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Do You Feel A Little Stab of Guilt When You See Those Email Subscribers Piling Up In Your MailChimp Account?
You Know You Should Email Them More Often…But What The Heck Are You Supposed To SAY?

Believe me, I know the feeling.

Hi, I’m Josh Earl.

Several years ago, when I was just cutting my teeth as an online entrepreneur, I found myself getting completely frustrated and fed up with my email marketing.

On one hand I was completely sold on the value of having an email list.
I’d recently launched my first product, and after the launch I realized that more than HALF of my sales came from email.

So for months after that I put all of my energy and attention into getting as many people onto my email list as I could.

And it worked—before long I was adding hundreds of new signups per month, and my list started growing like a snowball rolling down a hill.

Then one day I took a breather from all that frantic blogging and tweeting and SEOing and realized I had a new problem:

“So… What Exactly Am I Supposed to DO With All Of These Email Subscribers?”

It all seemed seemed pretty simple at the start—I just did what I saw everyone else doing, writing blog posts and sharing them with my list.

Then every once in a while I’d share an update about the product I was selling.

Kindergarten stuff, really.

4 + 5 = 9 doesn’t get you into Harvard, though, and pretty quickly I caught on that this simplistic approach doesn’t do much more than keep your list idling on standby…

Certainly it wasn’t enough to get my email subscribers beating down the door to buy from me.

I still remember the sting of sending out emails that I’d sweated and labored over—and getting ZERO sales.

(Rejection really sucks, especially when you don’t know WHY you’re getting rejected…)

As time wore on I got myself more and more “wrapped around the axel” over this.

And because I didn’t have a clear plan, I’d find any excuse NOT to email my subscribers.

Every time I’d sit down to write an email, I’d find myself screwing around with the theme on my blog, or meandering aimlessly around Google Analytics, or checking my (lackluster) sales stats over and over…

Basically ANYTHING to avoid putting words on the screen.

It’s not hard to see why I fell into this pattern…

For starters, there’s the fact that just hitting SEND and blasting a message out to hundreds of strangers takes more than a little audacity, and even courage.

The doubts crowd in:

What if my email is boring?

What if my subscribers HATE what I’ve written?

And then there’s the additional, er, discomfort that comes with “selling.”

Let’s be honest:

If you’re even halfway normal, you probably don’t relish the though of shilling your products like a carnival barker.

And you can start to feel like you’re just emailing your list just to squeeze a quick buck out of your subscribers.

How… selfish of you.

And your subscribers aren’t dumb. They’ll see your naked self interest for what it is…

And they’ll lump you in with all those other sleazy spammers peddling cheap pills to fix your “manhood”…

It doesn’t matter that you’re the farthest thing from a spammer.

You put a lot of work into your product, and it solves a REAL problem and really makes your customer’s lives better…

Still you’re just CONVINCED everyone will unsubscribe or worse—you’ll get flooded with spam complaints…

Then your email software will ban your account, and your business will be ruined, RUINED…

That’s what my brain was telling me, anyway, and—

My Steady Diet of
Email Marketing “Tricks”
Just Made Things Worse…

While this was going on, I was also plowing through a never-ending backlog of email marketing blog posts and podcasts…

And one thing I discovered is:

Knowledge Is NOT Always Power

The more I learned, the more confused and paralyzed I became.

I wasn’t sure what was the best “format” to use for my emails.

Or what to include.

Or what NOT to include.

Or when and how I was supposed to pitch my products.

When I’d sit down to write my brain was a logjam of conflicting advice, opinions and tactics, and I’d just freeze up.

Here’s what I eventually realized:

All those marketing tactics and copywriting tricks I was cramming into my head were mostly just noise.

And when it comes to writing engaging emails, a few core principles are all you need.

The more I focused on those ideas and ways of thinking…

And developed the habit of practicing them regularly…

The less trouble I had coming up with what to say.

In fact I started to see ideas for emails everywhere I looked.

I’d be minding my own business and suddenly an email idea would pop into my head—a story or an educational tidbit that I knew my audience would love.

And I’d find myself itching to get to my keyboard to share this idea with my subscribers.

Sitting down to pound out an email felt less and less like WRITING…

And more and more like TRANSCRIBING.

Now I never worry about what to say, or running out of things to write about.

I have far more ideas than I could ever use.

The best part about this is you can cherry pick the very best ideas—the email you feel like writing today, about a topic you KNOW your subscribers are dying to hear more about, that will kick them into high gear…

You’ll approach your writing with the unshakable confidence that comes only from CLARITY…

You’ll “get out of your head”—and out of your own way, to write the kind of emails you know you’re capable of…

The kind your subscribers WANT to receive from you.And giving you this same level of confidence is what the next 4 weeks is all about.

The Email Copywriting Workshop

How to Write Entertaining, Educational Emails That Your Subscribers Love…

And Make More Sales Without Spamming Your List

The Email Copywriting Workshop is an intense, 4-week training focused on giving you the skills and confidence to write entertaining, educational story-based emails that are a perfect fit for YOUR audience, YOUR business and YOUR voice.

I’m designing this workshop to address the questions and concerns that I hear most often, like:

– Where do I get ideas for my emails?

– What do I say in my emails to keep my subscribers engaged—to keep them opening and reading my emails?

– How do I include a pitch in my emails without sounding sleazy or spammy?

– How do I come up with stories to use?

– When is it appropriate to talk about myself in my emails—and how can I do that without coming across as self-centered and obnoxious?

– How can I write emails that sound authentic?

This will *not* be an “information dump.”

While there are LOTS of great books and courses out there about email copywriting approaches and email marketing tactics, I learned the hard way that more information actually got in the way and made it harder for me to write good emails.

The focus of this workshop is simplifying the process so you can take immediate action and actually start to write better emails and make more sales.

And since this is a workshop format, it’ll be very hands-on and practical.

I’m going to step you through the easy-to-use, 3-part formula that I use for 80-90% of my emails, then show you how to apply this same formula to emails for your own audience.

There are exercises to help you develop a “sixth sense” for great email ideas. You’ll get daily practice in finding ideas and shaping them into emails that effectively pitch your product or service.

Each of the 4, week-long modules begins with a video lesson that covers the core ideas and concepts you’ll be applying.

You’ll have a daily action step, which should take 15-30 minutes most days. (I have some ideas about how to keep this fun so your motivation stays high—more on this after class starts.)

And once a week I’ll do a bonus session where I walk through student submissions and highlight what works, as well as areas for improvement.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll have unlimited access to me via email to get your questions answered.

And you’ll get support, feedback and encouragement from me and your fellow students in a private forum.

(When I’ve taken classes like this in the past, I often found that I learned nearly as much from observing other students as I did from the facilitators. You’ll see what your fellow students are doing in their businesses, as well as the guidance they’re getting from me and other students.)

Bonus: Get Personalized, Just-For-You Guidance on Your Email Copy and Sales Funnel ($500 Value)

As a student in this workshop, you’ll also get a “copy review certificate” that entitles you to a free, personalized video walkthrough and by me of any marketing copy you choose.

In this session, I’ll fire up my screen capture software and step through your emails and sales copy to show you what’s working—and what you can tweak to improve your optins, engagement and sales.

Typically I charge $500 for these sessions, which run 30-60 minutes long.

“Sounds Great… So How Much Is This Going to Cost?”

Now let’s talk about the tuition.

I’m envisioning this workshop as the first step toward a larger training about creating high-converting email courses, to be launched at a future date.

The fee for that course will likely be at least $1,000, possibly as high as $2,000.

Before I launch the full course, though, I want to refine this material by collaborating with a small group of students in a “pilot” version of the course.

The best way to do that, I decided, is to offer this workshop at a discounted fee of $497 (or 3 payments of $197), in exchange for your honest and constructive feedback on the training.

As a student in this pilot workshop, you’ll enjoy more access to me and more direct feedback than I’ll be able to offer in the larger course.

(Also, I should mention that I’ll automatically upgrade you to the complete course if and when I launch it.)

And because this is a pilot,

Enrollment Is Strictly Capped
At 21 Students

The purpose of this workshop is to make sure YOU get the time and individual attention you need to develop your email-writing skills—and grow your business.

To make sure I can give you the attention your business deserves, I’ve decided to keep the class size small.

So I’ll be shutting down enrollment as soon as the 21 seats are filled.

$997 ???????$497

Enroll Today ($497)
Or 3 Payments of $197

Unconditional, No-Hassle,
1-Year Guarantee

Most courses like this come with a 14-day or a 30-day guarantee.

But often that’s not enough time to be confident that you’ve made a wise investment.

I’ve squirmed over plenty of tough decisions like this myself, so I’ve decided to extend the guarantee on this workshop out to an entire YEAR.

This way if you’re on the fence, you can see for yourself if this workshop is right for you without the pressure of a ticking clock.

And since you’re not under the gun to evaluate the training right away, you can even go through the training a few months down the road—and you’ll still be protected by the guarantee.

$997 ???????$497

Enroll Today ($497)
Or 3 Payments of $197

You Turned Me Into A Copywriter!
I signed up with a copywriting course from a very well known person in the online business world.

I paid $1,200 for this course and it was a great introduction to the basics and it gave you good templates and some good examples, but it definitely didn’t help me become a copywriter.

Then I stumbled upon your blog and I’m pretty sure that I’ve signed up for your daily emails almost immediately.

That was when I felt like I really started to get it.

Your examples are so relevant to what an online business owner needs, it was just amazing to me. I felt like you were constantly in my head, you were giving examples of problems, exact situations or problems that I was having, things that I was dealing with…

This week, somebody emailed me and asked me if they could hire me as a copywriter because they took a look at my website and they were like, we want you to do that for our website.

You’ve been an awesome inspiration to me!

Jennifer Little-Fleck
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
“Very Highest Recommendations”
Josh writes amazingly smooth readable copy… He gets what I’m trying to say and he really wraps his brain around not only the content and the message but the intent and the underlying currents. That’s just very rare to find and I really appreciate his skill as a writer.
Perry Marshall
Best-Selling Author of
“The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords”
Josh’s approach is hands-down
the best one I’ve seen for selling
to sophisticated, jaded buyers
over email

There are two ways to do email marketing: the way that creates sales, and all the other ways.

The way that creates sales is NOT what you might think at first.

It’s definitely not the “jab, jab, jab right hook” method you’ll see advocated by certain thought leaders.

Josh’s approach is hands-down the best one I’ve seen for selling to sophisticated, jaded buyers over email.

After watching his training, you’ll have the mindset and tactical tools you need to do better email marketing.

Most importantly, you’ll know what common, sales-killing mistakes to avoid.

Philip Morgan
Positioning Expert
Josh really dug into my
entire funnel—and clearly
identified the issues

I was working hard on my marketing every day, but didn’t really know if I was working on the right things or if I was moving them in the right direction. I wished I had someone who could look at everything I was doing, and give me some guidance, but instead I just kept pushing through hoping I would stumble upon the right combination.

I knew who the right person was, but didn’t think he would be available. I finally said “well, it won’t hurt to try”, and I emailed Josh Earl, knowing he had the knowledge, experience, and the integrity to give me honest feedback, and it turned out he was available!

When I got Josh’s critique back, I literally said out loud – “Oh my gosh, this is so good!” Josh really dug into my entire funnel and clearly identified the issues, gave me specific feedback about each step, and showed me how to improve them.

Josh was able to see all the things I couldn’t see because I was too close to it day after day.

I now have a whole new confidence and high expectations for my business – now that I know WHAT I need to tweak and HOW to do it!

Josh, I can’t thank you enough.
Pete Sciacchetano
Memphis, Tennessee
$997 ???????$497

Enroll Today ($497)
Or 3 Payments of $197

Seats Are Filling Fast—Register Today

The workshop officially begins October 17, 2016.

That means that I’ll be closing down registration no later than 11:59 p.m. on October 16, 2016.

And the doors could close sooner when all 21 seats are gone.

3 seats went before registration even opened, so I do expect this will sell out.

And in case you’re wondering when this workshop will roll around again:

Right now I have NO definite plans to offer this again.

Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is that the next time, the price will go up.

So if you’re interested, don’t wait around.

Click the button below to claim your seat while it’s still available.

And I’ll see you in the workshop!

Old Price: $19.90

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