like Upwork, scrounging for clients who don’t appreciate you, and barely scraping by…

Instead, you’ll be the one waking up to message after message from new clients chasing after you… potentially paying DOUBLE what you get paid now for the SAME work.

The best part…with this much opportunity…

NEVER again will you have to go wake up every morning like a robot to go to a job you hate, talk to boss who doesn’t even really like you, and have to work long hours for little pay.

Finally, you can walk right up to your crappy boss and tell him right to his face you quit!

You’re now your own boss.

And you can choose to work from anywhere in the world, at anytime you want, doing anything you want.

You, A Highly Paid Freelance Copywriter?

Now, I can’t guarantee your results… a lot depends on how hard you work.

And I’m not saying I can turn you into a six-figure freelancer in the next six months either. While I HAVE been offered enough high paying gigs to earn 6 figures a year using the client-getting skills I’m about to reveal… it’s not my place to promise that…

BUT… if you take me up on my ONE-TIME offer today, I’ll do everything in my power to help you get higher paying clients in the next 30 days…

The good news is that you don’t have to be a master copywriter or marketer. With the same skills you have now, you can starting charging DOUBLE what you do now… or more…

That’s because I’m going to teach you the exact step-by-step plan I use to bring high-paying clients to me pre-sold… without having to prospect… plus, it works even if you aren’t an experienced freelancer.

I’m also going to show you how to avoid all the mistakes I made doing things the hard way… chasing clients for over six years.

Instead, you’re going to learn…

Russ Reynolds Went From Being Skeptical To Attracting Clients Worth 6 Figures EACH!

"Before taking Danavir's course, I was skeptical.

I was already a 6-figure copywriter but there was one thing missing... I was good at getting referrals, repeat business, and hunting for new business. But I'd never been great at attracting business.

Until now.

After taking Danavir's course - and doing the work - I've begun to attract clients already. And what surprised me the most is the calibre of the prospects! These are the type of clients that can be worth 6-figures EACH to my business annually. Better yet, these prospects come to me virtually sold thanks to the strategies I got from Danavir's course.

So, if you want to start attracting high quality clients, I'd grab this course and do the work as soon as you can."

The NEW Way To Get
High Paying Copywriting Clients
In The Next 30 Days

Most advice from freelance client-getting “experts” assume the world is the same it was 30, 20 or even just 10 years ago. It’s not.

The old way of getting clients can still work, but it’s a steep, uphill battle. If you’re already struggling to get clients, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get passed this phase and be able turn your freelance work into a full time career.

The NEW way is different, because it follows one simple rule…

You get paid more for who you are rather than what you do.

This is a huge shift.

It’s no longer the case that the most skilled copywriter gets the job. It’s the one who markets themselves the best.


Because once you’re KNOWN and trusted in your niche, it becomes an obvious choice to hire you. Even when there are hundreds of other copywriters who can do as good of a job or even better than you can…

The Key To Attracting High Paying Clients
Like Filings To A Magnet

Here’s the cool part:

In The Magnetic Freelancer, you'll learn how to market yourself better than your competitors -- and get high-paying clients to chase you -- in the next 30 days.

That’s right…

Your freelance copywriting business will be set up so you won’t have to compete with other freelancers, deal with cheap clients, or have to go through another month barely able to pay your bills ever again…

The only question is… how?

It’s called…

“Inbound Marketing”

Here's how it works:

When you produce the right content in the right places and in the right times – I’ll show you how – potential clients will find you on their own.

That means you won't be chasing clients like most people. Instead, the leads come to you... hence the term "Inbound".

Have you ever heard the term "like a moth to a flame?"

Think of "Inbound Marketing" like that... only your content is the flame... and your ideal client is the moth who becomes attracted to it. Nice!

The best part is your process for producing this content doesn’t have to be fancy either. Really...

Bringing in Clients Can Be As
Simple As Making The Right Post
On Your Facebook Timeline

Basically, once your potential clients read your content they start to become familiar with your expertise. Then, when they have a project they need completed, they come to you already sold.

All you have to do is send them your payment link.

All of this means being able to double or even triple your rates, having clients chase you, and never having to go through another “feast or famine” period again even if you suck at selling yourself…

Again, you don’t have to be a master copywriter for this to work. In fact, you can do this with the same copy skills you have right now!

Jay Makoni Tripled His Rates And Reached His First $2,000 Month As A Freelance Copywriter!

“"Before I took Danavir's course I was lost, had no idea what I was worth or just what the hell I was doing.

He showed me how I could get clients, how I could position myself for better cilent and more importantly... how to "rethink" what my copy was worth (I essentially tripled my prices thanks to him and I'm set to raise them again in a couple of months).

Thanks to him I finally managed to achieve my first 2k month (quite a feet considering where I started)."

What You Will Have In 30 Days:

In The Magnetic Freelancer, you'll learn how to market yourself better than your competitors -- and get high-paying clients to chase you -- by building the client-getting funnel you see below in the next 30 days...

This is the exact marketing funnel multi-million dollar agencies use to attract high-ticket clients. It's also the same funnel I taught my past consulting clients who would then go on to triple their rates and attract higher quality and higher paying clients.

With that said, even if you find funnels complicated, you have nothing to worry about.

That's because I'm going to take you by the hand and show you how to build it from beginning to end, step-by-step, with ease.

The best part?

Once you build it, you'll be able to use it again and again for as long as you want. That means high paying copywriting clients chasing after you for years!

Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi, my name is Danavir Sarria.

I'm the founder & CEO of CopyMonk. I've been featured in magazines like Entrepreneur & Forbes as well as sites like Problogger & SumoMe. I run one of the most popular copywriting groups in all of Facebook with 4,000 members and counting. My email list is filled with thousands of copywriters...

And I was also once a struggling freelance copywriter...

I used to have “pricing battles” with clients who did everything they could to lower my already ridiculously low prices… this includes a 2-hour long fight over Facebook messenger with a client who yelled at me in an effort to cut my price from $50 per email to $30 per email, which was my price for 3 years before that conversation.

I was overworked.

I was underpaid.

And I was tired chasing after clients.

Fast forward to today and things are totally different…

I’m now the one that’s being chased and offered thousands of dollars for work.

Check out some of my most recent offers from clients…

$5,000 to EDIT an existing sales letter in the MMO niche (yup!)
$3,000 to EDIT a VSL for a new sales app launch
$3,000 to EDIT 8 emails and the headlines of 3 landing pages
$1,200/month to write 8 emails in the dating market
$200 per email in the supplement niche

Pretty cool, huh?

Especially considering I was normally being paid a SMALL fraction of that for the exact same quality of work just last year.

So what changed?

Applying the "Inbound Marketing" funnel I'm going to teach you when grab The Magnetic Freelancer today.

Here’s What You Get When You Join
“The Magnetic Freelancer” Today:

As soon as you join today, you'll get immediate access to a 4-module video course that will take you through every step of my Magnetic Freelancer method... so you can start attracting high-paying freelance clients almost immediately. Starting with...

Module #1:
How To Stand Out From The Pack And Position
Yourself As A Highly Paid Copywriter

Do you want to discover how to double your rates overnight? The secret is in how you position yourself. That’s why in this module, I cover everything from how positioning works to how to actually do it so you NEVER have to worry about competitors or price shoppers again. With that said, here’s a taste of everything you’ll learn inside…

• "TOMA” – Why this 4 letter acronym is the difference between being a highly paid copywriter and a copywriter that struggles to pay his bills month after month

• Don’t know what niche to specialize in? I reveal 4 simple questions to ask yourself to nail it down fast

• Revealed! The 3 highest paying markets to be in if you're a freelance copywriter

• Discover how to position yourself as a consultant so you can charge more for your work with the same skills your have now

• Why you should NEVER call yourself a copywriter! (This is a huge mindshift, but it's the key to avoid being paid peanuts for you work ever again)

• How to discover who your ideal client is (The type that are fun to work with, are easy to get results for, and that pay you tons of money!)

Module #2:
How To Build A High-Converting, Client-Getting Website That Sells Your Services For You 24/7

If you want to be able to sell your copywriting services 24/7 with as little effort as possible, then you need a high-converting, client-getting website. The higher-converting it is, the easier it becomes to a highly paid copywriter where clients chase you. That's why in this module, I teach...

• Discover how to turn your home page into a high-converting lead generating machine! (Only the top 1% of freelance copywriters know the secret behind an effective home page and now you will too)

• How to create an about page that turns even cold traffic to potential clients who will want to hire you on the spot

• Discover the EXACT structure to creating a services page that can turn traffic into paid clients while you sleep (It's inspired by a tried-and-true ecommerce tactic that 99% of freelance copywriters will never think about even trying)

• How to qualify your new leads before you ever get on the phone with them so that you never waste your time with cheap clients

• Revealed! The exact step-by-step plan to creating a page that will not only generate leads for you, but also make you the only obvious copywriter to hire!

Module #3:
How To Create & Promote Content That Attracts High Quality Leads Practically Ready To Hire You

The key to building a highly profitable and sustainable copywriting business is to always have fresh leads coming in the door. In fact, there’s nothing more high quality leads can’t fix. That’s why inside this module, I teach…

• How to qualify your leads with "TOFU, MOFU, BOFU" so you only deal with the highest paying clients

• How to easily come up with content ideas that will attract your ideal client and position you as an expert before they ever reach out to you

• Discover the 5 types of content proven to attract clients (Just focus on these 5 types of blog posts and you'll never have to worry about not having enough leads again).

• Discover the simple 3-step content promotion plan guaranteed to help you attract the right clients even if you don't know exactly who they (This means ZERO prospecting needed)

• Revealed! My personal content criteria that guarantee's high quality content that attracts thousands of unique visitors to my blog every single time I post

Module #4:
How To Build A Funnel That Turns High Quality
Leads Into High Paying Clients!

If you’ve always wondered how to actually convert leads into high paying clients, then this may just be the most valuable module you’ll ever get. Once you set this funnel up, you’ll start getting highly paid gigs on the regular. Inside of this module...

• Discover the only 3 pillars to building a high profitable freelance copywriting business fast and with as little effort as possible

• Discover the EXACT offer you should present to new potential clients that will help you close a higher percentage of leads into paying clients while setting you up for high paying projects (Hint: It's NOT copywriting)

• How to get paid up to 5 figures PER client (This alone will completely change the way you pitch to clients again)

• Discover the secret to building a sustainable business where you never have to worry about cash-flow ever again

• EXACTLY how to guarantee you collect the proof you need from your work so you can create compelling case studies that attract even more, high paying copywriting clients!

Almost $1,000 Worth Of FREE
Bonuses To Help Boost Your Results!

Before I get into describing what the bonuses are and how much easier they will make delivering great copy to your clients… I want to make sure you know: the monetary values I’ve given to each are real.

If you’ve been on my email list for any period of time, you know I sell these products at these prices, and people happily pay for them… But if you join The Magnetic Freelancer today, you’ll get all of them with my compliments…

With that in mind, let me tell you about the bonuses…

The Website Breakdowns

Value: $99

What if I could just show you what a high-converting website looks like? Inside of this bonus, I go through websites that are known to have helped their owners generate MILLIONS of dollars worth of client-work. Almost no copywriter knows about how to build websites like these, so you'll be one of the lucky few to understand exactly how to build a high-converting website for your freelance copywriting services exactly like they do.

The Content Breakdowns

Value: $99

Imagine being able to write a single blog post and have it lead to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of freelance copywriting work. It's possible, once you know exactly how to write content that attracts the highest quality leads. That's why inside of this bonus, I go through specific examples of articles from real-world blogs you can model after so you too can experience living the life of a successful freelance copywriter.

The Magnetic Freelancer Accountability Group

Value: $499

Life gets in the way. That’s why the hardest part about following a course is staying on track and actually applying what you’ve learned so you can get real results. That’s also why I’m not going let that happen. Inside of this Facebook group, I’ll be there to personally make sure you’re always doing what you need to be doing right now to get results. Have a question need answered right now? Looking for quick feedback? Don’t know what to do next? Want to make sure you’re doing things the right the first time? I’ll be there to personally answer all of your question and keep you accountable every single day.

The Sales Call Framework

Value: $47

If you've ever felt lost while on a sales call, then this may just be one of the most valuable free bonuses you'll ever receive. Inside, I give you an exact step-by-step framework to delivering a sales call that not only converts clients into clients, but also transforms small gigs into huge projects worth thousands of dollars. This includes using the same problem-identification framework Toyota used to become one of the world's most successful car manufacturers.

The Contract Framework

Value: $47

The only thing worse that not getting a client is getting one that screws you over. That's why inside of this bonus, I give you a very simple contract framework that makes sure you get paid AND help you get even more high paying clients in the process! (*Note* This is NOT a template or sample from a lawyer)

Basically, You’re Getting EVERYTHING
You Need To Confidently Bring in High-Paying
Copywriting Clients

... And, In Just the Next 30 Days!

When you join The Magnetic Freelancer, you will have EVERYTHING you need to have high paying clients chasing after you.

This is by far the MOST complete program out there right now for direct response copywriters looking to become successful freelancers.

The best part?

While everything you get inside this program…

• The 4 video modules that teach you how to build a funnel that will have your ideal copywriting clients chase you

• The daily Facebook accountability group where you can ask me any questions and get the support you need to keep you on track

• The website breakdowns that shows you proven, real-world examples of what websites that convert traffic into high quality leads and high paying clients

• The framework to performing sales calls that not only convert leads into clients, but can lead to high paying gigs fast

• And framework to contracts that not only will make sure you get paid, but that can help you get even more, high paying clients

… is valued at $1,300… you won’t be paying anywhere near that. You won’t even be paying half of that. pay half of that. Heck, you’re not even going to pay half of that half either…

When you join The Magnetic Freelancer today, you’ll get the entire $1,300 package for just one easy payment of $497.

So if you want to be able to quit your stressful job and make a great living as a freelance direct response copywriter… or you’re an experienced copywriter who wants to make more doing the same work with better clients…

… then NOW is the time to join The Magnetic Freelancer by clicking the green button below…

Total Value: $1,300
Today, You Join For ONE Easy Payment Of $497
Yes! Sign Me Up Now!
What People Are Saying About Danavir Sarria:

"In my time writing copy at Agora, I worked alongside some of the best copywriters in the world. I can safely say that NONE of them had the ability to get clients through content like Danavir. This is his unique super-power. Something he does better than almost any copywriter on the planet... Basically, if you want to learn how to consistently bring in quality freelance clients, you should jump on this offer right now while it's still around."

-- Pete OC, The Simple Online Course Guy
I can honestly say Danavir is one of the best copywriters and young marketing minds I’ve ever met. I’ve trusted him to write copy and build funnels for clients that had followings of over 1 MILLION fans and I even send some people within my own team to connect with him. Now with CopyMonk, Danavir has proven that he’s also one of the best copywriting and direct response marketing teachers in the world. If I had to pick 1 person in the world to learn copy from, it would be Danavir. Hands down."

-- Adam Linkenauger, Authority Online
"I don't vouch for many people, but Danavir is a relentless workhorse who has a fountain of ideas. That combined with his experience only means success when working with him."

-- Sol Orwell,

Who "The Magnetic Freelancer" is For:

• You’re tired of chasing clients. You want the tables to be turned. Instead of being rejected left and right and being forced to work a lot for only a small pay, you want clients chasing after you… ready to pay you more than you’ve ever been paid before for the same work.

• You’re not completely new to copywriting. You don’t have to be a paid copywriter. But you need to understand the concepts of direct response copywriting. Some guidance will be given, and you’ll have the templates and my critiques to help. But if you don’t know who Gary Halbert and Gary Bencivenga are, this isn’t for you. Besides there are a million courses out there teaching you HOW to write copy. The Magnetic Freelancer is about teaching you how to get copywriting clients NOW, in today’s world of social media and content marketing.

• You’re a nice person. Once you're join, you'll be sent access to the accountability FB group where I’ll be there to help you every step of the way, including the ups and downs. With that said, I don’t particular enjoy helping anyone who doesn’t know how to receive help. So if you’re dick, don’t apply.

• You work hard. Building any type of business, including a freelance copywriting business, takes a lot of time and effort. If you can’t commit 100% to this program, then it’s not for you.

If you fit this criteria, congratulations. Now is the time to sign up.

You have two choices right now…

Option #1:

You decide to go at it yourself. You can choose to go through everything I did including spending 6 years a freelancer, getting rejected by the clients you want left and right, having to put in a lot of work for little pay, and always feeling stuck in your freelance career. It took 6 years of trial-and-error for me to finally figure it out, but I did it. You can go through all the hardship yourself if you want.


You can use exact system I discovered so you can start getting more, higher paying clients in as little as 30 days from now. No more waiting. No more frustration. No more wondering what to do next. No more feeling stuck. If you take me on this offer, you will have everything you need, along with an accountability group to help you finally quit your job and live the life you’ve always wanted.

To join The Magnetic Freelancer right now, simply click the green button below.

Total Value: $1,300
Today, You Join For ONE Easy Payment Of $497
Yes! Sign Me Up Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never been paid as a copywriter before. Will I be able to use this?


In fact, this is the PERFECT way to get your freelance copywriting career off the ground. I wish I had of known about it when I started… it would have saved me A LOT of stress and frustration.

Everything I teach can be used even if you’ve been paid to write copy before. I cover it all: from picking your first niche to dealing with multiple clients at a time.

With that said, you do need to have a level of proficiency writing copy if you want to get anything out of this course. If you don’t know guys like Gary Bencivenga, Gary Halbert, or Mel Martin…then this course is not for you.

Remember: there are plenty of course out there teaching you HOW write copy. This course is about helping you get high-paying clients the easy way.

Q: I’m already a full time freelance copywriter. Will this help me?


The system I teach inside this course is designed to help any freelance copywriter charge even more for their services while having clients chase after them. If you’re already full-time, you’ll have an even easier time applying this system. In fact, you’ll be able to apply it faster and more effectively than most other copywriters.

Q: I’ve already tried making content and it didn’t work. How are you so sure this would help me?

Inbound marketing is not just about creating content.

It’s an entire marketing methodology designed to attract leads and qualify them as they get nearer to becoming a paying client. Creating content is only part of that process.

That’s why inside this course, I teach you, step-by-step, what it takes to turn a regular ol’ blog post into an actual, high-paying client. Everything from picking your niche to getting leads, to turning leads into paying customers is covered.

Another area that most content producers have trouble with is creating the wrong content in the first place. That’s why I also go through the exact types of content that are proven to attract high quality clients into your funnel in the first place.

This is the same process I’ve used to get offers like…

- $5,000 just to edit an existing sales letter in the MMO niche
- $3,000 to EDIT a VSL for a new sales app launch
- $3,000 to EDIT 8 emails and the headlines of 3 landing pages
- $1,200/month to write 8 emails in the dating market
- $200 per email in the supplement niche

Q: I hate/don’t have time to produce content. So I can’t do this or can I?

When I say creating content, it doesn’t necessarily mean blogging.

It can be as simple as posting to your Facebook timeline… and tweaking a few details on your profile.

You can also use other, less time consuming mediums like podcasting or video to get a lot of content done fast. However, I do not go into the specific, technical aspects of getting them done.

With that said, if you don’t want to produce any content, then this course is not for you. Only those willing to put in the extra work so that they can finally earn enough money to live the life of their dreams need apply.

Q: How much time do I have to commit to this program?

If you're worried about having to sit and watch 20 hours of video, then it's your lucky day.

The Magnetic Freelancer is NOT a huge "home study course" where you waste your time watching videos instead of actually getting clients.

That's why I've designed the course to optimize for results.

You only get the exact content you need, when you need it.

Every video is steamlined so you don't have to go through hours of fluff to finally get you the real 5-10 minutes of content that will actually help you.

That's why, on average, you'll only have to go through 1 hour worth of training per week. Then an extra 3-5 hours per week to go through all of the action steps that will help you go from theory to actually building out your high-converting, client-getting funnel you need to have clients chase you.

To join The Magnetic Freelancer now, simply click the button below.

Total Value: $1,300
Today, You Join For ONE Easy Payment Of $497
Yes! Sign Me Up Now!
Carl Dexter Went From Making Peanuts
On Upwork To Getting 2 New Clients While Earning More For The SAME Work In Just 30 Days!

“As long time Upwork user, it took me a while to realize how much money I was losing by not marketing my freelance copywriting services out in the “real world”. Worst of all, I realized how dependent I became on sites like Upwork to get my clients. Getting job invites in my inbox was easy and fun, but I had zero clue on how to make real money with my copywriting services. I didn’t want that anymore. I wanted to become one of the “big boys”.

Fortunately, The Magnetic Freelancer gave me that jumpstart I needed. The best thing about this course is that you don’t have to be the best copywriter to get clients. You just have to be understand how to correctly play the game of getting clients. So what were my results after applying what I learned? 2 new email copywriting clients paying me higher than my usual rates… with way more coming my way.

I highly recommend this program to any freelance copywriter looking to get more clients.”

Dean Green Almost Tripled His Email Copywriting
Rates In Just 2 Weeks!

"Before taking this course, I had no direction at all. I didn’t know who I wanted to work with and I had no idea how to get freelance copywriting clients. Worst of all, I was charging way too low for the work and value I offered. After taking this course though, everything changed. Not only were clients starting to chase me... I was able to almost TRIPLE my email copywriting rates in just 2 weeks. Suffice to say, this was one of the best investments I’ve ever made."
Miguel Campaner Went From Chasing Clients
To Being Chased While Raising His Rates!

“I'm a complete beginner. Sure, I read the copywriting books and studied the classic sales letters. But I wasn't being paid as a freelance copywriter. I attempted to write sales copy for my portfolio, but it was horrible and all over the place.

To be honest, I was discouraged and felt like a failure. I wanted to learn, but I realized teaching myself wasn't the best route. So last January I decided to enroll under Danavir's Magnetic Freelancer program.

It was an eye opener to say the least. A month after using his blueprints and templates, I got better. I even landed three clients.

Two months after, I started raising my fees and people were more than happy to pay for it. Three months after, clients started coming to me. I started turning down some of them because they can't afford me.

The best part? Even though I was a beginner, people were messaging me already treating me like an expert in my craft.

Now, am I earning thousands every month? No.

Is life easier than when I started? Hell yes!

I'm able to choose who I work with. I was able to raise my fees without feeling like a jerk. Most importantly, I was handed a road map -- I know what to do so I can earn $10k per month in the future. All thanks to the Magnetic Freelancer. So keep up the good work, Danavir!"
Anthony Veltri Went From Wasting Money On Linkedin Ads To Generating High Quality Leads Faster And For A Fraction Of The Cost!

"I help government employee's with their video marketing.

Before I joined the program, I had been going the traditional route with Linkedin ads and Facebook ads. Unfortunately, I was finding that I was getting an 8% clickthrough rate on Facebook and even less on Linkedin, which was horribly expensive. What I would find is that I was spending multiple dollars to generate one leads. Most of the time, that lead would never go anywhere no matter what type of lead magnet I was using.

However, once I started to apply the old-school tactic Danavir exposed me to... it got my cost per MEETING, not email subscribers, but actual phone calls... down to $12 per meeting because of my high 25% response. That's pretty amazing and makes me very, very happy. Normally, it would take a lot more time and effort to get government clients."

Lloyd McLeod Went From Struggling To Start
To Having A Step-By-Step Action Plan To Grow His Freelance Copywriting Brand!

"Being part of the Magnetic Freelancer, I realized I had a couple of mental blocks that needed a person from the outside to look inside. I didn't think it'd be productive to use "old data" that I received from various product launches. I also believed that people knew exactly what I knew. When you hang around the same types of groups and talk in the same group language, you start to believe your knowledge is obvious. So to "teach" what you know seemed like beating a dead horse.

Danavir advice provided clarity on what was wrong with my way of thinking and execution. To put it short, I had an idea of a whole journey that had to be undertaken if I wanted to eventually get to my desired goal. Danavir had the idea of just going straight for the goal and dealing with the real obstacles as they came."

Kayvan Learned Exactly How To Go From "Feast Or Famine" To Getting Stable, Regular Paychecks!

"So you've got the skills - great! But we both know that doesn't mean a thing if you don't have the clients to show them off to. I know that that's how I often felt before taking The Magnetic Freelancer.

That's where Danavir came in.

Danavir has constructed a course that revolves entirely around exactly how to consistently be an employed freelance copywriter. He breaks down different revenue streams, different positioning techniques, how to get your name out there...everything you're gonna need to go from 'talented' to 'successful'. It's all about consistency, and that's what Danavir has taught me; how to move from 'feast or famine' (or even 'famine or famine' some months) into the realm of stable, regular freelance paychecks.

What Danavir taught, and what he'll teach you, is all about how to stop having to go after clients and how to ensure that they'll be coming after you. You want to be the prize, not the prospector, after all. This course has taught me how to do just that.

For that, it's worth it's weight in gold.

Also, even if you don't have the skills, the course comes with a boatload of extra's that will teach you those too. So beginners might just get more out of this than I would have first guessed!”

Fotis Went From Barely Scraping By To Talking
With 7 Figure Business Owners Only Halfway Through The Course!
Have you ever heard of John Carlton's "Shameless Whore" theory?

Basically, when you're a beginner copywriter you must take ANY job thrown at you. No matter how crappy the work. No matter how shitty the pay.

I was this whore.

Heck, a previous client had my payment sheet named "Shameless Greek Whore"

From $5 sales letters on Fiverr all the way up to $20 e-mails that earned my clients thousands of dollars, I wrote everything. And I still didn't have enough money to live comfortably.

This was before taking Danavir's course.

Now I know how to position myself and my services

(And trust me, calling myself a copywriter did more damage to me than I expected)

I also discovered how to attract clients to me. No, it's not a magic button but a simple step by step system devised by Danavir that's based on research and doing the right kind of work.

Most importantly?

I had zero leads before joining Danavir's course. Yesterday, I delivered my proposal to a guy whose business makes 7-figures. And I haven't even completed 50% of what's on the course!

Thanks Danavir!

Blake Smith Went From Just Starting Out
To Knowing Exactly How To Stand Out From All The Other Freelance Copywriters Out There!

"The Magnetic Freelancer was a godsend.

As a new freelance copywriter, I was having a hard time finding clients with cold email prospecting, it was a challenge securing well-paying projects, and I had no idea how to differentiate myself from all the other freelancers out there.

Fortunately, this course showed me a better way. Instead of chasing after prospects. I learned how to attract the right clients for my copywriting business with inbound marketing. Danavir taught me exactly what I needed to build out my marketing funnel from top to bottom. I learned how to package my copywriting/consulting services and generate quality leads with well-written blog content. I learned how to promote that content effectively and efficiently.

Best of all, I was finally able get over my biggest hurdle and learned how to differentiate myself from all the other "me to" freelance copywriters out there.

Whether you're just starting out or you're already established, the Magnetic Freelancer is perfect for you. Danavir knows his stuff and tells it like it is … no fluff, hype, or BS. This course saved me countless hours of frustration trying to figure this out on my own.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend The Magnetic Freelancer for any copywriter who wants to grow their freelance business."

Chris Dobie Went From Being A Generalist
To Being An Email Marketing Consultant For
7 Figure Health Supplement Companies!

"Before joining The Magnetic Freelancer, I had no idea how to market myself as a freelance copywriter. I was just another run-of-the mill freelancer with nothing to differentiate me from tens of thousands of other freelancers out there...I had no idea how to generate new leads into my business… And worst of all, I had no real plan to help me get escape the whole "chasing clients" scene.

Once I went through the course though, everything changed. I went from being a "me to" generalist to being an email marketing consultant for 7 figure health supplement companies.

I learned exactly how I could use content to build my authority, generate new leads, and help me raise my rates all at the same time.

And best of all, I now had the EXACT step-by-step funnel plan that would end all the client chasing forever and instead have high paying clients chase me!

Long story short, I'm armed with the know-how of what, where, and how often to do what I need to do to attract a steady stream of top-level clients anxious to hire me. If you're a freelancer or thinking of becoming one, I highly recommend you get hold of The Magnetic Freelancer."

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