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LeadCraft by Scott Olford

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a proven way to confidently create and deploy marketing funnels that attract qualified leads, increase your impact and ignite your revenue…
So I started sharing… and people LOVED it.

Not because it was amazing, but because it got results for people in all kinds of businesses, like…

Jamil Velji
Jamil, who saw his marketing agency client acquisition and revenue skyrocket by 400%…now that they understand the psychology behind why funnels work (and how to make them better)…and shares his new expertise daily with C-Suite executives.
Or Alex Stead who on her very first campaign generated 17 bookings for her photography business in 3 days and witha $293 investment. In the past year alone, her Online Marketing and using LeadCraft has changed the game for her business.
Alex Stead

Katja Koski

And then there’s Katja, who in her first campaign generated hundreds of leads for $0.50 each and closed over 25 sales for her product. This is the first business and the first time marketing online, ever!
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Without going broke on social media, using sleazy tactics or getting bogged down with tech

If you want to generate a sustainable flow of qualified leads for your business, finally figure out how to make online marketing work FOR you, and get a predictable return on your investment (instead of some vague, fuzzy “potential”)…
This proven, step-by-step process will END the feast and famine rollercoaster so you can create a successful business, and turn complete strangers into raving fans and loyal customers who are ready to pay top dollar for your products and services.

(Even if you’re an established business owner, don’t have a clue where to start, or you’re new to online marketing without a mailing list)
If you’re serious about increasing your revenue and creating a sustainable model that amplifies your impact, then the next few minutes will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room

You’ve worked so hard and given up so much, but you can’t seem to get TRACTION, and you’re not having the IMPACT – or success – you crave.

You’ve toyed and tinkered with online marketing funnels taught by the experts, and know without a doubt that it’s THE way to grow your business – but funnels isn’t your area of expertise, and you’re scared you’ll mess it all up.

So now you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, still living client-to-client and counting on every paying customer to “get you by”, pretending it’s not actually that bad.

It’s time to face up to the fact that there’s a cost for NOT dealing with your revenue problem.
Today’s online consumers are smart…savvy…and jaded.

If you stick with the traditional marketing funnel model, you’ll continue to struggle to bring the RIGHT people into your business. You’ll find it harder and harder to keep up, and the business you’ve worked your butt off for will disappear…along with your dreams of success.

And I don’t think you’ve sacrificed everything for that.
When I say I feel your pain…I really do. Truth is, I wanted the same thing you do…
Scott Oldford here. I’ve been an entrepreneur and online business owner for over a decade.

And in the early years of being an entrepreneur I was in a booming industry, and did extremely well.

But over time the industry changed…and I forgot one key piece… #fail

It seemed like my own advice – the exact thing my clients paid me for – couldn’t be used for my own business… or at least that’s what I assumed.

By June 2013, I had failed in 3 different businesses and was in $726,000 in debt (yes, you read that right). I was miserable…I had to sell everything I owned and I went from having everything to nothing virtually overnight. I remember crying in my car because I’d just traded in my credit card Air Miles for food. That’s when I realized I’d hit rock bottom.


I realized that I was using lead generation strategies in my businesses that I would NEVER advise others to implement. The majority of my clients had 6-figure monthly online advertising lead-generation budgets, which obviously wouldn’t work for me…I didn’t have that kind of cash.

Something had to change.

I had nothing to lose, so I made a giant bet. I took all the data I could find, plus everything I knew about online marketing, psychology, and what really worked, and set about creating something new.

In 2014, my company generated nearly $1 million in revenue.

In 2015, I knew I had something that worked so I decided to go all-in with my idea. I fired all my old clients and started fresh, building something new.

And this year, 2016, we’re projecting just under $3 million in revenue.
Of course, these are just a few examples!
The current online marketing model as you know it, is broken.
The industry standard for lead generation is pretty simple:

Attempt to bring tons of traffic to your marketing funnel and “squeeze” as many people through as possible.

But that means treating humans like robots. You’re not taking important information into account, based on where they are in relation to you RIGHT NOW.

There’s no thought given to the mindset or obligation of the customers.

Just force everyone through the same funnel, whether they’re ready to buy from you or not. Which leaves a ton of money on the table…

…But I’ll talk more about that in just a minute.

The traditional funnel can work, if you have a MASSIVE advertising budget.

I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling that you probably don’t have a ton of money to throw at a marketing budget (I know I don’t!).

Now, back to that money you’re leaving on the table…

For lead generation to be effective, you need to supply information to people based on their mindset – the conversation happening in their head RIGHT NOW.

And, instead of trying to push them through a one-size-fits-all marketing funnel, guide them through a custom, nurturing “experience” that makes them feel like they count – that you really “get” them – that they aren’t just another transaction.
After studying psychology for years and working with clients in almost every industry, then applying what I’d learned directly to my own lead generation, here’s what I discovered

There are three different and very specific lead mindsets:

(Or, the SSF Method for short.)

These three mindsets are radically different from each other – something that, until now, had been overlooked. As a result, the old way of marketing just wasn’t going to work.
Instead of trying to stuff everyone through the same funnel hoping and praying that someone purchases, you effortlessly guided them through?

You used a “smarter funnel” that’s important to people right where they are NOW?

You joined the conversation that’s already going on in people’s heads, so you could deliver EXACTLY what they need at precisely the right moment, turning strangers into passionate, loyal customers?

You developed 1-to-many relationships with people in a way that makes them TRUST you and want to work with you?

Even better, what IF…

It were EASY to do with technology available to you right now?

You could build powerful online marketing funnels WITHOUT breaking the bank?

You could AUTOMATE everything, resulting in a constant stream of qualified leads?

You had a strategy that lets you leverage your time, which then lets you leverage your VALUE?

It was this EXACT strategy that took me from BROKE to millions of dollars.

This method is new, it’s different, and the best in the business – online game-changers and superstars – not only love it but USE it in their own lead generation.

And now I’m sharing it with you.

Enroll in LeadCraft NOW!
What the lead-gen and funnel “gurus” and “experts” aren’t telling you
You can’t give everyone the same experience and expect different results. It just doesn’t work.

I realized that THREE marketing funnels (or experiences) were needed to get the coveted 80% of leads that 99% of entrepreneurs are missing out on.


Because if I ONLY talk to the people who are ready to BUY NOW, then I’m missing out on talking to those people who may buy in a week…

Or a month…

Or three months…

…or even a year from now.

What I truly wanted was a “Waterfall Effect” in my marketing. I wanted “Funnels 2.0”.

I wanted to ensure that not only did I get an instant return on the money I spent today, but that I also created a renewable asset that generated revenue well into the future.

My new method gave me the opportunity to build relationships with anyone.

To become relevant to anyone.

And to turn anyone into a customer.

And that’s where LeadCraft started in May of 2015.

Helping entrepreneurs like you implement this EXACT method in their businesses.

Once I cracked the code, I implemented it like a madman. I paid off my debt in record time, and now my company is growing at a record pace.

By June 2018, over 100,000 entrepreneurs will be using the INFINITUS SSF Method.

In less than a year, I’ve brought in tens of thousands of qualified leads who are ready and happy to pay me for the value I’ve created and for our customers, have generated hundreds of thousands of leads, and MILLIONS of dollars in revenue for those customers.

And, I’ve impacted hundreds of entrepreneurs around the globe by sharing what I’ve learned, which has helped me build a multiple seven-figure business at the same time.
Here’s why you’ve tried and failed.
You deserve it all…

Financial security, the freedom to spend more of your time doing what’s important to YOU, and the ability to make the impact you want in the world.

So why are you still struggling to generate enough of the RIGHT leads that CONSISTENTLY turn into paying customers and steady revenue?

I already know you’ve tried a lot of things…and yet, every strategy or shiny new tactic either doesn’t seem to work for you, or only takes you so far before leaving you hanging with no idea what to do next. Or just doesn’t create sustainable results.

It doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything wrong…

But for some reason nothing really works, no matter how many times you tinker and tweak.

So…ARE you doing something wrong? Or are you simply missing a bigger picture?

Truth is, it’s a bit of both.

See, with a traditional funnel, you have:

1 landing page + 1 lead magnet…

…and 1 path to success.

As far as I’m concerned, THAT’S the best way to go broke.

Here’s why:

First, the traditional approach (the one you’ve been tearing your hair out over) doesn’t take into account the mindset of potential customers, how much time they have to give you, and whether they even trust you. So you spend hours creating content that not everyone wants, cares about…or even sees. Not to mention ridiculous paid advertising conversion costs…

Which cheats you out of time AND money – neither of which you can afford to lose.

But the SSF Method creates a series of landing pages, lead magnets, advertisements and funnel content custom-built and designed to resonate with a specific type of potential customer, based on their mindset, obligation, and awareness of their problem.

The result? Suddenly your content is RELEVANT at the right time to the right people, who are then willing to give you their time and make space in their inbox for you.
It’s about delivering the RIGHT offer to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time.
Have to deal with the feast and famine…ever again

Have to worry about not being able to grow your business…or how to do it sustainably

Have another sleepless night stewing about how to make your business profitable

Have to sacrifice even MORE time away from your family, away from being healthy

Have to deal with bill collectors, past due notices…or having to remortgage your house (again)

Be stuck with a boat anchor of a marketing funnel that doesn’t work, and just costs you money
But don’t take my word for it. Success should be gauged by the results people get from what they’ve learned and applied. And they speak for themselves:
These are just a taste of the results clients have seen with LeadCraft.

Point is, the SSF Method and Funnels 2.0 works for virtually any online business.
4 simple ways LeadCraft is different from other programs
Based on vague theories of how a marketing funnel should perform…from an outdated “Funnels 1.0” approach

Left on your own to figure everything out…or thrown in with a “community” of people in the same boat who are as lost as you are

Tackle only one or two areas, leaving you floundering around for the third

Teaching the same, outdated methods and rhetoric everyone else is
More than just theory, LeadCraft provides a step-by-step guide to implementation and optimization of your marketing “Funnel 2.0” style

Dedicated team of experts by your side for support…you’re never left on your own to figure it out

Absolutely everything you need to plan, create and implement a marketing funnel, from ground zero to online hero in one simple program – including swipe files and templates!

Innovative method you won’t find ANYONE ELSE teaching. I developed it, I teach it. Period. This is the ONLY place you’ll find this method taught.
So… What is LEADCRAFT?

LeadCraft is a ground-breaking, battle-tested approach to lead generation that’s helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs (and counting) generate explosive results in their businesses, and has traditional online marketing “gurus” shaking in their boots.

It’s a 12-week program that delivers everything you need to know, step-by-step, to create 3 high-powered online marketing funnels that will amplify lead generation for your business…

The EXACT steps you need to take to implement them…

HOW TO optimize and fine-tune them…

And blow up your bottom line.

No more endless guessing, tinkering and tweaking, hoping you stumble over the ONE THING that’ll finally work.

Just solid results.

Enroll in LeadCraft NOW!
Under the watchful eye and super-supportive guidance of the LeadCraft team of experts, you’ll develop a live, working online marketing funnel and get it performing for your business.

Based on an innovative approach to online marketing thoroughly tested by more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, the LeadCraft program will guide you through the process of developing the 3 fundamental funnels you need based on the three different types of leads – Sidewalk, Slow Lane, and Fast Lane – easily and effectively.

More specifically, LeadCraft is a comprehensive blueprint for creating high-performing marketing funnels, from start to finish

Based on the SSF Method, the program is delivered through a series of video tutorials, assessments, cheat sheets and resources, giving you everything you need to develop your funnel’s strategy, launch and execution.

Starting with…
1. Funnel Fundamentals
Your journey starts with the fundamentals behind being able to develop an effective marketing funnel using the SSF Method and the Funnels 2.0 methodology.

You’ll discover:

The underlying psychological hooks that make your leads WANT to become customers. When you understand what makes humans tick, you can position yourself and what you offer to stand out, giving you a strategic edge.

The 3 different types of leads entering your business relationship, and how to create the ultimate experience for each. Understanding where each of these people are in their relationship with you will ensure they value and trust your expertise…giving you the opportunity to serve them better and prep them to buy.

The tested framework to strategize, plan and develop your funnel that eliminates the guesswork. No more hurling ideas at the wall to see what sticks.

The exact funnel that will work based on your business, and what will work the best based on the LeadCraft funnel methodology. Every business is unique, which is why cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work.

A fully developed “funnel map” that allows you to see your entire strategy throughout the entire process of developing your online marketing. A visual representation of how the funnel shakes out will help you pinpoint any weak areas or missing pieces.

Feedback from our team on your funnel strategy to ensure you do it RIGHT the first time…instead of revisiting over and over…and over.

This module is all about establishing the foundation you need to create a successful funnel, and that’s what I’ll show you how to do.

Next, we’ll dive into…
2. Business Secrets
Online marketing and lead generation only work if your business works. Which means you need to spend time ensuring that your business is actually ready for lead generation – something most of the “gurus” don’t even whisper about.

That’s why I’ll share:

How to understand your business model and how it integrates with online marketing for the highest profitability possible. Because if your business isn’t profitable, there’s not much point to being in business.

What it takes to make online Marketing work in a modern world where marketing is seen as douchey, sleazy and slimy. People like to BUY, but they don’t like to be SOLD to.

How to develop a “value ladder” and what you need in place to maximize your revenue and monthly recurring revenue. You’ll know exactly what to deliver at every phase in the funnel process.

The importance of the “right” branding for your online marketing funnel, and how to create a “mood board” for it. First impressions are everything…something hugely underestimated by most online entrepreneurs.

How to be productive in actually developing your online marketing funnel and set up for success. You could spend hours writing your funnel components…or you could follow my tried-and-tested productivity hacks to get them done faster. Which means you can move onto other things.

This module will help you understand the consequences of overlooking some of the most vital components of a successful marketing funnel.

Next, we’ll dive into…
3. Conversion Methods
New qualified leads are great…but totally useless if they don’t turn into paying customers!

You’ll learn:

The 8 conversion methods…and specifically the one(s) that will work best for your business.

The conversion “stack” strategy that allows you to work backwards in your marketing funnel.

The exact “math” behind your marketing funnel that ensures everything makes sense on paper for your 3 lanes.

Be ready in this module to dive head-first into the deeper pieces of your marketing funnel – you’ll come away with full knowledge how well it will work.

Then, once you’ve got the foundation in place, you need to start attracting people into your funnel.

That’s what’s coming up next…
4. Attraction Methods
Did you know the majority of entrepreneurs don’t get their lead magnets right? And, if you’re using the wrong attraction method, everything breaks down and online marketing just won’t work.

That’s why I’ll walk you through:

Uncovering which attraction methods work best for people in the Sidewalk, Slow Lane, Fast Lane stages, and for the unique customer type you have.

Developing the outline for each of your three different lead magnets, which my team of experts will review for you!

This module will reveal why what you’ve been taught so far about creating lead magnets is wrong, and how to create kick-ass opt-ins your people will itch for.

When completed, you’ll have a selection of finished and reviewed lead magnets ready to be finalized and brought online to start attracting leads without ever having to guess if it’ll work.

But a great lead magnet is only half the battle…
5. Landing Pages that Convert
Of course, you can have a great lead magnet already…but if no one understands what you’re talking about – or you can’t distribute the incredible value you want to share – it’s useless.

Which is why I’ll share:

The fail-proof method of creating high-converting landing pages that you can easily repeat to create new, high-performing landing pages in the future

In this module, you’ll actually use this method to create the landing pages for your 3 lead magnets which will be launch-ready by the end of the module.

Creating landing pages can cost TONS of money and time testing and tweaking to figure out what will get the best results. My method produces high-converting landing pages every time, saving you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration.
6. Content that Sells
Producing content like blog posts, podcasts and videos without a marketing funnel is nearly useless, and an exercise in “why bother?”. But combined, your content + funnel is a powerful machine.

You’ll discover how to effectively use content to power your marketing funnels and secure your position as the trusted authority in the marketplace.

Additionally, you’ll:

Learn how to create a content hub that will help you continually increase conversions from your website – for free!

Know what core pieces of content to include in your marketing strategy, without having to spend hours and hours every week creating from scratch.

Determine what online content can be used with both organic and paid traffic generation strategies to bring in qualified leads and position you as an authority.

Have the resources available to create amazing videos, audio, infographic and articles that smash conversion records with helpful, step-by-step guidance

You’ll finally start getting traction from all that content you’ve been slaving over creating that – so far – has felt like a giant waste of time. Plus, you’ll learn what pieces to focus on, so you’re not creating free content that won’t get you results.

Of course, online marketing isn’t just about content. It’s really about relationships…
7. Email Marketing and Automation
If you’re like most business owners, you know that building relationships isn’t always easy. Done right, email marketing will help build those vital relationships critical to the success of your business.

Here, you’ll learn to use email marketing, automation and technology to nurture your list and plan a relationship-building email sequence that makes them feel valued…not just another name on an email list.

Email marketing can be tricky…which is why I’ll walk you through:

The SIX critical emails essential to the 3 different types of email sequences. Without these, your funnel will crash and burn.

Deploying the easy-to-use technology that will show you precisely what lane someone’s in and ensure your message is exactly what they want to hear at that moment.

The 4 email campaigns you must implement that effortlessly guide people from complete stranger to customer, providing timely and relevant information at each stage and reducing unsubscribes.

Using the 10 “Hollywood story” types in your emails that get your emails opened, engage, entertain, and educate your readers, and direct them to the next step without being pushy or using fear tactics.

Absolutely everything you need to build, retain, engage and profit from every single lead, whether they’re ready to buy now…or 6 months from now.

Every client needs to fully understand how important email marketing is to the survival of their business, and – most importantly – how to do it RIGHT.

So…what about paid traffic?
8. Paid Traffic Generation
Simply, paid traffic allows businesses to scale. But it can be tough figuring out which methods to use and how to get the highest return on investment.

You’ll discover:

How to generate as many leads as you want ON DEMAND, to fuel your business.

How to easily manage online campaigns – without paying crazy outsourcing fees.

How to plan, develop and deploy PROFITABLE online advertising campaigns.

How advanced SSF lane retargeting can generate qualified leads easily, effectively and quickly.

We’ll go deep here, laying down everything you need to use paid traffic to effectively generate leads that turn into immensely valuable customers and clients. And, you’ll have 4 paid campaigns launched by the end of the module!

But before there was paid traffic, organic traffic ruled…
9. Organic Traffic Generation
Paid Advertising is great, but you can’t forget about organic traffic generation that draws in leads from other sources.

Here you’ll learn:

How to work with partners and affiliates to drive traffic to your marketing funnels, transforming them into virtually instant profit for your business.

How to harness content marketing and social media to intensify your online marketing engine, driving steady, FREE traffic that generates revenue…even while you sleep (every entrepreneur’s dream).

Partners and affiliates coupled with content gives your marketing funnel the one-two punch it needs to bring you leads, traffic and revenue 24/7!

As a business owner, you need to keep track of what works and what doesn’t, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what numbers to pay close attention to.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back…
Your entire LeadCraft journey is supported by the LeadCraft team of experts AND the members-only community. From brainstorming powerful lead magnets to effortlessly attracting the RIGHT leads into your funnel, to your final email automation, you’ll never have to figure it all out by yourself.

Best of all, support doesn’t end when you graduate from the program. You’ll have extended access to the team in the exclusive Mastermind group for additional help and attention.

And, because online marketing evolves at lightning pace, you’ll have access to LeadCraft and ALL product updates for LIFE – you can be sure the materials are always current with what’s actually working NOW…not based on outdated strategies and tactics.

This is NOT a once-and-done program – in fact, after you graduate LeadCraft, you’ll get extended access to ongoing support to ensure you continue to develop your online marketing as your needs evolve.
But what if I’m not tech savvy?

Don’t worry! I know not everyone’s a tech whiz – neither was Deborah from thehormonequeen.com. That’s why I built this program to make sure each step of the process is laid out in a clear, concise manner. Plus, the strategies and tactics you’ll learn in LeadCraft can be used for all platforms and technology.

I’m new to online marketing…will this help me?

If you’re willing to put in the effort and open to learning a new skill, then yes! Online marketing has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and it’s easy to fall behind the current trends. This program is intended to introduce and familiarize yourself with online marketing and then walk you through the process of building out your own marketing funnel, step-by-step.

Do I need to have an email list?

While it helps to have an established email list, it’s definitely not required for LeadCraft. In fact, it can even be an advantage if you don’t have an email list, as you know the one you build will be nurtured properly with this method. Email lists aren’t the only type of traffic that you can harness and monetize, like online ads, joint ventures and more.

And by the end of this program, you’ll be on your way to building a very powerful list!

I’ve tried different strategies and techniques and nothing has worked. How is LeadCraft different?

LeadCraft and the SSF method has been proven by hundreds of other entrepreneurs, with that number growing continually as more and more discover the power of this program.

LeadCraft will takes you step-by-step through developing and implementing every piece of the marketing funnel puzzle. Then, once you understand the theory behind it all, we show you the exact steps to build a live marketing funnel you can launch upon completion of the program. And finally, you’ll learn exactly how and what to track so you can optimize for the best results.

This isn’t just theory: it’s about designing, building and implementing a working funnel!

I need to get my significant other or my business partner to agree with this purchase. What can I say to convince them?

There are a number of factors that are unique to LeadCraft and set it apart from other programs:

• Both theory and strategy – not only do you learn how to do it, YOU DO IT!
• 70% of graduates get their initial investment back within 4 weeks of graduating – all thanks to their shiny new funnels
• The program was developed by INFINITUS which has over 10 years of experience in the marketing agency and online marketing industries
• The formula which forms the base of this program has been implemented and proven by hundreds of other entrepreneurs who have already graduated

I’m not great at launching things…

The program is designed for people with no or little prior experience. It’s my pleasure to be able to walk you step-by-step through the entire process, from theory to developing and launching.

What if I sign up and decide this isn’t a good program for me?

If within the first 45 days of purchasing the program you’re not completely satisfied, you and a LeadCraft team member will jump on a call and try to resolve any issues you may be having. If it’s still no dice, your purchase will be refunded so long as you’ve put the effort into trying to make the program work for you.

In the end, the number one reason I transitioned away from the agency world was to work with and teach MORE people like you how to be successful. Your success is our #1 goal.

How does the program work?

You’ll have immediate access to the LeadCraft training and resources so you can get started right away.

The program is broken down into three main stages throughout the 12 modules. Modules 0-3 are about theory and understanding how online marketing funnels work, inside and out. Modules 4-8 are dedicated to developing and implementing what you learned in the first weeks.

Finally, modules 9-12 are focused on launching and optimizing your funnel to ensure it’s successful!

I’m busy – how much time will it really take to launch my marketing funnels?

That depends a little on you and the time you have to commit to working through the program. What I can tell you is that LeadCraft takes an average of 60 hours over the 12 modules, from start to finish. From there, you can break it down to 5 hours a week. You can go faster…or slower.

What’s important is that, by the end of the program, you’ll have learned about, developed and launched your own marketing funnels.

I work with marketing companies and consultants – will LeadCraft work for me?

If you already have a marketing company or consultant, this program is a great resource to have as it will teach you how it all works. Having this knowledge pays for itself when working with external marketing companies because it provides you with an in-depth understanding how why/how it works. This will allow you to better direct/work with these external resources, instead of blindly trusting their judgement and relying solely on their knowledge.

What kind of access to you and the LeadCraft team will I get?

This program offers three different levels of coaching. The first coaching is in the form of your introduction one on one strategy call. This call is an assessment as well as coaching session to determine how the program can benefit you the most. This call helps set the foundation for the rest of the program.

Throughout the 12 modules you will also have access to group Q&A calls where you get to meet others in the program, as well as ask any questions you have about the program or specific to your marketing funnels. This is also a great opportunity to see how other entrepreneurs are using the program to help build their businesses.

The third and final method of coaching happens on a continual basis through the private Facebook community. Here you can chat back and forth with others in the program, post up your homework, ask questions and much, much more.

Still have questions? Email [email protected] – we’re here to help.
Who’s it for?
What do you get with LeadCraft?
I’ll be honest: LeadCraft won’t work for everyone
This is NOT a one-size-fits-all-businesses, templated system. LeadCraft is a fully-customized lead generation strategy for your unique business needs.

Which means, there IS work to do – and with the full support of the LeadCraft team of experts and members-only online community, you’ll have everything you need to put this system to work for you.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, and open to learning new skills – even if you’ve never used online marketing before, even if you don’t have a list – then you’ll get results from LeadCraft.

But, if you’re…

Brand-spanking new to working for yourself and haven’t generated any revenue yet…
Looking for plug ‘n play, quick fixes…
A tire kicker who plans on browsing through the training materials or never accessing them, and then asking for a refund…
Or someone who’s just “too busy” wasting time (and money) on things that aren’t as important to the survival of your business and lifestyle as lead generation…
…Then you won’t get what you’re looking for from LeadCraft.
LeadCraft clients range from offline business owners who are just setting up shop online to experienced and successful, 6-figure online influencers.

While these business owners are as different from each other as tigers and elephants, they all have one thing in common: They recognize the importance of putting a proven and tests lead generation system to work for their business.
So tell me…
What’s it worth to you, your business, your clients, your legacy to have:

A steady, consistent flow of revenue

A worry-free way of growing your business

Success without sacrificing even MORE of your time that you should be spending with your family…on your health…on the things that matter most to you and your business

An online strategy that’s proven to perform 24/7, over and over
Sure, you’ve got options…but only ONE makes sense
As someone who’s worked with hundreds of online entrepreneurs, helping them implement a proven strategy for magnetically attracting a consistent stream of qualified leads – and who’s been there myself…
You’ve got to admit that, deep down in your gut, you KNOW if you continue to ignore your lead generation problem, it will only get worse.
Which means you’ll continue…

On the feast/famine rollercoaster…
Wondering where the next client’s coming from – and when…
Blindly throwing (and wasting) money on Facebook ads and other online advertising…
Spending money on shiny new tools that don’t work, unnecessary business cards and scrambling at every networking opportunity…
Trying to make outdated strategies and tactics work in today’s overpopulated and jaded marketplace…
So NO new leads come in, your revenue stays flat (or worse), and your business never reaches its TRUE potential.
As an entrepreneur, you already make huge sacrifices, and you’ve got a huge amount of value to offer…so I won’t mention what happens when your expenses outweigh your revenue.
Are you finally sick and tired of crazily inconsistent income, endlessly tinkering and tweaking your existing (broken) funnel, and wondering just what the hell will get you the results you’re craving?

Now, it’s over to you.

You can continue doing what you have been – or worse, do nothing at all (you already know what that gets you…no leads, no business…and no revenue).

But I don’t think that’s really what you want.

If you want to get a new result, you need to take a new action. So…
Join LeadCraft today!
Take it for a test drive, put it through the paces. And if you still don’t think LeadCraft will dramatically change your business results, then you’ll get your money back.
9 Modules that contains everything you need to build and launch a profitable marketing funnel

Weekly Group Implementation Calls with a member of the LeadCraft Team. In these group implementation calls, we’ll walk through your marketing funnel questions. We’ll also review your marketing funnel together ensuring you’ve got EXACTLY what you need.

Exclusive Online Community. You’ll have access to the members-only LeadCraft community for 16 weeks. This extremely active and supportive community will ensure you get your questions answered and funnel content reviewed by one of the LeadCraft team experts.

Tech Vault: The LeadCraft Tech Vault is a complete rundown of all the tech used by the team to make our marketing funnels run smoothly. You’ll get screencasts and overviews of some of the most popular technology for marketing funnels, like Unbounce, Active Campaign, Zapier, DeadlineFunnel and more. You’ll learn how to set it up and connect all the dots to make your marketing funnel a seamless experience for your leads…and YOU.

All LeadCraft Masterclasses ($997 value)
Learn how to build an audience, advertise on Facebook, and manage a Facebook group for your SSF Funnel. With 5 LeadCraft masterclasses, you’ll get the deep dive into audience building and conversions that your funnel needs to get to the next level.

Advanced Traffic Trainings – additional training that will help you implement any type of paid online advertising, beyond Facebook. These resources will walk you through the process of creating successful, high-converting ads for Twitter, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and Adroll, easily and effectively.

Implementation Package – swipes and templates to help you put together your marketing funnel in record time.

1x Payment $1997
4x Payments $597
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Everything you need to get started is available to you RIGHT NOW

When you take advantage of the one-time payment option, all the LeadCraft resources will be immediately available for you to start taking action.
That means, you’ll have instant access to resources like:

Weekly Group Implementation calls where a member of my team will walk you step-by-step through a specific topic – invaluable when implementing a lead generation campaign. These are small, intimate groups so you can get all your questions answered.
Members-only Facebook Community where you can ask for (and GET) review on your funnel components, plus network and connect with other entrepreneurs as well as the team of LeadCraft experts.
Swipe files and templates that will save you HOURS in creating your marketing funnel, with scripts, templates and examples to inspire your landing pages, lead magnets and email sequences.
Advanced training on online advertising, email marketing, business growth and more that will help you leverage marketing funnels even more to grow your business
You’ll be supported the entire time – and beyond
Absolutely (how’s that worked out for you so far?).

But know this:

I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours developing and testing this system.

And I can tell you without a doubt that it’ll take you 3 – 6 months of research just to learn what you need to know and weed through the fluffy crap that’s out there.

You’ll spend hundreds of hours. Make costly mistakes.

…And maybe STILL not get it right. Ever.

LeadCraft is NOT random tactics and a bunch of fluffy B.S. It’s a proven system where you’ll discover, create and implement the 12 major components of a successful online lead generation strategy…one that will flood your list with qualified people ready to buy from you.

This isn’t just about giving you shiny new content. It’s about guiding you step-by-step through the process, so you not only understand how and why it works, and how to implement it.
Tamara sliced the learning curve for her new business

Tamra Hamai
“I decided to join Lead Craft because I knew on my own it would take me at least a decade to figure it out, and by then it wouldn’t be useful. I joined because I knew that not only would Scott know how to guide me, because he’d done it with other people, but also because I felt like the system itself aligned with just what I believe about business. It was a perfect fit with the way I operate my business and it wouldn’t be completely redesigning everything from scratch, it would just be building what I already have.

Most importantly, I now have a system in place I can trust where I had nothing before. LeadCraft transformed my business from being 100% offline to actually having an online presence and generating revenue from it.”
Deborah grew her list from 1,100 to 4,200 in just 3 months with LEADCRAFT… even though she was “Tech Challenged”

“The biggest reason I decided to join LeadCraft is I needed to have some kind of online marketing funnel. I had none, and previously, all of my business, both my patients as well as my supplement business, was word of mouth. I had some online presence, because I’d written some articles, but I had no way to track where people were coming.

This is definitely something you have to learn how to do. This is not something that is done for you, but that’s what I wanted. I really wanted to understand this process, so that I could create this vision, and then delegate it out to my people, the people that work under me. I did it first, and created the funnel with, basically, no technological knowledge, and was able to do it.”

“I think the biggest thing, that was also kind of the decision-maker for us, was understanding that really if you have anything to do with online marketing, you have a business that needs to grow based on online marketing, or you’re having issues with growth – even if you only take away one or two points – LeadCraft and Scott’s SSF method is going to make a significant impact on your business.

It was like an extreme makeover for us. What we used to know versus what we know now, along with what we implement and understand about online marketing, funnels, Facebook advertising, and the psychology behind every element of online marketing. By understanding that, it has definitely increased our business flow, but also for me, it’s possibly the best investment that we could have made – even for the next decade.”
The best investment for the next decade.

But Scott, will this work for MY business?

Short answer? Absolutely.

LeadCraft will work for your business:

Even if you’re new to online marketing – you don’t need to be an online marketing expert!
Even if you don’t have an email list (you will soon)
Even if you’re strapped for time as it is from doing ALL. THE. THINGS. (The entire LeadCraft program can be done in just 5 hours a week, from start to finish!)
Even if you’ve tried creating and using other lead generation tactics…and gotten crappy results. LeadCraft has raised the bar and is disrupting online marketing as we know it – plus, it’s been proven by hundreds of smart entrepreneurs who are already getting amazing results
Even if you’re a one-person show without a team to help you map and implement all the pieces – in just an hour a day and with our expert help, you’ll have your funnel up and running easily
Even if you have NO CLUE of where or how to get started – I show you everything, step-by-step, from beginning to end…there’s absolutely ZERO guesswork involved, and you’re never left on your own to figure things out
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Even though I KNOW without a doubt that LeadCraft will get outstanding results when you commit to putting the proven system in place, I’m willing to eat it if you don’t find it the perfect fit for your business.

If you purchase LeadCraft now, take the actions you need to map, create and implement your automated marketing funnel – and STILL don’t think it’s going to work for your business – you’ll get your money back.

Remember: You’re never left alone. You’re always supported by an amazingly brilliant online community and team of professionals that can help anytime you get stuck.

But as entrepreneurs, you and I are natural risk-takers. And I don’t want LeadCraft to be one of them. That’s why I’m confident in providing this no-brainer 45-day guarantee. Review the materials. Learn. Create. Implement. And on day 45 if you’re still not getting the results you need, your money will be refunded*. –

I want to help you succeed. If I can’t do that, then I don’t deserve your money.
* Part of being a success-minded business owner is getting down and dirty with systems and processes. And setting up a high-performing lead generation machine is no exception. That’s why you’ll need to show me that you spent the time, did the work, and got help when you needed it. I know you’re committed to your cause, which is why I’m sure you’ll do everything possible to succeed.

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So the question I’m putting in front of you today is….
And every time I’ve applied this method in my business and my clients’ businesses, the number of leads consistently skyrockets – shattering every industry average 10x…or more.

The beauty of the SSF Method is that you can create a powerful marketing funnel that speaks to EVERYONE at the same time, no matter where they are in their journey with you. Which results in explosive growth at a staggeringly low cost.

Which means you’ll never…

LeadCraft is a proven and tested system for creating a steady stream of qualified leads, paying customers and a successful online business, regardless of industry or niche
Finally, a way to stop guessing, tinkering and tweaking using a battle-tested process to grow your business. Sustainably and effectively.

Select the option below that suits where you’re at right now so you can get started with LeadCraft today, and stop wrestling with a broken system that doesn’t work.

What even more of our 1,000+ customers have said…

Merideth Bisiker
“Since completing the LeadCraft program, I’ve fallen in love with building sales funnels. No joke.

It feels good to have the tools to design and create a funnel and have it up and running in one day flat. I

‘d recommend LeadCraft to online entrepreneurs who like to DIY their systems and be at the helm of their own launches.

The course is delivered in a comprehensive and systematic way that makes it easy to follow and to implement.

I’m so glad I jumped on board with LeadCraft. The best part? Scott Oldford and his team offer incomparable service. That’s worth gold!”
One of the biggest areas he’s helped me with (and it encompasses a lot) is shifting my business model toward “getting steady leads each day.”

Now this seems really simple but in my case, I’ve always done really well with “product launch” style promotions where it’s a big influx of revenue and then “gaps.”

I’ve always been more aligned to focusing on “daily sales” with all my other business ventures but in the online space, I’ve always struggled to implement this effectively.

When I met Scott a while back, he walked me through a simple methodology for shifting my mindset back to my “natural” orientation toward daily revenue.

Since then, my businesses have grown to making anywhere from $25,000 on a slow month to $75,000 per month on a busy month and we’ve got a few of these. Scott’s played a big role in this and all his products have played a part in shining a light on this much more fun way to build an online business.

You won’t go wrong working with Scott and LeadCraft…they are around for the long haul and adds value each and every day.
Brad Spencer

Bryan Wright

Some pretty amazing entrepreneurs are using this program 🙂
Talk about a fast track to launching a successful business… look no further, kids… cuz this is it.

The crucial thing that makes LeadCraft different from any other program is that Scott Oldford teaches you from the very beginning to dig deep, to learn the answers to all the WHYs—before you even move a single business muscle.

Suddenly, you’ll know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. WHY you’re different from anyone else in the marketplace, WHY your product might be awesome for your customers—or WHY it might totally suck. WHY someone who doesn’t even realize they have a problem might want to buy from you.

WHY people buy again and again. And WHY the things you’re doing right now can’t compete with a heavy dose of relevance. Imagine knowing at every stage of the customer journey what each person in your funnel might be feeling and will respond to… and what doesn’t work for each kind of person. Imagine FINALLY knowing each type of customer so precisely and with such clarity that your heart doesn’t skip a beat when someone asks you who you’re selling to any more. Imagine finally knowing how to target ONLY the people who resonate with your products the strongest, and being able to let all the rest go without hesitation.

This is the great power of the SSF method. It’s all about learning how to harness the power of relevance, executing fast, iterating relentlessly, and making the adjustments that can drive you to explosive business growth… …and dump gasoline on that tiny flame inside you that tells you there’s something better.”
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