Booked & Paid to Speak 2.0 by Grant Baldwin

Booked & Paid to Speak 2.0 by Grant Baldwin

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Booked & Paid to Speak 2.0

Learn the exact strategies in this blueprint for how to find and book paid speaking gigs! | taught by Grant Baldwin
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Course Description

A proven, complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to get booked AND paid to speak. No ambiguity or confusing theories. This is LITERALLY the playbook you need.
Grant Baldwin
Grant Baldwin
Founder of The Speaker Lab
Grant Baldwin is the creator of the and the Booked And Paid To Speak training program. He’s also a nationally known keynote speaker and author and hosts “The Speaker Lab” podcast. As a speaker, Grant has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken to over 400,000 people in 45 different states through leadership conferences, conventions, and other events. His book and curriculum for students, “Reality Check,” is taught in 400 schools around the country. His courses help speakers all over the world book more gigs, generate more revenue in their business and further their impact.
Course Curriculum

Welcome to Booked & Paid to Speak
The Speaker Success Roadmap (4:25)
Download: The Speaker Success Roadmap
Download: The Speaker Success Roadmap (Audio)
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Module 1: Select A Problem To Solve
1.1 Choosing Your Industry (10:07)
1.2 Choosing Your Topic Of Interest (20:55)
Download: Speaking Industry Matrix
1.3 Overcoming The “Expert” Myth (5:09)
Download: The Topic Trifecta
1.4 Why This Foundation Matters (4:10)
Module 1 Slides
Download: Module 1 Audio Only
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Module 2: Prepare Your Talk
2.1 The Different Types of Talks (22:22)
2.2 How To Structure Your Talk (SCORRE Method)
2.3 How To Deliver A Great Talk (17:27)
Module 2 Slides
Download: Module 2 Audio Only
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Module 3: Establish Yourself as the Expert
3.1 Developing Your Brand As A Speaker (6:40)
3.2 Your Website (16:57)
3.3 Setting Up Your Website (5:54)
The Speaker Lab WordPress Theme (Podium)
Squarespace vs WordPress
3.4 Your Demo Video (8:30)
How To Shoot Your Demo Video Using Only Your Smart Phone
Demo Video Examples
3.5 Tech Resources (5:29)
Module 3 Slides
Download: Module 3 Audio Only
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Module 4: Acquire Paid Speaking Gigs
4.1 Overview (2:31)
4.2 How To Find Potential Clients Using Google (6:13)
BONUS: Finding Events Using Google (10:01)
4.3 How To Find More Speaking Opportunities (28:17)
4.4 Identifying Decision Makers (4:54)
4.5 Contacting Decision Makers (13:48)
4.6 How To Sell Without Selling (11:19)
BONUS: Sales Call Recording with Potential Client (17:48)
4.7 Speaking Fees (16:45)
Speaking Fee Structure Example
4.8 How And When To Negotiate (8:53)
4.9 Should You Speak For Free? (8:48)
4.10 When They’re Ready To Book (6:59)
4.11 Creating A Great Client Experience (9:48)
Module 4 Slides
Download: Module 4 Audio Only
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Bonus Lessons
Selling From The Stage (9:27)
Taxes, Business Structures, and Other Exciting Legal Stuff… (33:23)
Using LinkedIn To Find Speaking Gigs (32:54)
Understanding TED/TEDx For Speakers (41:23)
Should You Join Toastmasters? (13:45)
Travel Tips For Speakers (13:10)
Managing Finances And Cash Flow (6:10)
How To Hire Staff (16:24)
Different Business Models For Speaking (7:33)
Making The Transition To Full Time Speaker (10:47)
Speaker Bureaus (9:17)
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