Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks by Christine Thatche and Michelle Hunter

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Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks Download

Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks Download

Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks
Our blueprint for gathering client content and keeping projects on track
Struggling to get client content is a bummer…

Waiting for content messes up your project schedule
Asking for content feels awkward and just zaps your creativity
You’re not a copywriter, but you give free writing advice just to move things along
Meanwhile, the launch is delayed - and so is that final payment!

Then, when you finally get the content you need…

You spend hours trying to turn lots of rambly copy into a few sentences
The stuff they send you just doesn’t fit your design
Ugh...nothing’s formatted, organized, or ready to go
Everyone’s frustrated. The project is stuck.

But even worse…
The copy causes your design to fall totally flat!
I struggled for years trying to get clients to provide content as beautiful and effective as my designs.

I kept asking myself…

How can I help my client understand what I’m talking about so they provide what I need?
How do I keep projects from getting off track when clients ask for more time?
Can I get started with the design before I get content?
How do I tell them they really need a copywriter?

This was me #everysingleproject, until I met Michelle. Together we created a process to extract content from our client’s head and turn it into beautifully effective copy. It feels almost magical!

Hi, I’m Christine Thatcher, designer and digital strategist, and I’m joined by Michelle Hunter, content strategist and copywriter. During the last 5 years as strategic partners, we’ve honed our process of guiding our clients to provide beautifully effective messaging and copy. Our system intentionally created content in tandem with the design. The result? Our final projects took my business (and my client’s) to the next level.
In Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks, we’re sharing our proven content-gathering process with you so you can end content frustration for good!

From the rebrandable Client Content Workbook to the final content edits – we’re sharing our blueprint for collecting and evaluating client content – all while keeping your projects on track.
Hesitating to recommend a copywriter but tired of formatting pages of cruddy copy? Sick of editing your client’s stuff?

We know how you feel. We’ve struggled with client copy too, and experienced the frustration that comes from adding bad copy to brilliant design. We’ve watched clients wrestle with the writing, unsure of exactly what to say. And we’ve lived through those awkward moments that come when we have to edit the stuff those clients finally write.

There’s a better way... and we’re sharing our secrets here with you.
Here's what you get:

Christine’s STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS for taking clients from initial discovery through final content edits...
Christine’s ILLUSTRATOR WIREFRAME TEMPLATES for building custom wireframe layouts that clients and copywriters can easily understand and follow...
Michelle’s CLIENT CONTENT WORKBOOK you can rebrand and share with your clients, making content creation easy and understandable for everyone...
Michelle’s CRITERIA FOR EVALUATING CLIENT CONTENT and scripts so you can ask for revisions or suggest a copywriter in a pleasant, professional way...
Christine’s CONTENT TEMPLATES to teach your client how to provide exactly what you need (formatted!) to provide an effective website that goes beyond the design.

Our process allows you to empower your clients, clarify their message, and guide them to create the best possible content for their project – elevating their business... and your design!
Vivian Chan

I really enjoyed the course. I started to implement it in my current client project. The project has been dragged for about 9 months because I couldn't get the client to put together content. So I used the template that I got from the course and modified it to suit client's needs. I felt so much better and in control. As a matter of fact, I felt super good after I sent out the template to client. If there's no effective content strategy and process in place, it's really hard to get the project going. Really look forward to seeing the results.

Thank you for creating this course with Michelle. Can't wait to continue applying it in real life 🙂
Vivian ChanWordPress Designer & Developer
Pam Owens

This workbook is phenomenal! The idea of sitting with a friend conversing makes it all come through so naturally. Brilliant! The questions were easy to answer because they don’t approach [content] from the angle of “yes, I’m so talented and wonderful”, but instead extracts the truth in a way that doesn’t brag. I’m planning to abbreviate this Website Content Workbook to use [with a client] to help him discover what is needed to add personality to his brochure and convey that HE is his selling point. I LOVE IT!
Pam OwensPam Owens Design
Emma Brooks

Wow, this is the perfect example of two amazing ladies combining each others skills and knowledge to create a course that has not only blown me away, it has reduced my stress levels, given me structure and organization and empowered me to take the lead on clients project rather than the client leading me!

I so often think 'I'll create a template for that', but never get round to doing it, or 'I need to write a process', but I just never seem to have the right process to start with. This course not only gives you a process but it gives you the templates to rebrand for your own business!

Have you ever bought a course and never got round to starting it? (Let alone completing it!) I guarantee you will never do that with any of Christine's courses, because the minute you see the content you will make time for this course.
Emma BrooksEmma Brooks Design
Michaela Latavanha

The "Does Your Client Need a Copywriter?" segment was worth the whole course. I loved the specific things you can look out for when reading the client's copy. It's super helpful and adds more value to my services. I can identify when my clients need a copywriter and with the scripts [you provided] I know how to ask them to take that step.
Michaela LatavanhaBeachside Studio
Connie Holen
The Client Content Workbook was worth the price alone! I used it immediately with a client I was just getting started with and she was so appreciative to have that guidance.
Connie HolenPixality Design
Sandee Jackson

Yay! I'm so excited to see this -- can't wait! I used your templates to make a content workbook for my church clients, and they LOVE it. They've told me they can't believe how easy I've made it for them to come up with the content for their websites. Thank you so much!
Sandee Jackson
Say Goodbye to Content Bottlenecks
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