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Blog Growth Engine 4.0 by Adam Enfroy newBlog Growth Engine 4.0 by Adam Enfroy Mega.Nz TorrentBlog Growth Engine 4.0 by Adam Enfroy newIntroducing Blog Growth Engine 4.0We”ll coach you to building a $10,000/month Blogging Business in months, not years!No more time wasted on outdated tactics. Just a bulletproof strategy to grow your online income.Enroll in Blog Growth EnginePlayBlog Growth Engine gives you the exact tools, frameworks, and support you need to build a real online business with a blog (that makes you money)… Even if you’ve tried and failed in the past. Even if you’ve never written a blog post in your life. 2,400+ Happy students from all over the world.4 Major UpdatesWe”re always improving the coursework. Multiple Blog CoachesFor unlimited support and accountability.7-FiguresIn student earnings. 100+ earning $1,000-$10k+ per month.In our blogging coaching program and exclusive community, you’ll learn how to build a real, tangible online business and turn it into a long term, income-generating engine. You can even do it in your spare time without having to quit your job.Imagine building your very own business that pays you every single month, and watching your income grow exponentially over the next year.That’s what Christina did. She went from $0 to $15k/month in just one year. Starting a blogging business can change your financial destiny forever. It completely changed mine in just one year.Hi. I’m Adam.In early 2019, I started a blog with the goal of earning a side income, but wasn’t certain about how that was going to happen.My site was brand new. I didn’t have a solid plan for what I could write about that would get traffic and eventually make money. But I knew I had to get started.During the day, I was working 55+ hours per week at a tech company and spending a few hours each night on the blog.I tried writing about all kinds of topics… like fitness, camping, even dropshipping.After failing with a handful of different niches, I finally started to gain some traction writing software reviews. Once I started to see some traffic, I realized something…If I just kept publishing content, I would eventually figure this whole thing out.You see, at my day job, I was an affiliate manager. So I oversaw hundreds of websites making boatloads of money from affiliate marketing. I kept thinking…“Why can’t this be me?”Truth is, I was hungry. I wanted so badly to find a way to decouple my time form how much money I could earn. I kept putting in the work…My traffic was steadily growing, and I saw my affiliate revenue increasing month after month. I was making progress and it felt amazing.For the year of 2019, I made close to $200k in total, exceeding my yearly salary. I also hired 2 freelancers to help me scale the content creation process, and I was finally working full time on my site. In 2020, I quadrupled my revenue from the year before, coming in at about $711k in total.In 2021, I crossed the $1,000,000 profit mark from a single blog.In 2022, I crossed the $1,400,000 profit mark again from that same blog.And so far in 2023, I am on track to do over $1,400,000 profit again from the same blog for the 3rd year in a row. And in case you are wondering… All the numbers mentioned above does NOT include even $1 of revenue from our digital products. The ones shown above here are 100% strictly from the monetization methods we teach inside of BGE.At this point, I am making more in a month than I did in a year at my fancy tech job. I know it sounds nuts. I still walk around my house and pinch myself to be sure I’m not in a coma at some South Florida hospital in this prolonged dream state. But people are doing this kind of thing all the time. You just have to realize that you can do it too…As you can see, taking blogging seriously allowed me to quit my 9-5, and essentially double my income in my first 18 months.But what I did wasn’t an accident. There was a formula to it all. It’s not rocket science, but it is nuanced.Plus, this isn”t about me. It”s about how I can help you have a similar outcome.The No-So-Common Blueprint To Go From $0 To $10k/Month OnlineSince 2019, I’ve learned a lot about building an audience and making consistent recurring affiliate commissions.Anyone can create content online with the goal of ranking in Google and making it rain with endless streams of affiliate income.But the chances of that content ranking and making money are slim if you don’t have a blueprint to follow.The blueprint is simple:Write specific + amazing articles around topics you know a lot about.Create “how-to” content to help people learn more about your topic.Then write articles that persuades people to make a buying decision.Publish that content consistently over time (at least once per week).Find what’s working, and use that data to refine your approach.That is all it takes.And if you commit to doing this, I can say with full confidence that you will build a blog that makes money. And if you follow the exact steps I lay out, you can scale your business to a level that could replace your current income and beyond.Enroll in Blog Growth EngineThe thing is… it’s easy to lay it all out for you so simply, but getting you to do the work is the hard part.Why is it so hard for most people to follow through?Most bloggers fail because they don’t understand this one concept…That is NUANCE + TIME.Building a blog that makes you a full-time living is tough because there’s a lot of confusion about what to do.And then there’s a lot of competition you have to worry about. It also takes a lot of time to get your articles to rank in Google.And then you have to understand the nuances of how to create content that not only ranks, but gets people to make specific buying decisions.So most people end up starting a blog with lots of hope and motivation, only to give up after they write a few articles and realize it’s going to take a lot more work than they realized.Or they realize that they started a blog on hopes and dreams rather than having a solid plan they could stick to and follow through with, no matter what happens.This sucks. It”s a terrible feeling. And I don”t want you to have to go down that emotional rollercoaster when there”s a much better way.But before we get into it… did you know that research by Bloomberg says that around 80% of businesses fail within the first 18 months? Yes, that includes blogs. Those odds are not good. But it doesn’t have to be this way.There are endless ways people fail when starting a blogging business.Most of the time, people:Start with too narrow of a nicheDon’t publish enough contentFocus on the wrong keywordsGive up too quicklyCreate content that can’t be monetizedTry to figure it all out on their ownFollow advice that worked in 2010Once you see how easy it is to get it all wrong, it’s no wonder most blogs fail. And if you don’t already have experience building online businesses and creating content, you’re likely to fall into the 80% that never write a single blog post again.The truth is you can figure this out on your own… I did. But it’s insanely hard. I was lucky enough to have worked for a tech company before I started my blog.So I already had a good idea of what would work. I just had to get started.This isn’t to say you can’t do it on your own. It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience. You CAN figure it out, but it’s going to take you exponentially longer than if you had a guide – someone showing you exactly what steps to take. Most people who try to do it on their own follow a similar pattern. They:Watch all the tutorials on YouTube.Read all the old blog tutorials.Do research for 6 months and piece it all together before getting started.Buy course after course without any follow-through.And 8 out of those 10 people are going to fail within the first 18 months.Think about how much time you’ll waste if you try to figure this out all by yourself. The most precious asset you have is time. Why waste it when you can take a shortcut?YOU COULD TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT ON YOUR OWN…Or you could be like my students and fast-track your results:Rewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0001:59MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayJoining Blog Growth Engine changed my life. I was able to create an income from home that allowed me to earn 5x more per hour than I was making at my 9-5. Now I work full-time for myself. Eddy Ballasteros,$12,000+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayThanks to BGE, I”m making between $4k and $6k month. I”ve been trying to make money online for the last 7 years and this is the first time I”m able to finally start making an income through my site.Marcos Isaias,$6,000/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayI”ve been blogging since 2012, but never really made money until now. Last year, I discovered Adam”s blog and it changed everything. Since starting BGE, I”ve been able to replace my 9-5 and earn a 5-figure affiliate commission in a single month!Samantha North,$10,000+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayPeter started with ZERO knowledge about building a blogging business. But he implemented the course over the last 12 months, and he just had his first 10k visitors to the blog and revenue is going up consistently.Peter Hoopis,$2,500+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayI had zero knowledge about how to build an online business, but after BGE, I”ve published over 75 articles and my affiliate income is up to over $7k/month.Samantha Brandon,$7,000+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayI had taken a few courses before BGE, but we hadn”t made any money or even put together much of a site. We took it all one step at a time. We started our blog in March 2022 and over a year later, we”re making over $10k/month. We”ve been doing the work every single day. Results all come down to being consistent and putting in the effort.Christina C.$15,000+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayI started a fitness website to work on in my spare time and I got nowhere for 9 months. That”s when I found BGE. Once enrolled, I started going through the modules and realized where I was messing up. After just a few months, I was generating affiliate income. Now I earn over $5k/month and it”s just growing and growing. Rob Wagener,$5,000+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayWithin 4 months of launching my site, I was able to make $10,000. After 9 months, I quite my job and went all-in on my blogging business.Jessica La,$10,000+/MONTH BLOGGERRewind 10sPlayForward 10s00:0000:00MuteSettingsPIPEnter fullscreenPlayI”ve managed to get my site up to 40,000 visitors per month and I”m making over $3k/month with BGE.Chris Starkhagen,$10,000+/MONTH BLOGGERReady to get started? Join us and become our next case study Enroll in Blog Growth EngineYou are probably wondering…How can I build a 6-figure income without having to take on another job?You build a blogging business with the Blog Growth Engine framework.If you have access to the internet, can use Google docs, and can follow a simple step-by-step plan for creating content, you can get to $10k/month. All you need to do is stick with the plan we have for you, start creating content, and just keep going.To build an insanely profitable blogging business, you don’t need:To be a good writerLots of experience building websites40 extra hours per weekTo hire a whole team of writersA technical backgroundWhat you need is an unfair advantage that the 80% of bloggers who fail never had access to. You need the ability to create content quickly, so you can publish frequently. And then you need to know exactly what to write about.With Blog Growth Engine, the competitive advantage you have is the leverage to skip over the “I’m going to figure it out” stage and get straight into the “I’m building a 6-figure blogging business from day one” stage.When you join BGE, you will make progress because you have a proven, step-by-step framework that more than 2,300 other students have been through.You won’t waste any time worrying about what to do. You just have to take the steps we’ve laid out for you.Building a blog that makes you money is all about creating systems around every single process. We’ll give you the exact blueprint to all of the following:Niche selection and the personal brand of YOU.How to do keyword research the right way.Our unique Content Assembly Line approach to scale your content production.How to build a powerful, unique website in a single weekend.The BGE approach to building backlinks and authority.The scientific approach to writing blog posts that rank and make you money.With this approach, you will go from “holy shit, there’s so much to learn” to a blogging expert in the next 12 months.When you have a proven plan to follow, and a system for every piece of content you create, you won’t worry about whether or not you’re going to make it. You will know that it’s only a matter of time.The good news is you can stop your search for the best way to make money online with a blog. You’ve found everything you need and it’s right here on this page. Blog Growth Engine contains the exact frameworks, strategies, and approach to take you from absolute zero to making thousands of dollars each and every month from content you create.I started my blogging journey in 2019 and quit my job that same year. And in 2021, I decide to start teaching other’s how to do exactly what I’ve done.Now, we have over 2,300 of them in our exclusive community, and they’ve all gone through our full blogging curriculum. And once you’ve gone through the program, you will have the exact, unique framework for your niche, and your goals — for life.Everything I’m sharing has allowed me to grow from no traffic and no sales to a blog that gets makes me over $100,000+ dollars each and every month.When you join Blog Growth Engine, you can focus on putting in the work, not trying to figure it out on your own…Blog Growth Engine gives you everything you need to build a profitable blog that makes you money while you sleep.MODULE #1Blogging 101Learn everything you need to know about building a profitable blog in the 2020s and beyond. You”ll learn all about:The impact of AI and how to leverage it in your favor.The power of personal branding (without having to be in the limelight if you don”t want to be).How to build your authority fast, even with a brand new website.MODULE #2Search Intent & Keyword ResearchIn this module, you”ll learn about how to find the exact keywords that rank in Google and make you money. You”ll learn how to:Pick keywords that will get you traffic and organic backlinks.View every single article you create through a lens of a transactional and informational framework.How to find trends early to boost your authority in your niche and lock in organic traffic for years to come.MODULE #3Mindset MattersWithout the proper mindset, it”s going to be difficult to stick through the learning curve. In this module, we”ll help you:Overcome impostor syndrome.Get extreme clarity on exactly what you need to do with your blog.Overcome adversity and get back on track when something goes sideways.Kill procrastination so you get more done in an hour than most do in a whole day.MODULE #4Building Your Minimum Viable WebsiteWebsites can be complicated. We have a formula to get yours up and ready in a single weekend. You”ll learn how to:Design your four core pages.Find the right plugins for your specific needs.Design a nice-looking website that converts clicks into affiliate commissions.How to set up your legal and disclaimer pages so you don”t get the law called on you.MODULE #5Expert Content CreationYou need to be creating content rapidly, not sitting around trying to figure out what to write about. In this module, you”ll learn:How to write minimum viable posts in just a few hours.About our content assembly line method and why it”s the key to producing content at scale. Why you don”t need to be a good writer to make tons of money with blogging.Exactly what to write for your very first blog post.MODULE #6The Power of BacklinksRanking your site high in Google requires a good dose of backlinks. In this module, you”ll learn:How to find the right sites you should be getting links from.Why a good backlink strategy is the magic potion to building authority. Why you should be focusing on quality links, not just quantity.How to avoid the ”link-building” traps many bloggers fall into because they don”t know any better.MODULE #7Making that Sweet Internet Money $$$In this module, we”ll be covering the 4 phases of profit. In addition to those, you”ll learn:How to monetize your niche and expertise early on.Ways to build up both passive and active income.Why you should have multiple monetization methods to make money faster.How to scale your earning potential with affiliate marketing and sponsorships.MODULE #8How to Update Your Content (the right way)We never ‘set it and forget it’ because your blog is a living, breathing, money-printing, machine. In this module, we”ll cover:How to update your content regularly to improve rankings and revenue. When you should make your content updates based on data.How do overcome Google algorithm changes and solidify your rankings in Google search.Why you should perform content and backlink audits regularly. MODULE #9Scaling and Outsourcing Finally, once you”re ready, we”ll show you how to scale up your blog content and make your first hires. You”ll learn:When it”s the right time to hire your first content creator or backlink specialist. The key skills you must master before bringing on someone to help you. How to remove yourself from the day-to-day business activities so you can focus on growing the blog.How to define the key roles you need to scale your blog to infinity and beyond.But wait, there’s more…Not only do you get the coursework, you get access to our blog coaches who are here to help you every step of the way.If you ever get stuck, our coaches will give you the support needed to get past whatever roadblock is in your way.And they’ll help you get clarity on the next step, whether that be figuring out how to establish authority in your niche, or planning out your keyword strategy.

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