Bots for Business by Scott Oldford and Katya Sarmiento

Bots for Business by Scott Oldford and Katya Sarmiento

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Introducing Bots for Business Online Training Program
The Premier Training Program for Entrepreneurs who want to Generate Ultra Qualified Leads using Messenger Bots (and close them quickly) – Automatically Growing their Business.

Yes! I Want A Messenger Bot!
What if you could do email marketing back when everyone actually opened your emails?
What if you could qualify your leads so much that you knew EXACTLY what they wanted?
What if your leads felt “human-touch” intimacy that could be scaled from 1-to-1 to 1-to-many?
If you are a business, looking to…
Generate more affordable, qualified leads
Increase intimacy and relevancy with your audience
Build a power following of those that know, like and trust you
Create awareness inside your marketplace and niche
And generate sales automatically

Then I have something cool for you…
Facebook Messenger Bots allow you to do all of those things…

Take a look at this…

These are stats from a simple Messenger broadcast to less than 1,200 subscribers…
Almost 400 registrants for a webinar.
Resulting in over $20,000 in sales.
So, what is a Messenger “Bot”?
Simply put, a Messenger Bot allows you to deploy a “natural language sequence” to your leads, allowing you to engage, qualify and create an intimate connection automatically.

Think about it like this…
Instead of just having “leads” – what if you knew EXACTLY what they wanted…
Exactly where they were…
And you could have a real-time conversation with them to get all this info?

What if you could deliver exactly what they wanted… when they wanted it…

Take a look at all the Done-For-You Bots we’ve created for businesses, click here.

How it’s deployed
Like never before, we can deploy Messenger Bots for both Lead Generation and Sales into the hottest social platform on planet earth.

With very little learning curve, you’re able to generate qualified leads and turn them into customers, without having to worry about tons of software or complexities.

Does it replace a marketing funnel?

Rather, it allows you to either
a) Power your current Marketing Funnel or
b) Bring leads in the door while you build your funnel

Simply put… it’s possible to implement this into your business in RECORD time, faster than most any other marketing technology.
How can YOU use it?
From being able to support your funnel,
to being able to help engage your customers.

Have a product launch formula launch? For that.
Want to generate more sales from your webinar?
Or want more people to sign-up and show up for your webinar? That too.
Want to deliver your lead magnets and then qualify your leads? (Do you see where we’re going with all this?)

The opportunities for using Messenger Bots are endless,
Which is why we created this quick guide for you to
Understand 8 popular use-cases.

The Early Adopter Advantage
Think about it…
In the 90’s, those who had websites generated a MASSIVE unfair advantage.
Early 2000’s, it was Google Search…
Then came Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…

Guess what?
They didn’t “disappear” did they?
However, those who started FIRST were the one’s that were able to create MASSIVE leverage.

5 years ago, leads were $0.25 a day on Facebook.
They aren’t anymore.

10 years ago, you could be on the frontpage of Google for pennies on the dollar.
Now, it’s infinitely more expensive.

If you’re in the business of bringing in new customers and clients,
Regardless if you have an “online” or “offline” business –

Messenger Bots aren’t going anywhere.
The only question is… are you going to use them as your unfair advantage…

Or “wait and see”… again?
Doing it the “Right” Way
In life, there are always two options:
The “Right” way (aka. The Fast Way) or the “Long” Way.

If you want to deploy this in your business,
there’s a specific sequence,
a specific way to frame language.
A “fast” way to build it…
A “fast” way to generate leads
And sales

It’s not that you’ll fail if you do it yourself.
It’s simply a fact that you’ll gain more momentum
And traction when you have a guide up the mountain.

Now, if you’re still reading this, you’re likely wondering how you get started and the investment…
Your Options

So, now you have 4 real options:

1. Do nothing. Walk away with the knowledge that there’s a better way and let your business continue to suffer for lack of leads and stay in the hustle, never getting ahead and always feeling burnt out.

2. You can hire someone (or us) to build the bot for you… if you want that, take a look here.

3. Try and figure it out yourself, and spend untold amounts of time making the same mistakes that many others have…

4. Increase the chances that you’ll “nail” it the first time and generate far more qualified leads and sales. How? Keep reading.

Our Program
The Bots for Business Training Program is a 5 Module Interactive Learning Experience (with over 30 videos, checklists and how-to guides) that allows you to both execute quickly and simply, without giving you extra wasted “bloat”.

Module #1: Bots 101
In this module, we’re going to ensure that your understanding of bots are up to par, that you understand how they are going to work for your business and the purpose of it inside of your lead generation and sales.

Module #2: Strategy
Now that you understand how bots can work, it’s time to map out exactly how they will work for you and the extent you would like to use in your marketing. By helping you develop your bot “map”, you will walk away with a perfect strategy to generate ultra-qualified leads and even more sale conversations and conversions.

Module #3: Messaging
Bots are all about natural language patterning and being able to engage and create intimacy with those that are “inside” of your marketing experience. We’ll show you how to develop these sequences, how to deliver the right content at the right time increasing your relevancy with your leads.

Module #4: Implementation + Deployment
Now that you have your strategy all developed, it’s time to go ahead and implement your chat bot. Instead of having to figure all of it, we’ll show you how to implement, step by step.

Module #5: Distribution + Next steps
Your bot is ready, now it’s time to show you how to integrate with your marketing, traffic sources and make the magic happen!
And until…
Or until 250 copies are sold, get access to:

#1: Exclusive Community for Questions, Updates and Discussion with other Entrepreneurs ($297 Value)
In this exclusive community, you’ll gain access to other Entrepreneurs who have invested in this program and who are serious about implementing this into their business, successfully.

#2: Facebook Advertising Beginner Training Session ($197 Value)
In this Session, we’ll show you the basics of Facebook Advertising, allowing you to use your Bot out-of-the-box in the easiest way possible.

#3: Facebook Video Advertising Training Session ($197 Value)
In this Training, we’ll show you how to use the power of Facebook Video Advertising for your Lead Generation

#4 Lifetime Updates for Free ($497 Value)
Bots will evolve. In order to help you, we’ll give you updates for free — and in the future, we’ll be launching a low-cost monthly fee updates to the program which you’ll get 6 months access, plus new trainings on how to use Bots for your business.

#5 Live Q&A ($197 Value)
A 2-Hour Call to Answer all your questions with Scott and Katya. It doesn’t matter if it’s technology, strategy, implementation or distribution, we’ll dive deep into your questions. Limited to the first 100 to join this course.

#6 Facebook Group and Million Dollar Audience Builder Masterclasses ($197 Value)
Allowing you to add an extra component of bots by building a massive audience with and without Facebook along with the Group functionality of Facebook, a massive multi-million dollar revenue generator for us and our customers.

Simply put — everything you need to strategize, plan, implement, execute, deploy, distribute and optimize for your lead generation and sale bot will be delivered to you via this training program.

All course material will be published on April 25th, 2017.

Now, to get the Bots for Business Training course, until
It’s simply 1 payment of

$997 $497

Get The DIY Bots Training
Our Guarantee

Our formula and training program will work for 100% of the people who put in 100% of the work, 100% of the time.

Which means, the sale is final.
If you have a business, the chances that you don’t get at least 10x, if not 50x ROI within 90 days (if you implement) are incredibly low.

Oh, who are we?
Well, if you need to know a little more…
About Bots for Business:

The bots have risen!
And you might just be left behind.

Over the past couple of years, technology has progressed at a rate that we’ve never seen before.

And as a business, you have the ability to capitalize on this technology for generating leads and closing sales in the most 1-to-many intimate approach ever seen.

From the marketing and lead generation genius of Scott Oldford and the technology and implementation brilliance from Katya Sarmiento comes an easy to use solution for deploying bots for businesses that allow you to generate affordable leads and close sales, automatically.

If you’re a business that is looking for more customers and clients and want to be relevant in your marketplace, this is a cutting-edge opportunity of a lifetime.

Just like those who were on Facebook first…
Those who used Email Marketing first…
Those who used Websites first…

The first-comer advantage is massive.
And the beauty?

Not only is this affordable, quick and easy…
You barely need to lift a finger.

Ready to be part of the rise of the bots?
At Bots for Business, we are.

About Katya Sarmiento:

Hey there, I’m Katya.

I’ll systemize anything — you name it.
That makes me an Entrepreneur’s best friend. Operations, Technology and Processes is what allows for Entrepreneurs to create true businesses.

I’ve used this superpower to help Entrepreneurs, like you, implement effective Lead Generation by systemizing your ability to automatically bring new customers to your doorsteps. In the realm of Bots, I help build systematic experiences that allow you to qualify, engage and interact with your leads in a 1-to-many way, that feels like a 1-to-1 experience.

Combined with Scott’s marketing and sales genius, this allows you to grow your business in a sustainable and scalable way, giving you new found power adding revenue and profit to your bottom-line.
About Scott Oldford:

Hey, I’m Scott.

I help Entrepreneurs scale using effective Online Lead Generation, I wrote my first lines of code when I was 8 years old and have always be fascinated by technology. At the moment, we are seeing a gigantic shift in Lead Generation for small business owners, we are in a time where we are able to give a personalized, relevant experience.

Messenger Bots allow us to do this even better. See, I believe that being relevant… IS marketing and any tool or system that allows us to do this in an effective way allows us to grow our business significantly.

It’s why I partnered up with Katya to bring bots to every business. Regardless if it’s our course or our done-for-you solution, you need a bot inside of your business. The future of lead generation is here and it’s waiting for you.



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