The Challenge Launch Method and Irresistible Freebiesby Kimra Luna

The Challenge Launch Method and Irresistible Freebiesby Kimra Luna

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Download The Challenge Launch Method and Irresistible Freebiesby Kimra Luna

Download The Challenge Launch Method and Irresistible Freebiesby Kimra Luna

Torrent The Challenge Launch Method and Irresistible Freebiesby Kimra Luna

Torrent The Challenge Launch Method and Irresistible Freebiesby Kimra Luna

When you’re just starting out online it’s impossible to believe that you could ever have an email list made up of thousands of raving fans.

Whether you’re at square one and your only subscribers are your mom and your best friend or you’ve reached a list growth plateau, I’m guessing that right now you’re

Unsure of the kind of content you could or should be creating that will get people clamoring to part with their email address and hopping onto your list.
Feeling held back by the tech and unsure of all the steps you need to take to actually get the workbook you’ve created into your new subscribers’ inboxes.
Worried that your limited design skills will make you look like a complete newbie and give the wrong impression of your brand.
Convinced you don’t have what it takes to make professional looking video tutorials.
Wondering how best to promote your freebie so you can get it into the hands of the people who need it most.

If this sounds about right then you’re in the right place.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve met a single online entrepreneur who can confidently say they didn’t struggle with this stuff when they first started out.

The good news is…

Once you have the knowledge you need and a clear plan in place, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your subscriber numbers soar.

But let’s not kid ourselves here…

You can pour a lot of time and money into designing, creating and producing valuable free content that your subscribers will love but if nobody sees it, all your efforts will be for nothing.

Just imagine:

Waking up to an inbox filled with new subscriber notifications.

Receiving grateful emails from those people who have used your freebie and gotten great results.

Seeing people rave on social media about how great your content is.

This could be your new normal after you invest in Irresistible Freebies!

Irresistible Freebies is a 5-lesson, step-by-step, watch-over-my-shoulder mini-course for anyone who wants to learn how to grow an email list of ideal customers and clients really fast.

“Prior to taking Irresistible Freebies I was feeling lost and discouraged about my non-existent list. I’d always assumed creating a freebie would be this massive thing but after taking Kimra’s course I realized I actually already had some great content I could re-purpose – a video mini series.

I learned how to get the attention of my target audience and use Canva and PicMonkey to create graphics to promote my course. In less than two weeks I’d grown my list from zero to over 100 subscribers and now I have a goal to get to 1,000 subscribers in the next three months!”

Rivkah Krasnoff
Business Strategist for Mompreneurs

“Being brand spanking new to the online business world, I had serious list envy. It seemed everyone had a “list” they could email and get sales from and here I was at zero. No list and no idea how to grow it. I had seen some Facebook ads saying “sign up to get your free______” so I had considered creating something similar, but I had no idea how to do it from a technology standpoint.

I’ve gone through the course probably three times now, because every time I have a new idea for a freebie, or even a new business, I test it out with the Irresistible Freebies course. Then if people sign up, I know it’s probably something they want.

Investing in this course will help you understand what your ideal customers are actually interested in spending money on, without breaking your budget. You get a step-by-step, hold your hand, start to finish training on how to create, host, and share your content with a new audience. Irresistible Freebies is the only litmus test your new business needs.”

Rebekah Buege

Here’s how all the pieces fit together…
LESSON 1 - Types of Freebies
How to find out what your ideal clients and customers want and need.
How to decide which challenge you should help your ideal clients solve first.
How to determine the best way to deliver your free content based on your ideal client’s preferences.
LESSON 2 - Worksheet Creation
LESSON 3 - Mini Video Course
LESSON 4 - Freebie Follow Up Funnel
LESSON 5 - Promoting Your Freebie

Watch as I put together a Facebook ad to promote one of very own freebies. You’ll see everything I do, step-by-step, behind the scenes in the Power Editor.

Curious about the results people are getting with the strategies I teach inside of Irresistible Freebies?

“My list? What list? Haha! Before implementing what I learned in Irresistible Freebies I had literally zero people on my email list – that shame!

Kimra provides a ton of ideas and shows you EXACTLY how to create your freebie including all the confusing techie bits too. In just a few short weeks I grew my list to 100 subscribers and I felt really confident with what I had put out there. Best of all? It’s converting at 80%!
If you’re sitting on a business idea and have NO idea how to start growing your email list, Irresistible Freebies is a no-brainer way to start.”

Lindsay Padilla
E-Course & Membership Site Expert

“I designed a brand new freebie after taking Kimra’s Irresistible Freebies course. Now, seven weeks later, I have attracted more new subscribers than I did in the first two years of my business combined!”

Heidi Bender
Author & Blogger


I’ve designed Irresistible Freebies because I don’t want your ability to create great quality free products that will grow your email list to be limited by your lack of design or technical expertise.

Irresistible Freebies gives you all the strategic guidance and technical how-to’s to create professional-looking high-quality content in a variety of formats from PDFs, eBooks or video series.

When you implement what you learn in Irresistible Freebies you won’t need to invest hundreds in other design or tech tutorials because everything is waiting for you right here.

Your investment in Irresistible Freebies is just $200.

>> Get Immediate Access to Irresistible Freebies Now $200 <<
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Skyrocket the sales of your products, programs and services with free challenges that convert

In a content-rich society where your ideal clients are constantly being marketed to, you have a massive opportunity to market with them by promoting your offers in a way that involves their direct participation.

When you learn to market with people (rather than at them) you’ll skyrocket the sales of your products, programs and services.
If you’ve nodded your head at least once in the last ten seconds then keep reading because this is for you.

Let’s be honest for just a second here, expecting your challenge to convert to sales without a clear, step-by-step plan at the outset, probably means you won’t make much in the way of money.

The good news is…

With a little planning and a clear formula to follow, you’ll be able to plan, promote and host a successful challenge that seamlessly segues into your next launch.

The feeling you’ll have when you help hundreds of people break through blocks they’ve been battling with for some time.
Seeing people rave on social media about how much value they’ve gotten from your free challenge.
Watching as one-by-one your challengers sign up for the offer you pitch them after the challenge is complete.

Whether you’re just starting out online and need to build your email list fast or are looking for a way to build anticipation ahead of your next launch, I know that pulling off a successful challenge launch might seem intimidating:

You have a million and one things you want to teach but no idea how to streamline your content into bite-sized daily challenges that actually make sense.
You’re worried all the time you’ve spent creating kick-ass content will be for nothing because you don’t feel confident getting the word out about the challenge.
You’ve seen loads of other people in your niche hosting challenges and you’re convinced that no one will sign up for yours as a result.
Between emails, social media posts and live-streams, you’re overwhelmed with all the moving pieces that go into making a challenge really successful.
Hosting the free challenge sounds like a breeze; it’s pitching the product, program or service at the end of it that you’re most worried about.
This could be exactly how your next launch unfolds when you implement what you’ll learn in

The Challenge Launch Method!

The Challenge Launch Method is an 8-lesson, step-by-step, watch-over-my-shoulder course for anyone who wants to learn a foolproof method that will skyrocket the sales of their products, programs and services.

Head’s Up: Content is immediately downloadable. All sales are final!

“Implementing The Challenge Launch Method in my business has helped me add over 1,500 new people to my email list and has been the catalyst for two very successful, lucrative launches.

In this course Kimra shows you how to create great content that keeps people excited, involved and progressing towards a goal. Those factors taken together really help to speed up the know-list-trust cycle!

I would recommend The Challenge Launch Method to anyone who genuinely wants to help their audience, grow their email list and prime people so they’re ready to buy.”

Shannon Lavenia
The “Boom Your Business” Strategist & Coach

“I never thought I’d be saying my challenge attracted over 1040 new people to my community but it did! Pretty soon my Facebook group was pumping and people were saying “OK Michelle, what’s next?”

At the end of the challenge I pitched my newest course with an early bird discount, ahead of the doors opening to the public for real. 13 people signed up and just like that I made £1,500 (almost $2,000) in sales!”

Michelle Lloyd
Artist and Founder of United ArtSpace

“Kimra’s Challenge Launch Method is amazing! There’s a calendar that tells you exactly what to do on a daily basis to make your launch a success – all you need to do is follow the steps and implement. By following The Challenge Launch Method I grew my email list with 376 new subscribers in just one week.”

Lucia Sandaal
Online Marketing Strategist

Here’s how all the pieces fit together…

What is a challenge launch?

How to find out what your ideal clients and customers want and need.
How to decide which challenge you should help your ideal clients solve first.
How to determine the best way to deliver your free content based on your ideal client’s preferences.

Challenge Launch Essentials
The real reason challenge launches are so effective.
Why it’s important to begin with an end in mind.
The big picture overview of how your challenge launch will go down.

Cultivating Pre-Launch Buzz
How to strategically plan your challenge launches and acquire as much publicity as possible.
How to reverse-engineer interest for your next launch with all the content you create.
The importance of making yourself visible and accessible throughout your launch.

Creating Your Challenge Content & Sales Funnel
How to plan out, organize and create content for each day of your challenge.
Know all the elements that need to be in your sales funnel.
Design and create your launch webinar.

Promoting Your Challenge
Create a plan for promoting your challenge with Facebook ads.
Best practices for promoting your challenge using Facebook groups hosted by others as well as your own.
Email marketing and social media tips and tricks to get the word out fast.

Hosting a Successful Challenge
How to pull off a challenge that people will be raving about for weeks and months to come.
What you need to do every single day to prime your challengers and turn them into your next customers and clients.
How to effectively transition your challenge from serving to selling.

Sealing the Deal
How to kick off your launch with a webinar to promote your product, program or service.
How to incentivise your challengers to take fast action by building additional benefits into your offer.
Tech tips to help you boost your sales conversion.

Evaluating Your Success
How to analyze your challenge, learn from your personal experience and do better next time.
How to get to the root of why people decided not to buy.
How to gather social proof for your challenge that you can use to promote it next time around.
Curious about the results people are getting with

The Challenge Launch Method?

“I recently ran my first ever challenge following The Challenge Launch Method. With just two days promotion, I attracted 165 massively engaged new subscribers, many of whom went on to write their first sales sequences inside of a week.

Today, on the fifth day of the challenge, I finally launched my first ever digi-product and sold the first two units within three hours of the cart opening. Somebody pinch me!”

Maria Rana

“Hosting my first challenge was such a big personal win. It was a way smaller challenge group compared to some, but that just meant I could be extra attentive. When one of my challengers messaged me to say she’d booked five parties using my exact process I literally cried! I’m so thankful for this course and the massive confidence boost it has given me to be more visible online!”

Christie Mills
Direct Sales Strategist and Owner of Home Party Hacks

I’ve created The Challenge Launch Method because I see so many people get tripped up when it comes to transitioning their free challenges from serving to selling and I don’t want that to happen to you too.

In The Challenge Launch Method I’ll show you how to reverse-engineer sales of your products, programs and services with multi-day free challenges.

I’m literally going to walk you, step-by-step, through everything you need to do to take your challengers from sign up to sale.

And when you implement what you learn in The Challenge Launch Method you’ll have a reliable, launch strategy that you can replicate time and time again.

The Challenge Launch Method is yours to keep for just $200.

Head’s Up: Content is immediately downloadable. All sales are final!

Old Price: $39.90

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