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Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Download

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Download

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Torrent

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Torrent

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Free

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Free

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Discount

Complete Legacy Collection by Jesse Elder Discount



Legacy is an inclusive community where people from all over the world come together to support one another on their journey to greater success and fulfillment.

Members get access to 3 of Jesse’s premium personal development courses + Mike’s Power Life Principles course, discounts on events and new content, and most importantly, a high-frequency tribe of like-minded individuals to hold them accountable.

Because in Legacy, it’s not just about feeling good – it’s about DOING good.

The Legacy Group exists as a safe and supportive space to share your experiences and energy: the epic wins, the great feelings, the bad times, the ugly losses – all of it.

Whether you’re looking to grow your wealth, deepen your spiritual connections, build lifelong relationships, or just get better at life, Legacy leaders and community members are committed to guiding and supporting you along the way.

In Legacy, your dreams become your new normal.

Join a Community of Spiritual Gangsters

The Legacy Group is full of growth-minded individuals at every stage of life who are here to offer support and hold each other accountable.

Receive Ongoing Support & Training

Between Jesse & Mike’s weekly “Sunday Sermon,” the Mondays with Mike trainings, Q&A livestreams, group accountability calls and firsthand access to new trainings, you’ll receive consistent level-ups during your journey.

Get Special Discounts on Content & Live Events

As a Legacy member, you receive exclusive discounts on new course content and live events, including the next Legacy Live event and upcoming Upgraded Life Tour.
"Since joining Legacy I've lost 30 pounds, I've straightened out my finances, my marriage is recovering, and I just launched a new online business a few weeks ago. I found out who I was, what I want, and how I'm going to get there. If you still want more, Legacy is the place to find it, and you're going to find the biggest, most amazing group of people you've ever met."
Bryan Jackson
"I am SOOO excited. Everything you are teaching, Jesse, resonates deeply with me. You have brought together ideas I've been exploring, and gathering, for many years. NOW it is becoming clear and PRACTICAL. Thank you so much. I APPRECIATE that YOU and the Legacy community has come into my life. PERFECT timing. OF COURSE!"
Kirby Gillispie
"In the past week since joining Legacy and applying Jesse's tools and upgrades I've gone from making 9 an hour to conversations about promotion to landscaping for twelve an hour to accepting a job at 15 an hour to having jobs come to me at 20+ an hour!! Results!"
Riley Shavus


The Sunday Sermon

Every Sunday Jesse & Mike hop on Facebook Live for a deep dive conversation.

There’s a powerful topic every week, and the opportunity for everyone in Legacy to ask questions and receive support.

Mondays with Mike

Every Monday Mike goes Live to review one of the 11 Power Principles and offer guidance to the Legacy community.


With your Legacy membership, you'll also gain lifetime access to these four premium personal development courses: Wealth Frequency Upgrade, PrimeLight Meditation, Journal Secrets and Power Life Principles.

Wealth Frequency Fundamentals

$297.00 Value (FREE)

This course will take you through the critical steps of “UnBlocking” your old money stories… your old patterns that have kept you stuck, broke, or unhappy with your money.

You’ll find yourself quickly and easily taking the actions everyday that add up to real life financial improvements… This can happen so fast, you may wonder where the money was all this time.

PrimeLight Meditation

$197.00 Value (FREE)

Jesse’s 4-Phase Meditation Framework for daily recharge, relaxation and clarity. It’s designed to help you stay in alignment with your Purpose and help you “pre-pave” the achievement of your goals and the arrival of your desires adding predictability to your creations.

Many people have reported feeling lighter, stronger, more confident and more powerful after just a single 20 minute session.

Journal Secrets

$297.00 Value (FREE)

Journaling is the link between your conscious, subconscious and “The Superconscious.” Failure to understand and use this connection with intention causes massive suffering.

The Journaling Secrets program not only guides you step by step through the exact system Jesse uses for manifestation, health, energy, creativity and just good old fashioned luck.

Power Life Principles

$397.00 Value (FREE)

Tools are only as effective as the power you have within yourself to apply them.

Mike Kemski’s Power Life Principles course, based on his best-selling book “Change Your Energy, Change Your Life,” unravels the lessons he has learned on how anyone, regardless of circumstances, can build a new and better universe.
The money map- wow!! It really is as powerful as you said it will be! I got the amount that I wanted for the 4 weeks and a bit more;) I don’t think I would have done that without the money map. I already increased the number for the next 4 weeks and I know I will get that in too:)" Love it! Thank you so much Jesse!"
Kerly Saarkoppel
"I joined Legacy a couple months ago, and I was in a really bad place. I had a lot of depressing thoughts, and I was tired of everything. I started doing PrimeLight meditation, and it really opened my eyes and changed everything so quickly. I started seeing beautiful things around me and how awesome and amazing this life can be. I went from being depressed and overwhelmed most of the time to being really excited about this journey and just loving life again, and my relationship with my husband and son improved so much. Whenever you feel like you're stuck or you need support, you just go to the group and they're there for you. You feel the love and the support and it's just so awesome. Thank you Jesse, thank you Mike, thank you Legacy. You changed my life."
Ama Kyle

With your Legacy membership, you also unlock a growing library of bonus material for as long as you're an active member. Right now your bonuses include...

Ultimate Sleep Upgrade

$97.00 Value (FREE)

Discover the Best Sleep of Your Life.

Cultivating Confidence

$197.00 Value (FREE)

Learn to Build Real, Lasting Confidence.

21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge

$99.00 Value (FREE)

A worldwide experience of connection, growth and transformation. While in Legacy, you get free access to every new challenge.

We asked some of our Legacy Legends to share their stories of transformation since they've joined the community. Here's what they shared...

$ 297

Wealth Frequency Course - Value $297
PrimeLight Meditation Course - Value $197
Journal Secrets Course - Value $297
Power Life Principles Course - Value $397
3 Month Legacy Group Access - Unlimited Value

This purchase opts you into a quarterly $297 membership for the Legacy Group.
You may cancel at any time, and the courses are yours forever.


Is there a time commitment to Legacy?

Like most things in life, how much you put in is how much you get out. The courses and additional trainings are all a-la-carte and can be completed whenever you’d like. And the more active you are in the Legacy group, the better and faster results you’ll get.

Who is Legacy for?

Legacy is for anyone who wants to seriously upgrade their life and be part of a supportive community to help them achieve their dreams. Most of the teachings are equally impactful however you currently make your income.

What’s the payment structure for Legacy?

Legacy payments are billed quarterly (every three months). We do not currently offer a monthly payment option.

If I decide to leave Legacy, will I keep access to all my courses?

Your initial investment into Legacy gives you lifetime access to the four primary Legacy courses – PrimeLight, Power Life Principles, Journal Secrets & Wealth Frequency Upgrade.

All additional “bonus” courses (i.e. Ultimate Sleep Upgrade, Cultivating Confidence) will be removed from your Kajabi library if you cancel membership, and of course, you’ll lose access to all Facebook-exclusive content like the Sunday Sermons and Mondays with Mike and Legacy perks like free access to new 21 Day Challenges.

Join a powerful community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about upgrading their lives!


Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have seen massive improvements in their personal and professional lives thanks to the timeless and powerful trainings in the Complete Legacy Collection.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your energy, build better relationships, grow your wealth, or simply live a happier and more fulfilling life, there’s something for everyone. This is self-improvement on a deep level, with specific and practical steps to really get what you want out of life.

Every project requires the right tools to be successful – so the project of your Life deserves nothing less than the very best.

You deserve to be happy, simply because you can. You deserve to love the life you create for yourself because it’s the only one you’ve got.

There’s no reason to hold back any longer out of fear of failure or judgement. The life you want is waiting for you to step up and claim it.

So if you’re tired of just “getting by” or if you’re ready to upgrade swiftly in substantial ways, the Complete Legacy Collection is for you. And at this price, it won’t be available for very long.


1. The Upgraded LIfe - $997 Value - My Flagship personal mastery program for shifting your beliefs, moving through your Fears, and developing a mental framework that is in alignment with your Values, Goals, and ultimate Vision for your Life regardless of your past history.

2. Wealth Frequency Upgrade - $997 Value - This is my advanced Wealth Frequency course which is taking the Wealth Fundamentals to the next level. I go way beyond changing your frequency and I show you step by step how to take complete control of your financial destiny.

3. The 12 Rituals - $1,297 Value - My twelve personal “rituals” created for getting clear (and staying clear) on your life’s Purpose, finding a PATH that will lead you toward the greatest expression of that Purpose, and developing a PLAN for following your Path even if you’ve tried before and failed.

4. Ethical Cult Building - $2,500 Value - The premier system for building a personally branded, message-driven information business — this is the exact model that I use to create and enroll students in every single course I’ve listed here. You get my Strategic “6 Message Strategy” for social media that pulls in sales, course creation using my C.A.S.T. system, plus introduction and training on the four gate instant close for high-value sales.

5. 360 Mentor Academ - $2,500 Value - Systems and business model for building a $30k+ per month coaching/consulting practice. “Lighthouse” style client attraction and my exact framework for connecting with high-value coaching clients through the “four gate instant close.”

6. The Upgraded Entrepreneur - $997 Value - My personal systems and practices for managing a business from client/customer acquisition, value creation, strategies for continuous growth, and most importantly, the total protection of your time freedom.

7. Pocket Video Mastery - $297 Value - A Previously Unreleased BONUS training that accompanied a live event. Think of this as the ECB “Expansion Pack.” Discover how you share your expertise and develop a multi 5 or 6 figure per month business using only your smartphone…even if you’re not a techie kind of person.

Old Price: $99.90

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