Give It To Me I’M Worth It by Chelsea Baldwin

Give It To Me I’M Worth It by Chelsea Baldwin

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And it helps exactly zero when you search the internet for advice on WHAT to do and HOW to make more money… and all you get for advice is “charge more.”

Like, holy f*k… yes please!!!

OF COURSE I’D LIKE TO CHARGE MORE, you idiot…. but I’ve got enough problems simply BOOKING myself and getting work in the first place.

So… like… why don’t we talk about what you did to get yourself to this point?

HOW do you get so many requests that you find yourself so f*ing fortunate that you actually CAN raise your prices to both make more money and shield off the less-than-ideal requests?
Because I don’t know about you here… but I was so desperate in my first year in business that even IF someone wasn’t my ideal client, I’d sure as hell still take the work because I DIDN’T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE IF I WANTED TO STAY AFLOAT.

So, when I was in this position and reading that kind of advice, it’s pretty fair to say I was a little angry.

But underneath all that anger was a little sadness.
What was it about ME that wasn’t good enough?

Should I have a better degree from a better college?

Should I have samples in my portfolio from even cooler websites…. even though I tried like hell to pitch them… even offering to work for free… but they STILL wouldn’t bite?

Like, what was the piece of the puzzle that I was MISSING?

I knew I was smart…

…Or at least my grades, my teachers, and everyone I knew in my real life told me so.

And I knew I had a talent for writing… which was the service I was trying to sell.
So what the f*k was up?!?!
Call it a moment of reckoning if you want to, but I’d tasted enough of the freedom provided from working for myself that I was absolutely hell-bent on not going back to another 9-5.

I never wanted actually use an iron on my clothes again and drag my ass out of bed at ungodly hours…. only to have “polite” conversations with people I didn’t like.

So I went out on a limb and decided to spend all my extra money on business and copywriting courses.

Because if these people had figured out it… surely they could teach me, right?

So I spent $700 here, $200 there, another $50 just because… and then another $350 for good measure.
I took a course that taught me how to structure my freelance business so my clients felt like they were dealing with a high-end service provider.

I took at least five different copywriting courses to make sure there weren’t any secrets I was missing out on.

I read three different books on direct response marketing and advertising.

I read nothing short of 10 self-help books.

I even started getting into woo-woo stuff and tapping on my face while stating my worst fears around money and success out loud.

Hell, I even took a course on graphic design and I can’t even draw a good-looking stick figure.
I cried a lot during that time.

I don’t know why exactly, maybe I was just finally letting myself feel the pent-up frustration from trying my ass off and never seeing it return anything back to me.

Or maybe I realized that there really were some secrets that had been kept from me, and now I knew them and could use them to make more money.

Maybe it was because I’d felt the harsh struggle for money for my entire working life—since I got hired as a CVS cashier for a mean manager at the rate of $6.50 per hour.

But now I knew the “secrets” and finally felt the need for that harsh struggle melting away, and I didn’t know how to handle myself.

So tears of relief, maybe?
But this is the ‘secret’ that stuck out to me the most:
As long as you’re okay at what you do—even just mediocre—all you need is a good, strong, powerful image… and you’re golden.


That’s it.
I didn’t have to compete on low pricing, because when high-quality clients want to get good work done, they actually expect to pay high prices from it.

(And pro tip: if your prices are too low… that itself is a red flag for good clients to stay away.)

But if you’ve got a powerful image?

And if you show up acting like you own the place without whim or apology?

They can’t get enough of you.
But because of my past struggle in this area… I wasn’t totally convinced.

But, since I didn’t have anything to lose, I decided to try it all anyway.

I combined everything I learned in those copywriting and business courses, nearly step-by-step to my own business.

I updated my website copy.

When a prospect got in touch, I took them through the questioning and qualifying process those other successful solopreneurs taught me… to the point that I used their email and call scripts almost word-for-word.

And you know what?
Where I once thought $150 was a lot to charge for a blog post… I was now charging $800.

Where I was once competing for sales pages in the price range for $50 a pop, I could now comfortably charge in the neighborhood of $1,000 and my clients wouldn’t even bat an eye.

Where I once thought “Okay, if I can just average $100 per working day, that’d be over $2,000 per month, and I should be able to get by on that.”

I’m now thinking… “$25,000 per month? It’s a stretch over my $11,000 months from last year, but I’d say it’s pretty damn doable.”
Literally guys, I 10x’ed my income expectations in just three years.
That’s a pretty big fucking deal if you ask me.

(And I think if you ask a lot of other people too.)

…For doing, pretty much, the EXACT same work.

Because here’s another little ‘secret’ I learned…
People spend money… and spend lots of it… on things that make themselves feel good.

So in my niche… as a business copywriter… people and companies will spend a lot of money on messaging and website copy that will make them proud to hand out their business cards.

And if you can make your potential customers feel good about themselves and you via something as simple as your website copy?

They’re sold.

It’s easy.

Seriously, I’ve got no reason to lie to you.
Some of you have been around since my “Carolina Freelance Writer” days, so you know what I’m talking about here… you’ve seen the transformation with your own eyes.

You’ve seen me go from the girl who will write things for you “because you don’t have time and need to focus on more important things” to the girl who will “LITERALLY turn your readers into devotees.”

And that’s a pretty big step.

But it’s a possible one.

And if it’s possible for me, Isweartoyou it’s possible for you too.
Honestly, most of you reading this haven’t met me in person.

But for as much confidence as I have in myself right now… let me tell you: there’s really nothing astonishing about me that makes me stand out in a room.

I’ve got average looks, an average hair cut, my voice is average but on the quieter side, my weight is in the average range, I have an average public education, and my clothing choices consist of Levi’s, Chuck Taylors, and solid-color t-shirts from Old Navy & Target.

I’m slightly taller than average because my dad’s family descended from giants, but since my mom’s family is so short, I’m only taller by a few inches.

If you put me and all the girls in my same age range in a room, you literally couldn’t pick me out from the crowd.
Not to talk myself down, but my point is… if I can learn it, you can too.

Trust me.

Which is why I’ve created this course—which I’ve named after one of my favorite inspiring pop songs—to lead you step-by-step through the first major step of getting more leads, more customers, and more paying contracts at the rates you’re worth.

And it’s so appropriately called….

(Yes, like that song from Fifth Harmony.)
It’s a course that’ll help you totally transform the most important pages on your website from “Ehhh… it says what I do… so I guess it’s good enough.” to something more along the lines of “Holy shit wow, this is GOOD. Anyone who reads this website would be a FOOL not to hire me!”

And honestly sweets, I can pretty much guarantee you your site visitors will think this: “Holy shit wow…. they’re GOOD. I’d be a fool if I didn’t at least get in touch to see if they have availability.”

(Another pro tip: Song titles don’t fall under traditional copyright law since most of them aren’t incredibly original in their phrasing. So if you know a catchy one and want to use it, go right ahead.)
And once you get access to it, this is what you’ll learn:

??How to uncover the core, most important emotions your ideal customers have around the work you do
??How to appeal to those emotions with actual written words in a way that is literally impossible to ignore
??Where to put these phrases on a page to have the most impact
??Easy-to-follow proven templates for your Home, About, Sales, and Lead Magnet Download pages
??Three different types of Sales page templates to choose from
??E-Commerce product descriptions
??‘Hire Me’ for freelancers, consultants, coaches, creatives, and service professionals
??Long-form info product sales pages
??A lead-you-by-the-hand unique editing process to make sure everything reads seamlessly
??The brain science behind the hormones and emotions released when reading different types of text
??Instruction on choosing & constructing the best call to action possible for each page and your business model
Before this course, the only way to learn the from me was through limited local workshops I offered a few times per year in Asheville, NC… and they were always at odd weekday hours.

But now it’s all consolidated into one place, where it’s easy to access online any time of day… and you can go at your own pace.

It includes six core modules…. each with a detailed instruction video and easy-to-follow PDF homework documents to help you complete the work for each module.
The work of each module is specifically crafted to help you create a truly powerful image for your business… the kind that commands instant respect and shows your site visitors that they’d be a fool to not get in touch with you.

Plus, I’m including a bonus module on color and how to use the human brain’s primal instincts and cultural conditioning to make your image even more powerful.

Because while words are important… and I’d argue the most important… imagery does process faster than words, so it’s an important thing to consider.
By the end of the course, you’ll have the website copy of your dreams… the kind of copy you used to think you could only get by paying $1,000+ per page for someone else to write for you.

The kind that’s so effective, people won’t be able to fill out your contact form fast enough.

And getting work… and well-paying work will be SOOOO MUCH EASIER you won’t know what to do with yourself.

And it’s available for you… all seven modules and lifetime access to it… for only $197.

That’s less than $50 per power-punching page of copy.

And it’s only 4.12% to 6.18% of the cost of hiring me to write these pages for you…depending on how many of the sales page options you put together.

It’s a 93.82% to a 95.88% savings… $2,991 to $4,601 less. (I’ve never offered a deal that good.)

AND you’ll be equipped with some of the best copywriting knowledge in the biz to use & reuse as your business shifts and grows.

PLUS I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, which gives you plenty of time to try out the course to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Because after spending lots of time and money taking those 5+ premium copywriting courses, I realized something…
And it’s that for the most part, all of the “premium, high-priced” copywriters out there pretty much use the same process.

Sure, some people do different steps in a different order… some have a preference of doing things one way instead of another. But the end result… and the way it makes your potential customers feel about you, your competence, and how much they NEED YOU ASAP is the same.

So instead of putting you through the ringer and telling you to go out and “pay your dues” to learn it for yourself… I’ve boiled down the process into the sweet spot that works the best for me and my clients.
I’ve field-tested teaching this approach in person at local workshops. And through plenty of trial and error, I’ve figured out which order to put the different pieces of the process in that makes the most sense for copywriters and non-copywriters alike.

It’s a process that you don’t have to over-analyze… not in the slightest.

All you have to do is complete each step I teach you, do it in good faith and with an honest effort, and by the end, you’ll be blown away at how amazing and powerful your new pages will be.

And we do this with the most-visited and most decision-influencing pages on your website:

??Lead Magnet Download
??Sales / Hire Me / Product Descriptions
Because honestly?

I’m damn tired of seeing talented, well-meaning people not earning the living they deserve and the kind of living that will truly make the world a better place.

We NEED the world to be a better place.

Heck, *I* need the world to be a better place.

And I know the heart-driven and personality-driven business people like you who end up on my website are the kind of people that WILL make the world a better place… via your business and the kind of life you lead.
And more clients and more money for you doesn’t equal more gluttony. Because you’re not that kind of person.

It’ll mean you’re more empowered in your business to reach and help more people.

And in your personal life…. it’ll mean more time and energy to devote to the things you’re passionate about so you can make the world a better place.
And while, yes, there’s loads of copywriting advice and courses out there… I’ve yet to find one that walks through this emotionally-hooking process AND gives you easy-to-follow templates to take the guess work out of “…. what should I write next?” or “… that it? Should I just end it? I feel like it could be better…”

It takes the guess-work out of everything and just gives you the perfect, most powerful pages you’ve ever had on your website.

Because here’s the deal…
According to an intensive study done by the Freelancer’s Union last year… we’re being under compensated relative to everyone in the “traditional” workforce based on our education levels.

So…. if you went to college for 4 years and have a Bachelor’s Degree, then guess what…

Your peers are making more money than you.

Which, on the surface, might not seem like such a big deal.

Because after all, you’re not the one who has to iron your clothes and pretend to like the guy sitting next to you for 9 hours a day.
But when you factor in the cost and risk of being in business for yourself and not being “guaranteed” a predictable paycheck every two weeks… it’s totally a big deal.

Because… what if your computer crashes?

Or health insurance laws change and it’s even more expensive to cover your family than it already is?

Or… you know… those payroll and social security taxes your traditionally-employed counterparts don’t have to worry about paying, but that cost you thousands.

Yeah… you should be the one earning more in this equation, not them.

So let’s change that, shall we?

So if this sounds like it’s something you need… now’s the time to act.

This is an exclusive launch of this course to my tribe of Copy Power peeps only, and it’s only available for one week.

It will be available again in the future, but I can’t guarantee the price, the bonus module, or the lifetime access like I am this time.

And if you sign up and realize it’s not for you, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. Which is plenty of time to do the course & decide if it’s right for you.
Because let’s be honest… not making as much money as you should in your business really is hell on earth.
You’re constantly tormenting yourself and feeling bad that you’re not “good enough” to charge more.

You’re looking at your bank account just knowing that people just like you have double that amount sitting there just waiting for them to decide how to use it.

You’re dreaming of your ideal life, but you get frustrated every single time you snap yourself back into reality and realize how far away from it you actually are.

And you’re ready for a g*damn change already.
If you could stand on your hands all day to guarantee success, you’d have your ass in the gym every morning training your arms to be strong enough to hold you in that position.

If a naked moon dance ritual in incense was the answer to success, you’d be all over that shit.

And as fun and fulfilling as those things might be, they’re not the answer you’re looking for.

The answer you’re looking for is the same one I needed when I was at my low point as a freelance copywriter.
And it’s this: a powerful image… conveyed via your copywriting… that people can’t say no to.
You’ll be easily identified as the most competent and most experienced in your niche (even if you’re not), and people will love reading your site so much, they won’t be able to get enough of you.

If you tell them to download your ebook… they’ll do it.

If you tell them to sign up for your email newsletter…. you’ll have their email address in your MailChimp account faster than you can sneeze.

And if you tell them to get in touch about starting a project with you?

You bet your prettiest panties they’ll be doing it.

So make sure you get in before it’s too late.
Because more money IS waiting for you. The question is…. will you stand up and take it?!?

And remember: if you buy it and don’t like it… you’re protected with my 30-day money-back guarantee.
And finally…. a few FAQs:

1. What if I’m not sassy like you? Do I have to change my style to match yours?

Absolutely not, sweets! This course is structured to bring out your voice that’s unique to you.

If you’re sassy… that will come out. But if you’re nice, meek, and a total delight of a person who never says a cuss word… that’s what will come out.

And you do not need to be sassy to be convincing. (Trust me. Most of my clients have a 0-3 sass level, whereas mine is a solid 9-10. I use this process with them, and it sounds like them, not me…. AND they still make amazing sales.)

2. What if I’m already a copywriter? Will I learn anything new?

If you’re already living your dream as a high-earning copywriter, maybe not.

But if you haven’t achieved that dream yet, there’s a lot for you to learn here. (And yes, I’m totally down if you want to “steal” my approach and use it for your own client work. The world needs better copywriters, so I’d be happy to help you become one.)
3. How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you purchase the course and go through the modules and it doesn’t work to give you stronger, more powerful copy… send me an email within 30 days of the purchase date and I’ll process a full refund.

Once the refund is process, you’ll lose access to the course.

4. What do you mean by lifetime access?

It’s for the lifetime of the course. Because if I peace out from this earth before you, I won’t be able to keep the site going for the rest of your lifetime.

But since I’ve got big plans for this course, I fully intend for it to be around for a long, long time.

And if I ever do take it down, I’ll give you plenty of advance notice.
Take it. You’re worth it.

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