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​Want To Grow A 10k+ Audience Through Instagram, Become an Unparalleled Authority In Your Field & Skyrocket Your Business?Discover the secrets to building and cultivating an engaged Instagram community of ideal clients by leveraging the power of niche virality and without burnout (no paid ads, outdated follow-unfollow tactics or spammy giveaways). Enroll in our system and course called Your First 10,000 Followers (Instagram Edition). From a trusted brand with 18,000+ happy customers I WANT TO GROW MY AUDIENCEGrab it while it’s only $297YOU MAY HAVE SEEN US FEATURED IN: Are you using Instagram for business but:You’re disappointed from the lack of engagement & sales from your following despite the considerable effort & money you’ve invested. You’ve hit a plateau on your growth AND want to build a thriving community of at least 10,000+ new people, so you can serve on a bigger level & attract epic opportunities.     You are overwhelmed with all the social media algorithm changes and trends AND wish to have an comprehensive content system to scale your brand & business long-term. If any of this speaks to you, then this course is for you!Introducing our Instagram growth course and system YOUR FIRST 10,000 FOLLOWERS (IG EDITION)Grow an audience of 10,000+ engaged INSTAGRAM followers and potential clients for your business, without running ads or burning out in the process by leveraging viral niche Instagram accounts.KEY DETAILSThis system & course is perfect for entrepreneurs and businesses who are experts in their niche and want more eyeballs on their brand so they can reach and bring more customers to their brand and make a bigger impact from their social media efforts. This system is NOT ideal if you’re unclear about your niche & ideal client or don’t have a clue what you want to sell or help people with. After all, we can’t teach you how to be an expert on your topic – only how to get customers & grow an audience around it.The strategies in this system are up to date and specifically tailored to align with the 2023 Instagram algorithm, while also being designed to ensure long-term effectiveness.Unlike other overpriced courses that consist of lengthy recorded live streams, our Instagram course consists of short and sweet videos featuring slides, closed captions, and a written version of the course, ensuring that regardless of your learning preferences, we have you covered. You don’t just get access to the course & system but you also get invited to the Viral Marketing Stars® Lounge – our Facebook community for customers only – a space with 5000+ entrepreneurs for inspiration and collaboration.     We could charge $2000 for this course but we’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs at all levels with all budgets and that’s why for a limited time, you can grab it for $297. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO LEARNThe exact Instagram strategy we used to build multiple niche accounts to over 10k followers in under a year organically, without follow unfollow, fake bots or spammy giveaways.What’s working in 2023 and how to use Instagram for business strategically in the ever-changing competitive scene to grow your business and bring more customers.How to grow a page of 10k+ engaged followers and ideal clients that positions you as the go to expert in your niche (even if you have a small  audience).    How you or your team can create content consistently for your Instagram without overwhelm or burnout, so you can grow and nurture your community for the long haul.Here is a sneak peek of what’s included:    1    Every module and lesson includes video tutorials with slides and walkthrough (plus closed captions).    2    Every module and lesson includes a written version of the course (in case you prefer to read).     3    Every module and lesson includes helpful resources & cheat sheets to help you execute and integrate your learning.MODULE 1Your First 10,000 Follower StrategyThe purpose of this module is to understand Instagram strategically so you can grow and scale your business (instead of wasting your life on social media) The most effective strategy to grow Instagram account with 10k+ real, engaged followers & potential customers in 2023 without spammy tactics / follow unfollow or buying fake followers. You’ll find out why some pages go viral overnight while others feel like a ghost town for years and where you should focus your energy for maximum growth efficiently. Tap into the 1.3 Billion social media platform and its algorithm to attract the most perfect clients for your business.     Plug The Viral Content System® (5Cs) in your business – the exact same content system we used to build an audience of over 250k followers and 18k+ paying customers.Module 1: Your first 10,000 follower strategyMODULE 2Foundation Of Your Instagram PageThe purpose of this module is to create a solid foundation for your Instagram so that you can get results at a rapid speed. Set up a stand-out and irresistible Instagram profile that instantly turns strangers into followers and clients. Discover the most powerful tips and tricks to steal the attention of the competition, so you can reach and impact more people.     Understand the intricate details of the various forms of content you can post on Instagram, so you can build a system that helps you be consistent. Module 2: Foundation of your Instagram pageMODULE 3Creating Your Content SystemThe purpose of this module is to set you up for success with your first 100 posts. Discover your unique content style, so you can leverage your zone of genius to grow your Instagram. Use the Viral Content System® Idea bank to create a bank of UNLIMITED content ideas – never wonder what to post again.  The exact system we use to decide what content to post, when, and how to create it more efficiently and stay organized in the process. How to batch schedule your content using our favorite tools, so you can save time and build a content calendar ahead of time. How to leverage Instagram Stories to increase your engagement & deepen the relationship with your followers.     How to use the power of IG Reels for viral reach, growth & sales the right way. Module 3: Creating your content systemMODULE 4Growth & MonetizationThe purpose of this module is how to scale your Instagram page so it actually grows your business and brings you profits (not just vanity metrics). Learn how to analyze and growth-hack your content so that you can surpass your competitors. Grow and monetize your Instagram through the power of collaborations (plus build relationships with peers in your industry). Discover how to consistently sell your products and services (without being salesy). Find out how to grow consistently and not sabotage yourself.     Learn how to delegate your content creation so your page has longevity and consistent growth and frees up your time to focus ON your business instead of working IN your business. Module 4: Growth & MonetizationPLUS 6 ADDITIONAL BONUSES WHEN YOU JOIN TODAYHashtags Tracker(Notion Template)organize all your hashtag research and content sets in one place to help save time with your posting.The Viral Content System® Idea Banka Google Sheets + Canva template to help you organize your content ideas and never run out of things to post.Instagram Account Security Trackera Google doc template to help you keep all your account details and passwords secure and organized.LINK TRACKER TEMPLATEa Google Sheet template to help you track all of your links for selling your products or services.Canva DESIGN tutorialsto help you create in your content creation journey even if you are a total beginner.Instagram & Social Media Insights Tracker Templatea Google Sheet template to help you analyze and boost your performance.FINALLY…BONUS: Facebook Community for Customers Only(Value: priceless)Get an invite into our BONUS Facebook community that has over 5000 fellow entrepreneurs and influencers who are also using our templates. If you need inspiration for how to use them for your brand – we got you. COME JOIN THE PARTY OF 5000+About your IG ProfessorJamie Nudelman is the Operations lead behind Viral Marketing Stars® and an Instagram Growth Expert. Having built his own Instagram from 0 to over 30k+ in 1 year, his passion lies in helping entrepreneurs simplify social media and technology so they can grow their brands with less stress.Jamie is often behind the scenes at Viral Marketing Stars® but is always ready to support you in understanding tech and implement our products. He has also worked with Influencer brands such as Kinobody, UMZU, Mark Tilbury, Selena Soo and Shawn Wells.HERE ARE SOME STUDENT TESTIMONIALSAND IN CASE YOU’RE UNSURE IF YOU CAN TRUST US…ALSO… THIS IS NOT OUR FIRST RODEOABOUT VIRAL MARKETING STARS®#viralmarketingstars on InstagramVMS is an education company that’s been around since 2015 and served over 18k customers (previously aka 20k Nation®).But it’s so much more than a business for us.It’s a community and a movement.We believe that every single person was put on this planet to become the best version of themselves and share their knowledge along the way with those who need it.This is why our tagline is ‘Make Your Message Famous®’ because we believe when you do that, you can build a 6, 7 or even 8 figure brand that makes a real difference in people’s lives.I hope you join us on this journey.ENOUGH TALK, TIME TO DECIDEIN 7 YEARS WE HAVE SERVED:18,000+Happy Customers250k+Followers1500+Affiliates 100+CountriesFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSCan I see a sneak peek of the course?Absolutely. Here’s a video showing you behind the scenes of the entire course. What’s the difference between this and the Viral Content Templates / Viral Content Club / 5 Minute Reels?What is your refund policy?Can I share access to this course with my team to help me implement?Can I promote this course as an affiliate?I have another question. Can I chat to a real human?PRESS PLAY. YOU NOW YOU WANT TO

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