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Freelance Business Blueprint by Pete Boyle Download

Freelance Business Blueprint by Pete Boyle Download

Freelance Business Blueprint by Pete Boyle Torrent

Freelance Business Blueprint by Pete Boyle Torrent

Freelance Business Blueprint by Pete Boyle Discount

Freelance Business Blueprint by Pete Boyle Discount

Freelance Business Blueprint
A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Profitable Freelance Writing Business

Want to earn a living working 2 hours a day?

Want to sell short, simple articles for hundreds or thousands of dollars while you sip exotic cocktails on even more exotic beaches?

Want to live a life of freedom, untethered from the corporate world never having to answer to anyone?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then this is NOT the course for you.

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? All these bloggers and vloggers who explain how, with one simple trick, they quit their job and are living on a beach in Thailand living the high life.

But you know what they never tell you?

They never tell you how they only earn $1000 per month. How they live in Thailand not because they love the country, but because it's the only place they can afford.

They never explain how, when they have to move home, they had to sell everything just to find a place to stay whilst looking to re-enter the corporate world.

If you're happy earning only $1000 a month so you can enjoy the Thai beaches, don't let me stop you.

But if you want something more. If you want to build a long-term profitable freelance career that will enable you to live in any country in the world, read on.

A Step-by-Step Method for Growing Your Freelance Writing Business

Building a business, traditional, digital, freelance, or otherwise cannot be done with one action and an hour a day.

This course holds your hand whilst walking you through a step-by-step method to building a freelance business that will eventually put your client acquisition on auto-pilot.

It's the process I've used to grow my freelance writing business to the six-figure level, not once, but twice. Once when starting out, once when returning from an illness which destroyed everything I'd built.

It's a simple to follow, step-by-step method which is a blueprint for freelance success.

If you've wanted to grow your own freelance business, or are struggling to escape the bidding sites and bottom barrel clients, sign up today.

You'll see tangible, profitable results within a few months and you'll have a rinse and repeat framework that will help you continually grow your business.

Not to mention a couple of other freebies thrown into the mix:

- Upgrades including expert interviews and more downloadables

- Full access to our private Facebook group to network with and benefit from the experience of other writers

- Be the first notified of major upgrades and new courses including videos and advanced growth strategies

The course might cost $300, but if current students are anything to go by, you'll at least triple that investment within 3 months and grow to earn a steady, high earning income within 6 months to a year.

What Students Have to Say

"Sure, feel free to throw your cash at the abundance of other freelance training opportunities out there. With all the misguidance they commonly entail. Pete, however, calls out their bullshit with sure-fire alternatives to help boost your takings and bring in those clients."

Hugh Thomas - Food Journalist -

"There are a lot of smart people giving advice about freelance writing online, but almost all of them cover it from an advanced freelancing stage. The "experts" forget what it was like getting that first freelancing job and how they priced it. You might already be a great writer, but that doesn't mean you've mastered the art of freelancing--the "running a business" part of the job. Despite being one of the seasoned experts with many years and many projects under his belt, Pete manages to remember what it was like starting out as a freelancer, and has the wisdom to tell you either how he did it the first time, or how he should've done it with the benefit of hindsight. You can't find a better freelancing course that'll take you from A-Z the way Pete's Freelance Business Blueprint does. If you want to do it like the pros, let Pete be your guide.

Dan Jones - Freelance Writer and Founder of

"If you want a successful writing business and you’re not sure where to begin, this course is incredibly practical and comprehensive. It really is a detailed blueprint for creating a money-making freelance business. The course gives you a step-by-step action plan and helpful insider tips for sections such as “Setting Up a Website”, “Building a Social Media Following” and “Reaching out to Potential Clients”. Pete also shares essential (but often overlooked) areas concerning setting your rates, how to invoice and taxes (with very useful spreadsheets and templates) – all told in a simple, yet insightful manner. Creating any business is hard work, and you can tell that Pete has figured out what works and what doesn’t. Freelance Business Blueprint maps out exactly how to market yourself and find your writing niche. I highly recommend this course – it will be worth it."

Jade Lee-Duffy - Freelance Writer

"When I took Peter's course I found useful, tangible information, with a structured appeal towards a freelance writing career. With my first client I was able to determine the billing process, when to send out an invoice, and most importantly, how to determine how much my writing and time were truly worth based on my limited experience."

Lorelei Miguel Rosso - Freelance Writer

Class Curriculum


My Story
Common Freelancing Myths
Managing Your Confidence

Setting Up for Success

Finding Your Perfect Niche and Unique Angle
Setting Up Your Website
Setting Up Your Social Media Accounts
Building a Social Media Following
Contracts and Invoices
Figuring Out Your Income Goals
How to Set Your Rates
Building Successful Habits

Building a Solid Foundation

The Right Kind of Content
The Secret to Engaging Content
Practical Writing Advice
Putting Pen to Paper (FINALLY!)
Publication Day!
OPTIONAL - Service Specific Content Clips
Do Not Stop

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access you bad MoFo! For the current price, you get access to the course as it is now, plus any text or downloadable upgrades and additions. Once I record video lessons, there will be a second price and a discounted upgrade option for those already enrolled.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I've put a lot of effort into making the course as actionable and easy to follow as possible. It;s a huge, and somewhat intimidating course so you shouldn't sign up if you're not serious about growing a business. This is only for those who want to put the work in and see real results. There's no shortcuts in building a freelance business which means you're likely going to need a while before knowing if this is working. As such, we offer a full 60 day refund period. However, refunds are dependent on you having made a good effort to complete the course and see some real results. For full details of our refund policy, head to the below URL:
What if I get stuck?
Then head on over to the Facebook group or email me. Your success is the goal, and I try to be as responsive as possible to help you over any humps.
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