Social Media Marketing Mastery By Hayden Peddle

Social Media Marketing Mastery By Hayden Peddle By Hayden Peddle

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Social Media Marketing: Steps To Building A 6 Figure Agency
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Social Media Marketing Mastery
Build Your 6 Figure Social Media Marketing Agency

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Social Media Marketing is currently the best skill anyone can learn. Get businesses to pay you $1000 – $5000 each and every month just to run their social media accounts.
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Hayden Peddle
Hayden Peddle
Hayden has made Social Media Marketing his life. In 4 months he was able to quit is 9-5 and quadruple his income using social media marketing as his foundation. From pod casts, to courses he has done it all. Learning and consuming social media marketing content is what he does.
Class Curriculum

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Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Start Join The Private Facebook Group
Start Introduction to Social Media Marketing (5:49)
Start Why Businesses Will Pay You $1,000-$5,000 Per Month (5:59)
Start All The Different Social Media Platforms Explained (11:14)
Start How To Drastically Grow A Following On Social Media (13:26)
Finding Businesses That Will Pay You $1,000-$5,000 Per Month
Start The Key To Finding The Right Business + Business Audit (9:01)
Start How To Land A Meeting With An Email (7:16)
Forming Your Company
Start Naming Your Business (3:30)
Start Creating an LLC (17:28)
Start How to Incorporate In Canada (3:23)
Start How To Charge A Client (2:28)
Start Creating A Business Brochure (2:57)
Start Building A Professional Website In Under 5 Minutes (8:01)
Start Creating Your Pricing and Packages (7:05)
Facebook Advertising
Start Facebook Advertising Vs Google Adwords (2:06)
Start How To Create A Facebook Page For A Business (2:59)
Start How To Run Facebook Ads For Breakfast Restaurants (10:45)
Start Facebook Advertising For A Real Estate Agent (18:20)
Start Facebook Advertising For An Orthodontist/Dentist (14:08)
Start Facebook Stories For Organic Reach (2:27)
Start Good Ads Vs Bad Ads: How To Model The Perfect Advertisement (15:42)
Start How To Track Your Facebook Ads (3:46)
Hiring a Sales Team
Start Introduction to Hiring a Sales Team & Automating Your Business (5:44)
Start Automating Your Sales (10:51)
Creating a Service Agreement Contract
Start How To Create A Service Agreement Contract (4:36)
Content Creation Tools
Start The Ultimate Tool To Create Posts (3:02)
Start The Most Valuable Posts For Your Clients (5:32)
Business Story Video
Start What Is A Business Story Video? How To Bring The Most Value (3:14)
Handling Rejections
Start The Upside To Rejections (4:49)
Start Introduction To Influencer Marketing (3:11)
Start Utilizing Instagram Stories To Increase Sales (5:36)
Snap Chat
Start Snap Chat Stories (2:20)
Email Marketing
Start Email Marketing with Mail Chimp (5:25)
Door To Door
Start 19 Year Old Goes Door To Door and Lands A Meeting (10:51)
Start The Top 10 Open Ended Questions To Lead To The Close (6:59)
Cold Calling
Start Live Cold Call #1: Got the Business Owner On The Phone (9:12)
Start Live Cold Call #2: Evan Struggles But Pulls Through + Critique (2:31)

Old Price: $39.90

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