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​Finally launch that YouTube channel you’ve been thinking aboutDiscover your niche, build your studio, craft compelling videos, and unlock the YouTube algorithm as you embark on the journey to monetizationWe’re just getting startedThis course is for:The NoviceYou’ve seen others start successful YouTube channels, and you’re ready to launch a YouTube channel of your ownThe ReturnerYou started a YouTube channel some time ago, but you haven’t touched it in who-knows-how-long. You’re ready to take YouTube seriously againThe StuckYou’ve made a handful of YouTube videos, but you’ve stopped growing and you’re ready to push past a plateauWhat can you expect from BGTY?The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube is broken into three parts: Getting Started, Creating Videos, and Monetizing and Beyond. Here’s what you can expect:Part 1:Getting Started In this section, you’ll do the initial prep-work to best set up your channel for success. You’ll learn:    How to determine your niche    How to define your audience    How to set up your YouTube channel    How to make a YouTube banner in Figma    What gear and equipment you need    How to construct your studio spacePart 2:Creating Videos In this section, we’ll dive deep into what’s necessary to craft compelling videos. You’ll learn:    How to structure a YouTube video    How to write strong hooks and CTAs    How to talk to cameras with confidence    How the YouTube algorithm works    How to conduct keyword research to rank in search results    How to craft effective titles and thumbnails    The basics of editing YouTube videosPart 3:Monetizing and Beyond In this section, we’ll cover monetization and more intermediate concepts. You’ll learn:    How monetization works on YouTube    How you can monetize your channel without being a YouTube partner    How YouTube analytics work and what you can get from them    Why, when, what, and how you should outsource    How to repurpose your YouTube contentThe BGTY Course$289One-time payment    29 Highly-Edited Video Lessons    5+ Hours of Content    Access to a community of other YouTube beginners    Everything you need to get from zero to monetized on YouTube!It’s time to launch your YouTube channel By the end of this class, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to start, grow, and monetize your YouTube channel  About the Instructor Hi, I’m Aprilynne, and I’ll be your BGTY instructor. I started creating YouTube videos in July 2021. I had absolutely no audio, video, or editing experience, but I was determined to get some attention.Teaching myself the basics, I was able to get monetized within 4 months. I started making $100/day from my YouTube channel alone. Within 9 months, I reached 20,000 subscribers. YouTube has given me:    5 figures in ad revenue    Over $3,500 in sponsorships    Over $1,500 in consulting revenue    A $50,000 freelancing gig     Features in Business Insider and The Verge    A reputation as an industry expert    Valuable introductions … And that was only in 9 monthsI won’t teach you how to reach a million subscribers on YouTube Frankly, I don’t know how – I haven’t done it before, and I’m not going to pretend I have. But YouTubers with millions of subscribers often forget what it’s like to be starting from zero, and as a result they’re often not the best instructors for beginners. That’s precisely why this course exists – designed with beginners in mind, focused purely on the period of time between zero and monetized. I’m here to teach you everything I know. So if you’re ready to start on your YouTube journey, get your camera ready – I’ll see you in classSubscribe for YouTube tips delivered straight to your inbox!

Old Price: $49.90

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