Launch Madness by Mark Thompson

Launch Madness by Mark Thompson

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Launch Madness by Mark Thompson Download

Launch Madness by Mark Thompson Download

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Launch Madness by Mark Thompson Torrent

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Launch Madness by Mark Thompson Free

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Launch Madness by Mark Thompson Get

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Launch Madness by Mark Thompson Discount

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Customer Review

I worked with Mark to help relaunch Long Tail Pro. It was the best decision I've ever made. We did about 2.5x what I was even dreaming we could have done in terms of sales. Even though Mark doesn't work one-on-one with clients anymore, this program is the next best thing! It's the same formula we implemented - and now you can too!

Spencer Haws

I was one of the lucky ones to gain early access to Launch Madness. The module surrounding his strategy for affiliate outreach ALONE, is worth the price of admission. Coming from being a "virtual nobody", I had A-list affiliates supporting my new online venture - and built long-lasting connections with some of the top players in my space.

Oliver Spencer

I worked with Mark on a product launch back in 2012, which generated multiple 6-figures in less than 1 week. Since then I have been a close business associate and it's been amazing to see the evolution of his Product Launch Blueprint - as it continues to be refined and perfected. Launch Madness is the culmination of being "in the trenches" and knowing first hand what works and what doesn't. You just need to listen and follow what he teaches in this program - it flat out works!

Wilco de Kreij

I created a new CRM software and came to Mark as I heard of his reputation of being the go to guy when it came to taking a new product and bringing it to market. Mark laid out his Launch Madness blueprint and WOW was I blown away. This is a well-oiled system, that is streamlined, yet every element in the sequence had a very specific role in maximizing leads, sales and kickstarting a business. Highly recommended!

Shane Starr

Here's What You Get When You Join:

Launch Madness 4-Pillar Core Training Program (Value $1997)

You’ll gain complete access to the Launch Madness training program. This is the exact product launch blueprint that we and so many other marketers have replicated to deliver massive sales and profits.

Pillar #1: Product Architect

We’ll walk through how to create products that have loads of hungry buyers who are clawing through the wall to purchase. Included is our 12 product creation criteria “fail safe” checklist to ensure each product you create only hyper-demand products!

Pillar #2: Marketing Architect

Learn the MOST effective sales and marketing methods that have proven to deliver up to 30% increases in conversion rates – with sometimes only a few siple tweaks. You will also learn the step-by-step logistics and sequencing that goes into a product launch.

Pillar #3: Funnel Architect

On top being able to use our 88% lead magnet template, we’ll walk through architecting your sales funnel for maximize profitability. Including our “Scarcity Crusher” method that generates an additional 20-30% in sales over the last 48 hours of your launch.

Pillar #4: Promotion Architect

Find out the secret to getting A-list affiliate partners to promote your 1st launch. Plus our retargeting strategies that deliver the highest ROI of ANY other marketing channel – including a method to turn 10-15% of “lost traffic” into happy customers.

Bonus #1: Launch Spyglass (Value $497)

Probably the most valuable content in the program – we’ll hand to you on a silver platter 30 different product launches and their EXACT funnels. We expose their sales pages, upsells, downsells, email sequences and much more!

Bonus #2: Serial Launcher (Value $197)

Learn the blueprint behind the 1.2 million in sales in less than 3 months using the Series Launcher method.

Bonus #3: Continuity Hacks (Value $397)

Let us show you some of our best strategies for how we funnel one-time buyers into continuity/recurring payment plans – continuing to have customer paying us for life!

Bonus #4: Famous 88% Lead Magnet Template (Value $197)

Simply copy and paste this template, customize for your offer and you are ready to start pulling in subscribers at an up to 88% conversion rate.

Old Price: $29.90

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