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Sales page:

Yes Mitch…
Show Me How To Get Really Good At Advertising So I Don’t Have To Keep Posting Instagram Pics Next To Someone Else’s Lamborghini!
“I’ll Show You How To Craft Advertising That Will Make You Rich Even If The Idea Of Writing Sends More Chills Down Your Spine Than Donald Trump Kissing The Back of Your Neck…”
From The Metaphorical Desk Of Mitch Miller
Bangkok Thailand,
March 10th 2017

Yes, this is a sales letter.

But, unlike most sales letters, this one isn’t just about selling you something.

It’s about (shamelessly) bribing you with so many exciting free bonuses and extras so you’ll love me forever and put me in your will next to your children.

I’m going to reveal the fastest, most certain way to gain real momentum in your marketing by showing you that the missing puzzle piece you are looking for comes down to the words you say in your sales pages.

When you get the words right, you make sales.

Sales = money.

Money = happy dances in your underwear.

One well written sales letter can make you rich.

But before we get to the exciting stuff, lemme ask you a question:

Ever felt like giving up?

Because you’ve been in this game for a while now and you’re frustrated with your progress so far.

For a long time I was overwhelmed, confused, and afraid to fully commit to any one approach to making money online or growing my business.

I knew a lot, and kept trying things, yet it was like an invisible wall was keeping me from the money and I couldn’t figure it out.

When I was struggling, it was killing me inside to worry about money… maxing out my credit cards while constantly feeling stressed out and anxious.

I thought there was something wrong with me.

I thought I might never reach my goals.

Do you secretly envy the overflowing confidence and success others seem to have… watching them living the life you know you should be living too?

Have you ever dreamed of going on better (and longer) vacations around the world?

Finally telling your boss which ass cheek to kiss?

How would it feel to finally have the clarity, confidence, and certainty on the best way to proceed to make money online and grow your business?

If you’d like that…

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because your answer to the question I ask on the next line will determine the direction of your life forever.
Do You Have The Courage To Earn One Million Dollars A Year Or More?
Do you?

Most don’t.

Maybe an online business isn’t for you.

It’s meant for someone who’s hungry…

It’s meant for the kind of man or woman who has a relentless desire to earn more money in a single year than most of your friends will earn in their entire lifetime.

It’s meant for someone who is willing to make the sacrifices that business demands…

willing to roll the dice… endure the stresses… and fight the inevitable battles against your own brain…

while also pitted against some of the sharpest minds in the world, for prizes beyond the imagination of ordinary men and women.

Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life?

If you do, read on. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky and leave this page – there is nothing left for you here.
Who Am I?
I am the marketing adviser to millionaires, CEOs, celebrities, and thousands of smart entrepreneurs crazy enough to listen to my rants.

I’m the guy who is secretly called up in the middle of the night by some of the biggest names in our business, to give them timely advice and clarity when they need it most.

I am an author of 3 books, run a wildly successful training firm with my business partner Macaully, called Opposed Media where we hold workshops and training events all across the world.

Regarded by others as The King Of Copy and the “Dan Kennedy” of today, our marketing campaigns have generated millions for our clients over the last 10 years including one that took someone from a respectable $178,000 a month to over 1.5 million dollars a month in less than 100 days.

In a nutshell: I’m one of the best copywriters in the world.

There are very few people on earth who can even come close to touching my skills.

I would write better than 99.5% of all marketers even if I was drunk, hung upside down, and spun in circles while badgers claw my face with the Spice Girls movie playing on repeat in the background.

They say “if you have to tell people you are something, you are not that something” and that’s totally true… except when it’s not.

There are a few select people in this world who are so good at what they do, they can say whatever the fuck they want because they are the real deal.

Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor, and Eminem to name a few.

I have a loud mouth when I write because it’s hilarious and it pisses off the anal retentive folk with sticks lodged too far up their backsides.

And life is about having fun!

My life is really fun. I am basically retired, traveling the world, living in luxury condos – enjoying daily massages, five star meals, and doing what barely feels like work to me.

Unfortunately life wasn’t always this fun…
I Was So Broke I Remember Eating Cereal With A Fork To Save Milk!
I was so broke when I went to KFC, I had to lick other people’s fingers!

I was so broke I had to scam the Nigerians!

Okay it wasn’t that bad, but it sure felt like it…

I do clearly remember living and sleeping in a public park in Vancouver, Canada. There is one day in particular I begin to get anxiety when I think about it…

It was September 23rd 2008 at 7:42 pm and I’d just finished shopping for food…

The sky was grey and overcast, reflecting how I felt inside… I had $4.67 cents to my name and all I could afford was a small bag of uncooked white rice…

I did my best to make it look like I wasn’t homeless…

Kind of obvious when you’re carrying around luggage, wearing too many clothes, and smelling like complete crap.

But that was the reality then. I made one wrong move, lost my job, was too proud to ask for help, and without even realizing it, I was living in a damn park.

I’m telling you this because if you are struggling to get by, I know exactly how you feel…

Imagine not being able to feed yourself and everyone around you knows it… your parents, your friends, and even your exes.

I felt stupid, and looked even more stupid !

I tried so hard… And failed even harder… the only thing stronger in my life than my efforts were my failures.

No matter what I attempted…
No matter how great I thought my ideas were… nothing ever changed for me.

“Dear god, when are things going to change for me?”

I almost gave up… part of me wished I had the guts to end it all.

Everything was just so hard back then.

I was scared I would never get back on my feet, that I’d fall too far behind and never reach my goal of being successful.

At this point in my life, I thought things couldn’t get worse… although they were about to, and I’ll share that with you in a moment…

Perhaps you can relate to that feeling of needing to make a change yet nothing you do seems to ever work out?

I was in a position where I needed to change, but I guess one more thing had to happen before I really got it…
Please Excuse Me For The Disgusting Things I’m About To Tell You Next…
Remember that little bag of uncooked rice I told you I bought that day because it was all I could afford?

Well, that night, I sat down on a bench in this very park :

And then… I did it

Don’t judge me, I had too…

I was starving and depressed. I was in full survival mode, and had to eat…

I stole some of these small packs of ketchup from McDonalds…

For the next 10 minutes, I sat there quietly choking down
spoonfuls of uncooked rice with ketchup on them while
hiding under a tree with tears streaming down my face…

I was feeling deflated… and worthless… and angry… and like I was less than all the people I had ever known in my life…

I had become a failure.

My greatest fear in the world was playing out before my own eyes, in my own life…

All my life I never wanted to be average, and now… I was below average.

As I sat there – my mind swimming the depths of rock bottom, something interesting happened…

The situation was so traumatic to my brain, something snapped… I began to realize something I’d forgotten…

A truth so powerful, that once I realized it, a feeling of absolute certainty, power, and excitement washed over me like a hot bath of good emotions…
In that moment I realized that failure doesn’t actually exist. I understood right then and there, the only way to fail is to give up .

My worst fear came true and I was living it at that exact moment… but, I was still ME.

It’s Never Over!

I had enough.

I decided the game was not over… it had only just begun. And as god as my witness, I am going to make a comeback…

I’ll make comeback so epic and powerful, an entire army dedicated to getting in my way can’t stop me from becoming successful…
Nothing Can Stop Someone Who’s Had Enough
And today is the day YOU have had enough
Enough of your boss, enough of your wife nagging you or your husband laughing at you, enough of the government & it’s BS, and enough of not doing what you damn well know you need to be doing:

Taking back control of your life by making enough money online to get rich!

As I sat there under that tree, I remember asking myself the one question that haunts almost everyone at the beginning of their journey down the road to really making it online and working from home (or the park):
“I know I have what it takes to get rich online because all these other idiots are doing it… Why do I keep gathering a bit of momentum and then stop? I see others doing this successfully but how in the world am I going to make it happen…”

You’ve probably asked yourself that question before, am I right?

It’s a great question, and you’re smart to ask .

You’re also smart to keep an open mind to the answer, which I figured out and about to reveal to you…

I started and failed 8 different businesses from pallet building, to landscaping, to website building, to a food catering company…

It was get rich or die trying and luckily I didn’t die.

and I learned along the way, most of what is taught to us about this internet business stuff is DEAD WRONG.

But through it all, I uncovered a lie …

A lie rarely revealed…

Because there’s less money in you knowing the truth.

And i’m going to reveal it to you right here and now.

And remember, despite my success today, I’m no different than you… I’m just a guy who happened to stumble upon a simple idea…
An idea that allows people like you to experience month long vacations, buy that car you’ve been wanting, quit your job, have more joy, excitement, freedom, and finally
have enough money in the bank to allow you to sleep like a baby
This is the same idea that allowed me to never have a job again, EVER.

The same idea that has allowed me to:

– Have financial freedom and the ability to live how I like

– Give my clients multi million dollar months

– Travel to 26 vacation destinations in the last 18 months

– Basically retire, and travel while doing what I love

– Freedom and happiness

– Screwing off from time to time

– Teaching others around the world to do the same

So without further ado…
Allow Me To Expose This Filthy Lie You’ve Been Told
This is the hidden enemy behind why you are struggling… and most people have no idea it’s not their fault!

If you’re feeling stuck and a little deflated, it’s not your fault.

Most of the strategies the gurus preach virtually guarantee you give up before you’ve even started… here’s why

The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years… and these lies are keeping you from the money you deserve…

Here’s the lie:

You are taught to believe the platform is all you need to succeed!

Allow me to explain…

Marketing your products and services comes down to three very simple things:

1. Identifying a market (Who: a group of people to sell to)
2. Creating a message (What: to say to those people to get them to buy)
3. Picking a platform (How: you shout that message from)
The lie is #3 is all you need to have success!

Don’t believe me? Want proof?
Just look at Clickfunnels, a company with one of the largest (and most irresponsible) marketing slogans I’ve ever come across:

I applaud that statement made from a marketing standpoint in order to suck in the masses… and since you guys are not the masses, I feel comfortable telling this to you… That statement from a realistic standpoint?

Straight LIES to your face.

They even underlined the word everything.

Does Clickfunnels craft a persuasive message for me? The one thing that gets someone to actually pull the money out of their wallet?

They’d have you believe it does everything for you including a Clickfunnels genie popping out of the screen to rub your balls for good luck!

It’s a great service but it’s not what’s going to make you successful.

Whether it’s:

– Facebook
– Livestreaming
– Twitter
– Clickfunnels
– Instagram
– Blogging
– Affiliate marketing
– Amazon FBO

All of the above are utterly useless to you without one critical thing…

And If you are one of the millions who fell victim to this lie, then you must decide now to believe the truth instead… Because:
If you don’t, you will continue down the road of dabbling in every course or business idea

Any momentum and progress you’ve gained will be stopped dead in it’s tracks and the money and freedom that was so close you could almost reach out and feel, will begin to fade away…

And eventually, no matter how strong you are, you simply give up… on making money online and achieving freedom.

Listen: This is not what I want for you, and I know it’s not what you desire for yourself
William Bernbach Said: “The Most Powerful Element In Advertising Is The Truth”, So Here’s The Truth:
The words are everything.

In advertising, there’s only one thing you have any control over.

You don’t have control over your market – they decide what they want, when they want it, and how much they will pay for it. It’s your job to simply uncover those truths through testing, introspection, research, and sifting through all the BS.

You don’t have control over the platforms – If you don’t like Facebook’s algorithm, tough shit. If you do’t like the latest wordpress update, good luck fixing it. If you can’t stand the post office losing your brochures, cry about it. It’s your job to simply color in the lines and do what they say.

The only thing you have full control over is the advertisement itself. And what is an advertisement made up of?


Get control over your words, you can make yourself and business you partner with a fortune – don’t get your words handled, you’ll continue to fail for the rest of your life.

No wonder progress comes slow, people jump head first into a platform or tool without first perfecting a message!

That’s like jumping into the ocean without knowing how to swim!

The reason everyone sells you the newest and latest fad by the way, is because as humans, it’s in our DNA to value new and novel over “heard it all before”.

That and human psychology never changes… it’s not new and sexy to sell “the message” when new and exiting platforms are coming out every single day!

But that’s exactly why everyone fails.

Let me be super clear:
The “Copy” Is What Matters Most
All the training in the world can’t help the man who refuses to first learn how to persuade people to buy something with words.

Listen: we are human beings.

As humans, we communicate with each other.

We do this through words.

How could anything be more important than first getting the words right?

Getting your pitch right – your message – your copy – your ads – your USP – F*%&#ING WORDS!!!

I don’t care if you have a recipe for the worlds best chocolate cake – if you don’t have quality ingredients, I don’t care how hard you try or how perfectly you build that funnel… that cake will taste like shit and nobody’s buying it.

And the same goes for your business.

If you can say the right words in the right order, you can get rich.

Smart marketers on the inside circle know this and always focus on the copy first. Everything else, the funnels, the ads, the websites, the plugins, they are all there simply to assist the copy getting to someone’s eyeballs.
Mark Twain said it best: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,
it’s time to pause and reflect”
Don’t be like everyone else…

Be smarter.

It’s no secret, the few “at the top” make all the money and I’m telling you what they focus on first: The copy.

Imagine how effortlessly you’ll make more money, pay off your debts, and jet set on vacation anytime you like without any financial worry or stress…

Because you now have an easy, proven way to make your business efforts work that has been done in some form or another since the beginning of commerce itself…

Mitch Miller’s Copy Penthouse Is For You If:
You are tired of stressing over money, maxing out your credit cards, and constantly feeling anxious
You have bills you need to get caught up on
You want to build up your savings account
You have something you want to sell but have trouble convincing them to buy it from you
You have a family you need to keep safe and build an amazing life for
You have a boss you fantasize about quitting on
You want to get filthy rich
You know copy is THE big secret to online sales and you are ready to get it handled once and for all
You want a fast and easy shortcut to crafting multi-million dollar sales copy
Here’s What I Got For You:
Mitch Miller’s Copy Penthouse is an interactive copy experience unlike anything else on the market today.

The insider information in this system can shortcut your learning curve—for real—by at least 5, if not 10 years. (And in reality, on your own, you might not ever get to the skill level these secrets, skills and strategies will allow).

Copy Penthouse has many shortcuts for you including:

– Core Training System
– Commentary On Popular Sales Letters
– Templates And Cheat Sheets
– Bonus Seminar Footage
– Group Calls & Exercises
– And much more…

The first thing you’re going to get today are The Penthouse Sessions.

I’m not going to beat around the bush:

I follow a simple 20 step recipe every time I create an ad.

When I stick to it, my copy works like crazy. and when I don’t, my copy fails.

Thanks to Tim Ferriss, I believe in the 80/20 rule and minimum effective dose (which few activities will get us the result we are looking for the fastest).

Instead of giving you everything I know or even worse, everything you could know… I’ve decided to give you the most powerful stuff you can go out and use TODAY… not in theory, and not a year from now.

I’ve put my entire sales letter recipe into 17 bite sized video sessions for you to devour. Each piece building on the last until you now have a perfect “air-tight” pitch even if you’ve never done this before.

This is the core foundation knowledge you need to craft the type of pitch that makes millions.

This is not boring, regurgitated advice either… And it’s casual, as if we’re actually chilling in the penthouse together while I spill my guts on my method for crafting copy that actually works.

*BONUS* In each session I explain a concept and a piece of the recipe – what I’ve also done is included actual video examples of the exact phrasing I’ve used, so you can use it too and have the same powerful delivery I get without the 10+ years of brutal trial and error.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:
Session 1: The Million Dollar Sales Pitch Recipe
Every great dish follows a recipe and writing copy that sells is no different. There’s a reason my copy can bring in millions and it’s not anything magical – I’m just saying the right things in the right order and with this 20 step recipe you can too.

Session 2: Market Research Done The Right Way
The biggest problem in doing market research is nobody actually f#$*%g does it. I get it – it’s not the sexiest activity in the world… at the same time, if you put even a little bit of effort into this part of the process, you’ll kick everyone’s ass.

Because they don’t bother at all or do it wrong. In this session I show you how to do it fast, quick, painless, and RIGHT. And remember this:

NOTHING is more important than this research phase – get this wrong and your pitch has zero chance of working. Take advantage of my shortcuts.

Session 3: The Other Avatar Nobody Talks About
I guarantee you’ve NEVER heard this concept before, you know why? Because I’m the first to introduce this idea to our industry.

When my girlfriend told me about this “second” avatar (and the interesting place she got it from), everything changed for me.

I taught this to our students at the last seminar and they were dumbfounded… And they knew exactly why everything they’ve done in the past has failed… powerful stuff.

Session 4: Crafting An Offer So Irresistible, Your Copy Skills Can Suck And People Will Still Buy
People buy offers. If your offer is lame, especially compared to whatever else is out there in the market… no chance in hell anyone will buy your stuff.

There are 7 different elements to a great offer – do you know what they are? Chances are your competitor is only using 3 at best.

Discover the rest and crush those bastards 🙂

Session 5: My Easy “Choose Your Own Adventure” Formula For Perfect Headlines
Headlines are the most important part of your sales letter. If your letter doesn’t get the attention of the reader, they aren’t going to get to see your irresistible offer.

Fortunately I believe headlines are overrated and good enough is good enough. That’s why I created a formula for generating headlines fast, easy, and that work.

Session 6: How To Start Off Your Sales Message So The Reader Becomes Addicted To Hearing More
Once someone reads your headline and wants to hear more, then what? I’ll show you the 3 step formula I use to start the conversation and examples of how powerful these 3 steps are. Once you put these 3 in your copy, they are virtually hooked for the entire letter as long as you don’t say anything too stupid later.

Session 7: Creating Believable Copy (Discover How To Get People To Actually Listen To You)
When you are selling to people, there is a natural resistance they have to your message. Because they don’t know you yet, they are not sure if what you are saying to them is in their best interest or yours… This session is all about gaining their trust because without that, it’s a very steep hill to climb.

Session 8: Crafting Your Nightmare Story (Hint: Without one, they can’t trust you)
A properly crafted nightmare story is one of the most powerful tools you have in your bag of tricks to persuade people. This is where the real bonding takes place between you and the reader. Not every product needs a nightmare story, but if you can craft one for your offer, sales will come a LOT easier. In this session we walk you through the various parts of a nightmare story.

Session 9: Painting The Vivid Picture Of Achieving Their Dream Life Thanks To Your Product
Imagine being able to effortlessly inspire, excite, and motivate your reader into deep desire and hunger for your product. And imagine, you could do it through just a few key sentences that get them almost hooked on the idea of buying your product… I just did it on you right now, but watch this session for how to do it in your copy.

Session 10: The Product Reveal (Most People Get This Part Pathetically Wrong…)
If you reveal the product too early, you kill rapport and end the sale before it had even really begun – reveal the product too late and you draw suspicion as to why you aren’t getting to the point. 95% of people reveal their product too early and it’s killing sales. Don’t be a teenage boy in heat – keep it in your pants until she’s hot and ready for you k?

Session 11: Machine Gun Bullet Blitz – Rapid fire benefit bombing
People buy things because the believe whatever it is will give them a certain result or set of results resulting from the main result, make sense? Another name for a result is a benefit.

People buy benefits. This is the part of the page where you load up the reader with all of the different and wonderful benefits that owning your product will provide them.

Think of it like a scale… If you load them up with 100 benefits on one side, and they have like 6 objections on the other, you’ve now outweighed their decision making process and they are swayed to buy.

Session 12: Social Proof Madness And Getting (Lots Of) Perfect Testimonials
As humans, we make decisions in only one of two ways: We go by first hand experience, or second hand experience. We are social creatures and we MUST look to others to guide us in making decisions that are outside our first hand experience.

Getting testimonials is one of the most neglected and underutilized pieces of this puzzle. Testimonials are CRITICAL to the success of your ad and here’s how to get em.

Session 13: This Is The Only Place In The Letter It’s OK To Talk About Product Features
They say to always talk in benefits not features. Who are they, and in what context are they referring to? The truth is you NEED to talk about the features of your product, but there’s a time and place. This session shows you where.

Session 14: The Roller Coaster Strategy: Value Build + Price Drop
You can’t have love without hate, light without dark, and sex without bacon. In this session I show you the intimate relationship between perceived value and price and how they must go TOGETHER for your offer to feel like a good deal to the reader.

Session 15: The “Knock ‘Em Off The Fence” Strategy: Scarcity + Risk Reversal
Hate when someone goes “I need to think about it”? In sales and sales letters, if you give the reader an opportunity to let him self off the hook, he’ll take it. So do the opposite: Make it a MUST that he must buy now… and more often than not, he actually will. as long as you have these two pieces in place. I’ll show you the exact words you should use to write a money-back guarantee that… increases sales… and reduces refunds!

Session 16: How To Ask For Money
There’s a reason this session isn’t even 3 minutes long – closing the deal and asking for the money is the easiest part of a sales letter.

Session 17: How To End The Letter For Maximum Conversions
Yep. It’s pretty cool, you’ll like it.

*MORE BONUSES* We’ve also taken the time to rip the videos into mp3 files so you can listen to them driving, working out, taking a poop, or cleaning the house. For the hearing impaired, we’ve converted the sessions into a neat little transcribed manual for you to read at your leisure.

Here’s What Else You’ll Get
I’m going to give you a few of our private worksheets, cheat sheets, and documents you can use to fast track and organize your success.

These will help you massively and they are all yours when you get in on the experience today.

Included are:
1. Perfect Customer Avatar Template

2. Irresistible offer sheet part 1 and 2 (Use this to map out your competitors offers side by side so you can clearly see the gaps so you can easily create an offer that kicks their ass)

3. Testimonial template to give to the customer (No more long winded, random testimonials you wish hit the mark – give this to your customer to fill out so you get a perfect, punchy testimonial every time)

4. Perfect headline generator cheat sheet (I really should make this into an app and sell it, but whatever. Using my unique method, you’ll be able to come up with literally hundreds of headlines very quickly)

5. Copywriting Master Formula Checklist (This is our editing checklist we run all of our copy through to make sure nothing gets missed and our pitch is air tight. This took years to perfect, you get the finished version here)
Here’s A List Of The Bonuses You Will Get:

When I showed my industry friends the list of bonuses and extras you are about to see, the standard reaction was:

“what the f*#k”.


We’ve put together a long list of irresistible goodies not found anywhere else, so lets go through them now.
1. Two Tickets To Copy Penthouse Live™
200 people will join us live in Vancouver Canada June 25-26th and you will get two tickets worth $1997 to join us live for advanced training where you get to meet us, network with other advertisers, and successful business owners.

2. Copy Penthouse T-shirt
You’re going to get a First Edition Copy Penthouse T-shirt mailed straight to your door. Why? Because who doesn’t love free clothes? ($17 Value)

3. Midnight Private Pool Party Session On Positioning
We went deep for two hours talking about the real secrets to positioning, branding, and creating a reputation as an in demand expert in your niche. Warning: I go very raw here – what I share may make you uncomfortable but it’s the uncomfortable truths about life that give us the most benefit. Nobody talks about this stuff and you get two solid hours of it. ($197 Value)

4. Movie Night With FB Ads Expert Jason Hornung
Jason and his team manage over 1.5 million dollars per MONTH on Facebook for their clients. Jason spills the beans on the copy formula he uses in his campaigns. He also shares his core philosophy on advertising and his Guaranteed Profitability Formula to ensure your campaigns NEVER lose money. ($197 Value)

5. Dark Truth About Humans Psychoanalysis Document
This is a document I hesitate to release and I’m not even joking. In my opinion it contains the master formula for understanding the insecurities of your market and pressing on them to get a quick sale. This scares me literally for two reasons: 1. I’m afraid I’ll get hate for it and 2. I’m afraid some sociopath will take this and terrorize our industry with it. I’m releasing it because nobody else talks about this and it’s my job to innovate and give you the truth. ($47 Value)

6. One Night In Davao: 60 Minute Live Presentation On Creating An Irresistible Offer
I recently flew to Asia to do a string of speaking engagements and this was one of them. In this presentation I show you my fool proof 6-step process for creating an offer so irresistible, your market is almost FORCED to try you out the first time over your competitor. ($297 Value)

7. Access to our “Meet The Experts” Interview Series
You’ll now have access to our Expert Interview Series where I’ve interviewed some of the greatest copywriters of all time including: John Carlton, Bond Halbert, Kevin Rogers, and Chris Haddad. I love these special interviews because I ask the questions I wanted to ask, and I refuse to ask the same old boring questions. These interviews are not available anywhere else and you get access to them when you join the experience today.

8. Harness The Power Of Copy To Win A Paypal Dispute
It can happen. Someone disputes your service and you did everything to spec and you refuse to get screwed… but what are the odds of actually winning a dispute? Statistically extremely low. Fortunately for you, we went through a massive dispute last year and actually won. We basically wrote an entire sales letter stating our case. And now that “sales letter” is yours to use if you ever get into a situation worth fighting!

9. Weekly Behind The Scenes VSL And Sales Letter Commentary And Analysis
These will be a mix of your copy and famous copy critiqued from the hottest offers in the market. Upcoming copy analysis videos include: The #1 weight loss offer making over $52,000 per day, The #1 offer in home & garden for over 5 years, Gary Halbert’s face lift in a jar ad, and more… In my opinion, these video analysis sessions are the most valuable pieces of this experience because you’ll see things you’d never catch on your own without someone like me guiding you. ($1200 Value)

10. Weekly Group Q&A call/copy critiques
Once per week we hop on Zoom with you for an hour or two and answer your questions, and analyze your copy. What else can I say about this except to say it will be priceless for you.

11. The Full Recordings Of Our Recent 7 Day Copywriting Seminar In Thailand
One person called me an idiot for doing this (thanks Dad).

That I should charge $1000 or more for these videos alone, and I agree… I should.

But I’m not – when you order today, and as you saw at the top of this page, you’re getting all the recordings from our Project Persuasion Thailand week long seminar experience. 5 solid days (30+ hours) of content including stuff I’ve NEVER released. I talk about positioning, market research, pricing, guarantees, closing the deal, confidence, EVERYTHING. Not only that, we held expert panels who were kind enough to answer questions and attack various topics from various angles

Most seminars are a couple days of regurgitated advice and motivation but not this one…

The tagline for the event was “10 Years Of Copy In 7 Days”.

Attendees had to shell out close to $5,000 to be there and by mid morning on the first day we had people tell us they could leave the seminar and be fully satisfied.

On top of the 5 days of my personal teachings, I also brought in my friends to reveal their secrets including:
Brian Cassingena: Chief Funnel Strategist For Mindvalley, And Freelance Copywriter
Brian shares with us an email funnel that made his company 1 million dollars in a week, the 7 words you use in your copy that are killing your conversions, and his complex (but awesome) funnel diagrams that work so well. Brian charges $400 to speak with him for an hour but you get his entire presentation today at no extra cost.

Rob Wiser: Former Hollywood Screenwriter Turned Expert Copywriter
In 3 power packed hours, Rob gave us a peek into his world. He uses copy to create his own digital information products and sell them. He has had #1 offers on Clickbank and has created many automated businesses over the last 12 years. The best part? He has teams take care of everything – he outsources all functions so he can just manage the business and rake in the cash. He shows you how you can do this too.

Tom Bell: The 150 Million Dollar Man
Tom Bell, the marketing “Mad Scientist” who made 150 Million Dollars selling low ticket mass market offers. After his session you’ll SWEAR he’s insane or a genius (Or Both). He will be talking on how to climb inside your buyers head and get them to buy your stuff and think it was all their Idea!

He will show you some dead simple tech hacks that will 4x your conversion rates even if you changed nothing else on your sales page.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get
When You Register Today:
1. The Penthouse Sessions: $497
2. Documents & Templates: $27
3. T-Shirt: $17
4. Poolside Positioning Session: $347
5. Movie Night With Jason Hornung: $197
6. 60 Minutes Live Seminar: $297
7. Psychoanalysis Document: $47
8. Facebook Mini-Course: $147
9. Weekly Sales Letter Breakdowns: $97/Month ($1200 over one year)
10. Recording Thailand Seminar ($5000 if you were to attend)
11. Two complementary tickets to our live event June 25th: $1997

Total value: $9,646
You are not going to pay anywhere near $9,646 today…

You aren’t even going to pay 50% of that at $4,823

You aren’t going to pay $4,000 or even $3,000….

When you invest in Copy Penthouse Today, you’re getting it for 6 easy payments of only $397.

That’s all.

The best part is you can buy now and decide later because you are protected by my:
Weird And Unusual Money Back Guarantee

What People Are Saying About
My Ability To Help You

Listen Up: YOU Can Do This!
It’s not as hard as you think it is and you don’t have to be born with it or have some natural skill.


Just check out these quotes from some of the most famous, richest, and iconic writers of all time:
It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.
– Ernest Hemingway

If you can tell stories, create characters, devise incidents, and have sincerity and passion, it doesn’t matter a damn how you write.
– Somerset Maugham

It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.
– C. J. Cherryh

It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous.
– Robert Benchley

I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly.
– Edgar Rice Burroughs

People on the outside think there’s something magical about writing, that you go up in the attic at midnight and cast the bones and come down in the morning with a story, but it isn’t like that. You sit in back of the typewriter and you work, and that’s all there is to it.
– Harlan Ellison

Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.
– William Faulkner

Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus.
—Enid Bagnold

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
—Ernest Hemingway

Style means the right word. The rest matters little.
—Jules Renard

I don’t know the rules of grammar… If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language, the language they use every day, the language in which they think.
– David Ogilvy
Here’s What To Do Next:
Click on the blue button below and claim your seat in the penthouse. You can decide if you can pay in full or let us finance it for you.

When you click the button you’ll be taken to this page, where you’ll enter your name, address, and payment details:

After the system confirms your payment, you’ll be automatically redirected to this page where you can review your order while our system generates a password for you, and sends you an email with your username and password.

Just click on the button inside your email and use your username and password to login to your account! It’s that easy.

When you are finished, you’ll be logged in and can begin going through all of the content and bonuses!

Choose The Full Pay Option To Save $400 & Get A 15 Minute Private Consulting Call With Mitch
I Am Able To Pay In Full
One Payment Of $1,997

Please Finance This For Me
6 Payments Of $397

P.S. Let me sweeten the deal a bit. If you are one of the first 50 people who order, I’ll throw in these two valuable free bonus gifts:
I’ll give you my personal sales letter stash
So you can study and see the copy I’ve personally written including the 1.8 million dollar per month real estate niche offer. I’ll also include line-by-line commentary on my own copy so you can understand WHY I do what I do so you can swipe and use for your own stuff.

How To Write Facebook Statuses To sell Your Stuff FAST
It’s no secret I’ve made the majority (95%+) of all my money organically through Facebook. Through very little paid advertising, we’ve managed to become a top tier company in the industry and I’ve become one of the top experts in this space.

If you’d like to know the exact 10 step process I did, and an in-depth breakdown on my different posts and why I wrote what I wrote, this bonus is for you. I’ll teach you how to do this even if you are not a good writer.

A $197 value – Yours Absolutely Free! This is limited to the first 50 people however… so… I can only guarantee these bonuses to the first 50 people who order. Order Now!

Do I have to be a good writer to do this? No. You can simply swipe and deploy if you like – there’s no real need to get creative unless you want to. You will become a good writer after practicing with the system – It’s easy, most people over-complicate this.

I understand the intimidation factor here but it’s not as scary as you think. Simply do what I tell you and it’ll work.

Does this have everything I need? If your goal is to have everything you do perform 100-1000% better than they do right now, then yes – we give you everything you need.

This is not a “let’s throw a bunch of extra stuff in here to make it look impressive” program… I only want to give you exactly what you need to make money with FAST.

My finances are tight, should I really be buying this? Yes. Stop acting like a little bitch. Making money online is impossible without knowing how to convince someone to buy something.

In fact – copy training is the only thing you should be investing in right now. Funnels, Facebook ads, all of that crap is useless if you can’t put a persuasive message inside of those things.

If you are almost broke, GOOD. Knowing how to be persuasive will allow you to not only make more money online, but everywhere in your life!

Not being able to afford this is literally the reason you need to find a way to buy it now. This program isn’t even really about making money, it’s much deeper than that – it’s about harnessing the power of words to be, do, and have anything you desire in life.

Other gurus sell copy training, why should I buy from YOU? You don’t. Go buy their stuff then. I’ve bought their stuff too, it’s good. Everyone has their own secrets and perspectives.

Will this really work for me? Yes.

Can I trust you? No. I will eat your soul.
I Am Able To Pay In Full
One Payment Of $1,997

Please Finance This For Me
6 Payments Of $397

P.P.S. One of my advertising mentors, and bonus interview guest John Carton said: “The world will not invite you to the feast. You must burst in, demand a seat, and take it”.

Let me again ask you: Do you have the courage to earn a million dollars a year or more?

Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life?

Prove it to yourself, your family, and our industry.

Join us on the inside and change your life.

Order now.
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