The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras

The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras

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The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras Download

The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras Download

The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras Torrent

The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras Torrent

The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras Free

The Profit Circle by Shauna Gingras Free

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Module #1: Start Up Made Simple ($149 Value) - Avoid getting stuck in perpetual start up mode by getting up and running quickly and get on with building a profitable business!
Module #2: Build Your 90 Day Plan ($149 Value) - Create your 90 day plan to ensure you don’t get stuck in overwhelm and busy work and keep your eye on the profitable prize.
Module #3: Pick Your Product ($149 Value) - Create your one perfect offer so you will never have that awkward, red faced moment when someone asks you “what do you do?” again.
Module #4: Pick Your Model ($149 Value) - Your model can make you a thousandaire or a millionaire, your model will let you work smarter, make more, and serve your ideal client.
Module #5: Price Your Product ($149 Value) - Avoid the money sucking gotchas that leave so many entrepreneurs selling at a loss by pricing your product profitably.
Module #6: Build Your Toolkit ($149 Value) - Complete the Tools Audit to avoid the cost and confusion entrepreneurs fall into and choose the right tools to support your business.
Module #7: Build Your Lead Magnet ($149 Value) - Perfect the one Lead Magnet that will be irresistible to your ideal client so you can market and convert like crazy.
Module #8: Build Your Funnel ($149 Value) - Skip the costly mistake of jumping to this step too soon! Put all of the pieces in place to build the funnel that will change your business!
Module #9: Plan Your Launch ($149 Value) - Avoid being the strugging entrepreneur that is launching...tomorrow, by fine tuning your launch plan so you can go live and get paid!

PLUS These Special Bonuses:

Bonus #1: The 2 Hour Website Builder ($297 Value) – You need a website, but does it make you any money? Escape from the time suck of building your website, get your site up and online in under 2 hours.
Bonus #2: Build Your On Line Course for Under $200 ($297 Value) – Are you ready to build an Online Course? Avoid the costly mistake and frustration of trying every tool on the market. Get to the profits faster, without having to be super tech savvy.
Bonus #3: My Must Have Contract Swipes ($697 Value) – Get it in writing! Avoid the costly, fatal mistake of getting started without a contract. Live life (and business) on your terms by getting access to my done for you contract templates for clients, staff and vendors.
Bonus #4: 12 Months Support ($6,000 Value) - Don't try to go it alone! Join my community of business super stars to get support and feedback on your questions and ideas to keep you on track every month!

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About Shauna

Shauna became an accidental overnight entrepreneur in 2015 and made 6 figures in less than 90 days with no website, no advertising and no social media presence.

Shauna is the founder of SRP Consulting, advising and implementing technical strategies to help large business make technology profitable.

Shauna founded to empower entrepreneurs to cut the fluff and create massive and profitable results in their business! Sharing her direct, no-nonsense approach to business success with entrepreneurial audiences and clients in person and on line.

After years of international travel Shauna has settled in Los Angeles, California.

What Our Members Say...

Knowing I can always go back to the training videos is so great as I implement what I am learning! In the last 3 months I have actually started making money in my business!!! First time ever! Thanks Shauna!!

Mike L, Negotiation Consultant


I thought I’d tried everything and was on the edge of giving up on having my own business. The 2 hours we spend with Shauna every month has entirely turned things around for me! I signed my first client within 2 weeks of joining the Profit Circle and in the last 6 months I have signed 9 more! I’m ready to expand into an Online Program! I could never have done this without Shauna’s guidance.

Nathan J, Operations Expert

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