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kairos mentorship by kelly roach coupon discount free

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kairos mentorship by kelly roach download

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kairos mentorship by kelly roach mega.nz torrent

​Claim your NEW ERA…The Kairos MentorshipMaster the Mental Game of Business to Become an UNDENIABLE Industry Icon!Your soul is craving something deeper and more powerful in business and life.Your heart is telling you there is something greater.A richer existence is awaiting you.Your bank account is telling you, you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.And you KNOW it’s time for YOU to uplevel your leadership, grow in your faith, and expand the vision for what’s possible in your life.As a KAIROS leader you will:    Develop faith and moves mountains    Step into next level leadership that makes millions    Build a businesses that becomes a generational wealth creation machineAfter helping countless business owners…multiply their income and catapult their growth to extraordinary levels I noticed a trend…Thousands can learn the EXACT same formula, blueprint, method, strategy and tactics, YET they achieve wildly different results.Why?Because the ability to cast vision for, lead and manage a team, clients, and the market, is about the INNER GAME.The deep inner workings of your mindset, beliefs and habits ultimately determine the outcomes of your business and life.Your beliefs are running your life and determining your RESULTS without you knowing it.The great news is that you can upgrade your beliefs, change your mindset, and heal your past.If you want to create mind blowing results financially, in a faith and family first business, you MUST learn the language, beliefs, and habits of champions, so you can BECOME one.IF YOU WANT EPIC BUSINESS RESULTS YOU MUST MASTER THE MENTAL GAME!The truth is, the more successful you become…the more you begin to see that the results you create, have little to do with the “tactics of the day” and everything to do with your ability to navigate…    Employee issues    Wild market swings    Betrayals by people you care about    Losing your sense of connection with your old inner circle, then trying to establish a new one    The learning curve of building an autonomous team    Sales, performance, and revenue fluctuations    The mental load of staying clear on the vision while living in the day to day…And the list goes on!Your mental agility as a business leaderwill MAKE or BREAK your capacity to thrive at the multi million dollar level.ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS A MENTAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL GAME.When things get hard…When momentum slows…When you feel trapped by the business you’ve built…You have a choice.Give up.Go small.Or step into your NEW ERA of business leadership.That’s what KAIROS is all about.I want to help you develop true and lasting mastery in all areas of life, to overcome absolutely anything that comes your way.The more equipped you are mentally, the more likely you are to navigate these things successfully.In the surface level world of business today, I see a NEW generation of business leaders RISING up.These are…The DisruptorsThe GAME CHANGERSThe Visionaries    They are TIRED of the status quo and ready to operate beyond the blueprint.    They are READY to BREAK the thermostat that’s been keeping them stuck.    They are ready to STOP playing by other people’s rules, and START living out their faith.    They are ready to elevate beyond millions in revenue and into millions of TAKE HOME INCOME for their families.It’s time for a new type of business leadership.Intuitive. Integrity driven. Faith centered.Preemptive. Focused. Innovative.You KNOW there is so much more for you to accomplish.God’s given you massive passion, a huge MISSION and you are ready for a season of reinvention, personal growth, and levels of success most only DREAM of!It’s time to lean in to where you are being called next and step up as a leader, capable of resultsBEYOND BELIEF.You can either stay stuck.Stagnant.Resenting your business.Feeling chained to a job you’ve created for yourself.Or you can become a KAIROS Leader.What is a KAIROS Leader?Kairos (n): a time when conditions are right for the accomplishment of a crucial action : the opportune and decisive momentKairos Moment: When God interrupts our routine and touches us so profoundly that we are forever changed.Kairos Leader: A leader who SEES the opportunity, TRAINS for the prize, MASTERS the mindset, and Develops the SKILLS of a champion.4 Pillars of Kairos Leadership:    Preemptive Business Leadership    Holistic Life Design for Optimal Living and Fulfillment    Values Driven Wealth Creation and Philanthropy    Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional HealthFaith and family come first and the business is built strategically around aRICH LIFE not the other way around.A Kairos leader is committed to:Faith that moves mountainsLeadership that make millionsBuilding businesses that become empiresIt’s time for YOUR NEW ERA of business growth.It’s time to stop settling for ANYTHING less than PEAK performance in all areas of life.It’s time to start letting GOD direct, guide, and grow you as you lead, manage and grow your business.It’s time to STOP building your dream at the expense of your health, family, or quality of life.The Kairos Mentorship is designed to help you:Align your highest calling, greatest gifts and biggest ambitions with the pursuit of the greater good-honoring God to create miraculous feats and unfathomable success.Crystallize your unique genius, achieve extraordinary levels of success, live a life of presence and intentionality.Transform into a person of RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY capable of achieving anything you desire, at warp speed!This one of a kind mentorship is UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE out there.It isn’t basic business strategy.It isn’t fluff-filled mindset coaching.It’s mentorship designed to help you master the mental game of business and become an undeniable industry icon.Inside this high level mastery program of self mentorship you will work weekly on the elevation of your habits, beliefs, actions and behaviors to become the person your dreams require. You will:    Learn to leverage the power of intuition, prayer, faith and miracles to overcome anything, rise above impossible challenges, find strength in hardship and ultimately turn any obstacle into your greatest catalyst for success, contribution and impact.    Transform your message into a movement, lead your organization to greatness and develop the capability of enrolling others in your vision for the future.    Develop the business acumen, thinking and strategic vision to become a titan in your space and accomplish unthinkable levels of success.    Cultivate a level of greatness in your zone of genius that makes you the obvious and undeniable leader in your space.    Learn to crush distractions, eliminate deterrents, and achieve dramatically more in far less time    Wealth building will be the obvious byproduct of your excellence supported by weekly rituals you will execute with fidelityTo SIMPLIFY, you will achieve mind bending results in your business.You will experience a joy and RICHNESS in your everyday life that matches the calling of your heart and the aching of your soul.You will learn how to make TIME for health, wellness, philanthropy, faith and meaningful hobbies, relationships and more without compromising on your dream.TestimonialsDebra Berndt Maldonado“After mentoring with Kelly, we had our biggest month ever — $270,000 in one monthJessie GinsburgWithin less than 3 months of mentorship with Kelly, Jessie Ginsburg had a $175K launch, enrolled 150 clients across 6 continents (making a global impact on speech therapists around the world) and brought in a quarter of a million over a 10-day spanImagine This…    Each week you step into a sacred container for one hour.    You are transported to the land of endless possibility where NOTHING is off limits.    Your reset your focus. You align with your vision for your dream life.    You make powerful decisions that set the trajectory for your future.    And you develop a relentless FOCUS where absolutely nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.    Together we pray, we visualize, we set goals and commit to plans and I pour everything, and I do mean everything, into helping you achieve undeniable success.    Faith, family, business strategy, wealth building, leadership mentality, personal branding.    An endless list of power packed sessions designed to help you continue to UNLOCK higher and higher levels of SUCCESS and life SATISFACTION, week after week.    You leave feeling calm, clear, focused, powerful and UNSTOPPABLE.    You leave EQUIPPED with the right mindset, strategy and plan to achieve in days, outcomes that would otherwise require YEARS.    Consider this your personal Time Machine that transports you to your goals in a fraction of the time with far less “efforting” and far more “elevating”Ten years on your own or 12 months inside the KAIROS mentorship.You decide.Here’s what you need to know about having me as your mentor:    I’ve been with my husband and the love of my life 17 years and been married 13. Marrying Billy was the most important decision of my life.When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Madison I kept working my corporate job while building my business to a million dollars, while operating as a Senior Vice President for a Fortune 500. I was able to retire Billy so he could focus full-time on being a father and on Madison’s growth and development.     I am a person of God and a believer. I do not preach or project my beliefs on others, however I want to invite those who feel that there is an opportunity for faith to play a bigger role in their businesses and lives to lean all the way into the idea of making money, doing good and reflecting glory to God in all that we do.    Family and faith come first for me. Mental, physical spiritual and emotional health are    NON-NEGOTIABLES. And they are built into everything that I teach. I sleep 8 hours a night. I don’t chase trends online.I am a walking, talking COUNTER to everything you have experienced in the world of mentorship online.    Within 18 months of becoming a full time entrepreneur I took my business to the 8 figure mark and soon after we moved our family across the country to the beautiful glistening beaches of South Florida so we could truly live our dream lives every day. We carved our own path and followed our dreams because where you wake up each day matters.    Madison and Billy come first which means I don’t travel to many industry events and I have largely skipped speaking engagements and travel for the last decade to focus on what my life priority is right now, which is family.    I take every August off for a family sabbatical to spend quality time with my family. I teach this inside of KAIROS because I want you to be able to do the same! (While I am off you will receive self study materials, but hopefully you will be off too!)    Philanthropy is a key part of my work and we are continuing our mission to eliminate the water instability around the globe for over 2 billion people. We just completed a well in Malawi and have multiple water pump projects in process in Nepal as we speak.A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MY BUSINESS JOURNEY& WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS:I am one of the only female founders in the online space to build her company from 0 to 8 figures with NO debt, NO investors and NO outside funding. I did this during a pandemic and massive shutdowns by leveraging many of the skills I learned in my Fortune 500 career. During my years of climbing the corporate ladder, I was promoted 7 times in 8 years, to become the youngest SVP in the company. I did that even during the 2008 recession by creating an entirely new source of revenue for my global company. I consulted with that company for years after leaving full time.Why does that matter?I know how to lead when things are EASY, and when things get a little dicey.I closed my company’s biggest accounts in a matter of months, when seasoned veterans on the team told me to just give up, it would never happen.I didn’t let go of a single person when entire departments were wiped out during 2008-2010. I understand the mindset required for success and growth in ANY and ALL seasons.The difference between you learning from someone who’s made a quick 7-figures during an easy season of business and learning from someone like me, who has been in the trenches, is that I know it won’t always be easy. I know what’s required. And, I am committed to FULLY equipping you NO MATTER WHAT comes your way!Today, I’ve taken what I’ve learned in my corporate career and in the building of my 8-figure coaching company, and built out 5 other companies for a total of 6. These companies are all different business models including a done-for-you agency, a personal brand, a membership model, a course model, and a product based business.As I build my portfolio to $100M, I am committed to sharing everything I learn, across my company’s with those inside my KAIROS mentorship. I understand that I have a unique perspective on what’s working and what’s not working in different industries and can speak to every business model structure out there!At the end of the day, getting mentorship from someone with a breadth of knowledge and experience is CRITICAL thriving.Additionally I….    Am an 11x international best selling author    Have been #1 ranked podcast host    Am the winner of TWO Inc. 5000 awards for fastest growing companies in the US, Stevie Award Woman of The Year, Titan CEO of the Year, and Inc’s Best in Business    Have been featured in Forbes, Inc, Business Insider and on ABC, NBC, and Fox!I’ve helped fund multiple water projects through Charity Water, was the youngest member of The Philadelphia Eagles Cheer team in college, and have made every goal I’ve ever set happen, in less time than anyone could have predicted.Why does this matter TO YOU????Chances are, you’ve outgrown many of the coaches you have worked with in the past.Most coaches have experience in 1 business, 1 industry or 1 framework.The moment something shifts or changes they are as lost as you are.Many of the people you have paid or are paying to guide you, are struggling with the same things you are and have no idea how to get through it, let alone help you find your way.The truth is… you can’t give something you don’t have.I’ve helped hundreds of clients, JUST LIKE YOU, achieve results like:    Being recognized on the INC 5000 list this year and last    Crossing over 8 figures in business with a multi-million dollar take home income    Buying multiple businesses on top of their first business    Cut their work week by over 15 hours while growing profits    Pay off all debt    Fully fund their children’s college tuition    Build their dream home    Retire a spouse so they can travel the world together    Relaunch new businesses that totally align with their next level calling    Grew by over a million dollars in revenue in a single year    Build a dream team and elevate into true visionary leadershipThese results COULD be yours.But the INNER work of a champion precedes the OUTER results.There is no limit to what you can do if you commit to BECOMING the person your dreams require.This is my NEWEST WORK, my best work, my LEGACY work.It means you are getting the BENEFIT of all the hundreds of test cases and results my clients have accumulated over the years and you are getting the FAST TRACK.So… let’s talk about what’s included in The Kairos Leadership Mentorship…then I’ll share a bit about the results I have accomplished and you might expect as a KAIROS leader:    3 LIVE group calls per month comprised of mentorship, meditation, live learning and q&a with Kelly directly    Instant access to 50 POWERFUL, life changing Inevitable Millionaire trainings    Recordings of all trainings, mentorship and fireside chat sessions with Kelly    Monthly workbooks to accompany each core topic area    Access to our In-Person Event in November (included for pay in full members)    A tight virtual community for support, community, and networkingAs soon as you join usyou will get access to all previous trainings from the Inevitable Millionaire including:    Cash injections to grow your business    Wealth building and multiple streams of income    Capacity building as a leader    How to reinvent your business    Integrating your faith into your leadership    Healing your past so you can design your future    Roadmap to 1% Living    Unleashing Your Inner Millionaire    Becoming a Money Magnet    Recession Proofing Your Life    Wealth Habits of the 1%    Improve Your Health, Grow Your Wealth    Rapid Healing & Manifestation    Tapping Into Your Intuition    1% Relationships    How to Get Everything You Want this Holiday Season    Summer Re-Alignment for Success    Prepping and Preparing for a SabbaticalUpcoming Trainings for 2023 and 2024 Include:    Living and inviting Kairos into your life    Identify your X factor in business to explode your results    Building an empire while honoring God    Wealth and personal freedom: How to leverage various business models    Answering your life calling    Exercising radical responsibility for unimaginable results    Developing executive presence to command the room and create buy-in    How to make tough decisions and have critical conversations as a KAIROS leader    Developing a belief set that matches your vision for your life    Healing from past hurt that holds you back in business and life    How to put your faith and family first in a business world of never-ending demands….and SO MUCH MORE.Bonus In-PersonVIP EventIf you decide to join us, and pay for the full year, you will get a FREE ticket, worth $1000, to join me for a networking and mastermind event on a yacht in South Florida this May!I can’t wait to enjoy masterminding and networking with you in luxury as we talk business, life mastery, and building our empires!We only have 25 spots available! Don’t MISS this!Bonus PIF Virtual EventIf you decide to join us, and pay for the full year at once, you will get a Relaunch Intensive with me and Danielle Cevallos (President of 3 of my companies).During this session, we will walk you through:Evaluating your offer in today’s ever changing economyRepositioning your brandDialing in your new messagingMapping out your plan to dominate your industryBONUS COURSEWhether you pay in full or choose the monthly option, you will get:The Art and Science of Radical Reinvention:a 16 module course that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to reinvent your business so it FULLY aligns with your goals, beliefs, and the market’s greatest needs.    You will get a framework for making reinvention decisions    A process to use as you roll out your new work    How to leverage reinvention to attract ideal clients    How to create massive buy-in from current clients around your NEW ERA!This course alone will unlock millions of dollars in revenue for your business, and radically improve your quality of life, increase your passion, and help you make a legacy building impact!TestimonialsJack and Michelle Bosch’Kelly’s mentorship helped us scale from 7 to 8-figures in just over a year!’Irene Ruiz“Since joining Kelly, I have consistently hit high 5-figure months for the first time ever — all while taking care of myself and enjoying my personal life.’Sabrina Drou’Since joining what is now Kairos, I’ve been able to hire a VA, take tangible actions towards achieving my fitness goals (like hiring a personal trainer), paid off a personal loan and hit my assets goal while be able to spend quality time with my girls. This by far one of the best programs and communities I’ve joined!!’Your investmentKairos is the culmination of 20 years of leadership, business building, growth lessons and global impact. And while the price of this program based on its value and the RESULTS you are capable of obtaining in it is easily worth over 100,000 dollars, I’m not charging that.In fact because it is SO important to me that you are still able to work with coaches, strategists and the other support you need in your business growth journey, I have chosen to go a different route completely.In fact my goal is that you will choose to become a KAIROS leader today and continue on this journey with me for a lifetime.For this reason I am pricing this full year mentorship at the same amount you probably spend on wasted tech subscriptions you don’t use each year…WARNING: I can’t promise that this price will not go up substantially each time I bring this program to market. Please do not say I didn’t warn you! I am always a straight shooter.You have TWO investment options:Pay in Full    Weekly live calls with Kelly Roach    Access to over over 50 training sessions    Recordings of all future live sessions    Monthly workbooks to accompany themes    A free Facebook community for support, community, and networkingBONUSThe Art and Science of Reinvention CourseBONUSFREE ticket to our IN-Person Event on November 2-3rd in West Palm BeachPay In Full Discount of $400One-time payment:$5000Monthly Installments    Weekly live calls with Kelly Roach    Access to over 50 training sessions    Recordings of all future live sessions    Monthly workbooks to accompany themes    Access to purchase a ticket to our In-Person Event in November    A free Facebook community for support, community, and networkingBONUSThe Art and Science of Reinvention Course12 -Monthly Installments:$450/monthTestimonialsAngela Williams Stillwell’Inevitable Millionaire with Kelly has been such a pleasant surprise in so many ways. There are a lot of programs out there that speak to some of the same topics, but IM is different! Starting with the fact that pretty much every week we get an hour with Kelly herself, where she shares many of her own personal growth insights and what she (and other 1%’rs) do to maintain their focus, energy, and overall ways of being. It’s more than a glimpse behind the curtain of what it takes to move into the 1%. IM is a place where we get together to do the planning, do the work, and celebrate the results. It’s a community of like-minded, no excuses people who believe in continually leveling up. For me, it’s my touchstone each week to come back to center and reset my focus and direction. And then there’s the team behind Kelly making sure we are all taken care of. Joining IM is a no brainer win-win-win when your goals are big and the need for determination is bigger.’Kemi Reyes’There aren’t other environments with people who having a similar mindset as you but also want to support you through it. The purest support group.’Erin Marcus’This is different. It’s the strategy that is used for business coaching but applied to finances and life. There is a difference between making money and building wealth – I learned that here’FAQHow is Kairos DIFFERENT from business coaching?Business coaching focuses solely on your business strategy and growth. It is far more directive, and a much narrower focus. The goal of Kairos is to help you build the LIFE, personal wealth, and legacy you’ve been called to. ONE piece of that is your business. Inside of Kairos you will absolutely get business growth support, but you will get so much more. The ripple effect will be far greater than just business growth. It will increase your personal networth, improve your health, strengthen your family, and fuel your faith. Kairos is designed to complement your business coaching!Is this a month to month membership?No. Kairos is a year long commitment. You have the ability to renew your membership after your first year is complete and maintain all trainings for as long as you are a member. If you decide not to renew your membership after your first year, you will lose access.What happens if I can’t make it to the weekly calls?Every call is recorded and you will have access view them on your own time, through our membership portal.Is this mentorship for new business owners?No! It’s for business owners at all stages of growth. Whether you are starting out, creating more momentum in an already growing business, or adding multiple companies to your multimillion dollar portfolio, the content inside of Kairos is the mentorship I wish I had when I was scaling my first company. Current members are entrepreneurs making anywhere from $100k in revenue to $13 Million in revenue… and everything in between.What type of results will I get in KAIROS?While we can’t guarantee anyone’s results (that part is up to you), here are some examples of results people have gotten in various mentorship programs with me:- Winning the Inc 5000 award- Taking HOME 7 figures a year- Shifting marketing strategies to bring in HIGH TICKET, dream clients- Retiring a spouse- Paying yourself for the first time- Starting multiple companies that fuel your passions- Building dream homes- Paying for FULL family, luxury vacations- Funding an A-player team that gives you back time and freedom- Finally publishing their first best-selling bookHow do I know if KAIROS mentorship is right for me?- If you are ready for RAPID transformation, personal and business growth, and to uplevel your leadership, your thinking, and your results.- If you want to break through your current glass ceiling.- If you want more freedom, more excitement, more joy in the journey.- If you want to TAKE HOME 10x more money, not just bring it in for your business, and then pay it out!…..If you are ready to do the work you were CREATED to do, so you can make the impact you were CREATED to make, and reap the results you were CREATED to enjoy!TestimonialsAnne Michelle Wand’I was able to sell my house, pay off almost all debt, get paid to write an article. Before I felt like I had a great life and still feel that way, but I wanted to increase my self-love and faith to help impact others. That has been huge for me.’Maria Fontana’My journey as a member of Kelly Roach’s program, the Inevitable Millionaire, has been a game changer for me. It has offered me a safe haven to receive unbiased support, coaching and community that I have never experienced in any other container, and I have been in quite a few. I highly recommend IM if you are ready to step into your power and create a 1% life for yourself.’Sharon Heno’Joining the Inevitable Millionaire has made such a positive impact in my life. It’s allowed me to give myself the permission to make decisions that will best serve my family and I. This community is filled with caring, thoughtful and loving people and I am so grateful to be part of it!’Pay in Full    Weekly live calls with Kelly Roach    Access to over a year of past content    Recordings of all training sessions    Monthly workbooks to accompany themes    A free Facebook community for support, community, and networkingBONUSThe Art and Science of Reinvention CourseBONUSFREE ticket to our IN-Person Event on November 2-3rd in West Palm BeachPay In Full Discount of $400One-time payment:$5000Monthly Installments    Weekly live calls with Kelly Roach    Access to over a year of past content    Recordings of all training sessions    Monthly workbooks to accompany themes    Access to purchase a ticket to our In-Person Event in November    A free Facebook community for support, community, and networkingBONUSThe Art and Science of Reinvention Course12 -Monthly Installments:$450/monthYou’ve never experience ANYTHING like what we’ve created inside of Kairos.It’s designed to fully equip you to play 100x’s bigger, lean into your faith, and become completely undeniable in your industry without sacrificing your healthy, family, or happiness.It’s time for your NEW ERA!

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