The Agency Playbook 2017 by Jason Swenk

The Agency Playbook 2017 by Jason Swenk

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Setup the Right Systems So You Can Grow.
An online video agency workshop to help you acquire your ideal clients, increase your profit, and grow your agency.

“We were looking back over the past year, and looking for the single event that changed the course of our agency. Without question it was the day we began your program.” ~ Joel Eckman / CEO,
Discover how the powerful Agency Playbook Framework has helped agencies like yours QUADRUPLE in revenue

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You Can Get Full Access To This $1,500 Program For Just $997

The Agency Playbook is made up of proven systems, strategies, processes, and best practices that you can apply in order to increase your sales, avoid the common pitfalls, and how to work smarter rather than harder.

It doesn’t matter if you’re small, big, startup, or just someone who wants to get better at business, the Agency Playbook was designed for you.

This powerful agency framework can be learned at your own pace. Each system will lead to powerful changes in your agency.
8 Systems
30+ Training Videos
Online Community
Discover The Proper Way to Grow An Agency In A Manner That Can Provide True Scale.
System 1: CLARITY: Is your goal to not have to deal directly with clients and individual accounts, and to be able to set up an organization where you can concentrate on growing the business without those all of those distractions? In this system you will discover how to how to create and clearly communicate your vision to your agency. If they don’t know the vision, they will make decisions based on what is best for them, verses what is best for the agency. You will be able to create a crystal clear path to where you are going, what you need to do, and what to say ‘no’ to.

System 2: POSITIONING: Discover how to become an authority in your market, where you are attracting the ideal accounts, and not having to deal with the small accounts that eat up all your time. Position your agency as “The Choice” vs “A Choice.”

System 3: OFFERING: Discover the winning formula for the order of services and products you should offer, what you should charge for your services that will be extremely profitable?

System 4: PROSPECTING: Identify what and where you need to be in order to increase leads and convert the leads into opportunities. From the low hanging fruit that can bring in immediate revenue, outbound strategies, inbound strategies, how to build the right strategic partnerships, and how your agency can capture and convert the ideal leads and opportunities.

System 5: SALES: From qualifying a leads, converting at a high percentage, drafting a proposal, how to handle objections, to building a sales team, you will discover how to increase your sales.

System 6: DELIVERY: Find ways to streamline your delivery for more profit, avoid scope creep, and learn how to take on more work with limited resources. Get the exact process for protecting yourself on delivering work to the client including all of the documents we used: change order forms, creative brief, questionnaires. Also, learn ways to interpret what the client really wants, obtain sign-offs, and so much more.

System 7: OPERATIONS: Running a business is hard! Discover how to increase your cash flow, how to bonus your team, and how NOT to give your employees ownership while giving them incentives and a sense of ownership. Also discover who and when to hire as I walk you through the ORG chart you need in order to scale your agency.

System 8: LEADERSHIP: Discover how to transition from an Agency owner to an Agency CEO, position your agency for acquisition, how to build an amazing culture that attracts the top talent, plus how and why to setup an advisory board.

“I just wanted to send you a thank you note for creating the agency playbook. I’m not even all the way through it, and it is already making my agency (and therefore life) much better. Like immediately. The value I am getting from your videos and your really direct style is rocking my little, designer world. In fact, I’ve already had to go buy all new hats because my brain is getting so big. Seriously, thanks times a million.” ~

Lisa Slagle / Wheelie Creative
You Can’t Afford To Guess Anymore!
How much is not having the right systems in place costing you? How many potential clients are choosing your competition? How much profit are you losing because of scope creep? Can potential clients understand why they need your help? You can’t afford to guess anymore!

You Can Get Full Access To This $1,500 Program For Just $997
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Proposal Template
Proposal Agreement
Workflow Process

Creative Process Workflow
Development Process Workflow
On boarding New Client Workflow

How to bonus on profitability of the project
Scorecard for executive bonus plans
Key Employee Agreement
Project manager job posting
Business development executive (sales) job posting
Project Document

Creative Brief Document
Project Plan Document
Client Edits and Changes Document
Approval Documents Clients would Sign off on

Final Client Changes Checklist
Change Order Form
Project Approval
Launch Concept Approval Document
Checklist Documents

Design Team Checklist
New Project Setup Checklist
File Folder Checklist
Legal Agreements

Operating Agreement
Contractor Agreement
Employee Seperation Agreement
Release of Claims Agreement
Terminating a Client Letter
And so much more….
Q: What exactly do I get with the Agency Playbook?

A. Register today and you get immediate access to 8 easy and fun course systems, so you can break up the material into digestable sections. Each system contains 2-6 short entertaining videos as well as action items you need to follow. Each video training is 3-30 minutes.

Membership in the Agency Playbook community, where people like you gather to ask questions, encourage each other, and get feedback. I regularly contribute, too.

All the agency documents and processes that we used at our agency. And so much more…

Q: Will the program work for my agency?

A. I’ve now taken over 1,000 agency owners in 23 different countries through the Agency Playbook. This process has worked with all kinds of agencies, including: Creative, SEM, International, Social, Traditional, PR agencies, and Development companies. And all of them have come away with the same truth: If you don’t have the right systems in place, your agency will struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’re startup, small or big agency, the Agency Playbook will work for you.

Q: How will I access the program?

A. Everything is digital, and is delivered through our online portal system, where you select your own pace: 8 days, 16 days, or 8 weeks. You’ll be guided through the teaching, coaching, and resources.

Q: How long do I have access to the materials?

A. Forever. We believe you should get access to the systems you pay for as long as you’d like. We are on version 3.0, and will keep this program up to date as the market changes.

Q: Is this training different from your podcast and blog?

A: The weekly blog content we put out is unstructured and random. In order for you to truly grow your agency you need to follow a proven framework in the correct order, which is why the Agency Playbook could be the best investment you have ever made to grow your agency.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, we do. If you go through the program and you do not feel the program is worth what you paid for it, just let us know in 7 days and we will refund what you paid.

Old Price: $299.90

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