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Dreamporting Rapid Awakening by Daniel Raphael DownloadDreamporting Rapid Awakening by Daniel Raphael Mega.Nz Torrent​Free yourself, neutralize subconscious blocks, & live a life of peace, joy, safety, and passion… While getting supported with laser coaching for a lifetime!Welcome to Dreamporting RA:how is this different than other courses?Whether you’re relatively new to the spiritual path or have spent decades doing inner work, our mission is to help you get to the root of what causes suffering and counter-manifestations, and help you create a complete shift in your life experience. Many systems only scratch the surface of the issue, while all layers need to be addressed to live the life you deserve. Our program has been designed by Daniel Raphael, along with a team of experts who have traveled the world to find the hardest-to-meet masters, ancient texts, and healing tools. We have led tens of thousands of transformations, and we know what it takes to achieve true transformation and vibrational manifestation.RAPID AWAKENINGBegins March 15 2023REGISTER HERE*Bonus: Buy Now and get a lifetime of Live laser coaching!COURSE BREAKDOWN:1. CLEAR:    Purify yourself of the deepest programs, conditioning, and blocks.    Learn to use specific Angels to instantly cast out negative energies, illusions, and energetic blocks.    Discover the way to recode your life during sleep to upgrade and purify your life from ancient Hermetic tradition.    Cultivate awareness around your shadows and subconscious blocks, and learn to harness their potential to alchemize them into your highest potential.2. EMBRACE:     Focus on opening your heart to unconditional love and the divine perspective as the key to ascending into a new timeline and life-script!    Master your relationships to yourself and others, including friends, team members, and deepening or calling in divine union.    Harness the power of relationships to mirror the unintegrated aspects of Self to evolve and flourish.    Learn to use your relationships as the most potent tool for awakening and heal the karmic wounding that manifest as challenges in relationships.    Journey with your astral body to activate the highest expression of your heart to magnetize loving, fulfilling relationships.3. ALIGN:    Awaken your Intuition and psychic senses to new levels!    Train in a potent Magic system to quantumly clear and realign situations in your life and unblock manifestations.    Discover how to control your vibration and master neutrality to affect change in the quantum field.    Learn to unlock your unique creative genius and align with your higher purpose to magnetize harmonic synchronicity in your life.4. AWAKEN:     Discover the deeper Universal Laws and deepen your relationship to the Divine as you anchor in the Divine Perspective.    Stabilize your awareness in oneness and non-duality to dissolve negative timelines and increase your capacity to live in flow and grace!    Dissolve the deepest layers of the psyche that have been binding you to vicious cycles, self-sabotage, and counter manifestations through the alchemy of Divine Awareness.    Allow the Divine Perspective to Dissolve the deepest of Karmic & Energetic Blocks for radical transformation in all aspects of life. 5. MATERIALIZE:     Master the Rapid Manifestation Protocol and radically increase your capacity for abundance, financial health, and the flow of miracles through your life.    Pinpoint any remaining areas of scarcity or limiting beliefs to unlock the gifts that you’ve been praying for, for years.    Upgrade your operating system to harness the forces of the universe and radiate abundance, trust, and confidence.  6. CELEBRATE:    Activate your KA Bliss body to live in the effortless stream of miracles and automatically magnetize more synchronicities, opportunities, and gifts.    Receive pinpoint clarity on your purpose and directives on moving forward in living your passion.    Stabilize the joy in your life and discover more tools to rapidly recenter yourself and harness the Universal Laws to neutralize problems before they manifest in order to live in empowered stability.gold-light-codes3.png’Dreamporting was a life changing paradigm shift for me. Dreamporting gave my operating system an upgrade.’-Adi Shankar: Netflix Producer, Creator of Guardians of Justice & Castlevaniagoldbgopt2.jpgREGISTER HERERAPID AWAKENINGPayment plans availableEach module includes:ADVANCEDTRAININGSEXERCISES & RITUALSLIVE Q&A’s + SUPPORTPOWERFULMEDITATIONSWhat’s included:    6 LIVE Advanced Trainings with Q & A with Daniel (90 minutes).    12 Recorded Activations/Meditations by Daniel (60 minutes)    12 Opportunities for LIVE 1-1 laser sessions with Daniel    6 different daily meditations / rituals to build and recode your energy field    12 LIVE Oracle sessions with Grace for 1-1 guidance    12 LIVE Mastermind Support Calls with Harry for 1-1 guidance    Lifetime Access to all recordings, meditations, classes, and any new bonuses we decide to add as time goes on to this transformative system.    Once we begin, you can join us live anytime or watch the recordings at your own pace! You have a lifetime of support and love that awaits.Bonuses    Lifetime Access to biweekly Intuitive Guidance by Daniel Raphael and Master Guides to support your personal life, spiritual innerstanding, and even growing your business/abundance! Hop on anytime for private 1-1 laser coaching! ($10,000 Value)    Recode your Body meditations and workouts by renown acrobat Andreas Alfaro ($500 value)    Lifetime Access to our Online Community where you get individualized care, network, share wins, receive and share support, and make amazing soul friends for life! ($997 value)    Gene Key Activation to decode your unique blueprint and evolve your relationship to self and others to new heights ($333)    For the first 33 people that join, we’ll also include The Secret Library! This is your all-Access pass to unknown or near-impossible to find Specialists, Psychics and Oracles, Herbs and Potions, and consciousness enhancing technologies around the world that I use as well as playlists for various state changes and healing journeys that bring people to tears and incredible healing experiences.6.jpgAre you Ready to: EXPERIENCE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESSAMPLIFY A LASTINGFREEDOMEMBODY YOUR GREAT SELF IN PHYSICAL FORM goldbgopt2.jpgWelcome to theRAPID AWAKENINGA Lifetime of SupportPayment Plans AvailableREGISTER HEREImagine..if you have a relationship issue that arises in two years, or wanted to manifest more in your business in 5 years? We’d still be here, supporting you. When you join, you’re joining a family. And many participants are now incredible friends. We’ve had two people meet that are now life partners, a whole group that did a sacred site tour in Egypt, and many regular gatherings around the world of support and play.MEET YOUR GUIDES:DANIEL RAPHAELFrom living with secret tribes in the jungle, training with a royal mage, learning manifestation from a benevolent billionaire, and being self-initiated from ancient and forgotten manuscripts, Daniel’s 13 year journey around the world to heal from debilitating anxiety, depression, and autistic symptoms led him from a broken child to the advisor for some of the top ten tech founders and an international teacher to over 30,000 students around the world. Daniel specializes in teaching the Universal Laws in a practical way and how to alchemize blocks in minutes to live a liberated and divinely aligned life.Amazing Grace Grace brings the sacred and the silly into symbiosis working with a full spectrum of human beings including as an oracle for the top billionaires and tech founders. As connoisseur of joy, she has studied many techniques on her path of healing. A psychic download received while traveling in Thailand gave her tremendous insight into the code each individual carries with them; their mission, gifts and challenges. She traveled the world learning Divine Spiritual Wisdom and Kabbalah, collecting certifications in multiple yoga, and meditation modalities. Grace is skilled in many healing techniques: Harmonyum, Kundalini, Sat Nam Rasayan, Reiki, Reflexology, Palmistry, Tarot, Numerology, and more! Her work as a performance artist brings joy and a raw honesty into all her work. Forever the eternal student, she continues to seek deeper understanding and experience of the mind, body, spirit connection with Curiosity, Compassion and Play as her guides. Using these tools she opens a healing field to listen, allow and guide transformation in others.REGISTER HEREFor a limited time – buy now and Lifetime Live Laser Coaching included! Join by paying in full for the discounted price of $2888 OR 12 monthly payments of only $288! Or –  if you’re not sure if this program is right for you, book a free call with us and we’d be happy to chat about it :)14-Day 100% NO RISK GUARANTEEExperience Module One and receive personalized support to undergo a powerful transformation through our diverse offerings. We are confident that you will find immense value in our program, but if for any reason you decide it’s not the right fit, simply post your completed homework in the group and have a brief chat with us to understand why. We offer a hassle-free 100% refund of your payment.Harry PaulWhile in the midst of a successful artistic career, as an actor and dancer, Harry realized that his soul’s purpose was to share his love for life and for all. He decided to study the dynamic laws of the universe and unveil its secrets. He traveled to Peru to study extensively with many shamans. Harry spent an extensive period of time learning from various professionals how to channel his spiritual strength through ancient techniques. His gift allows him to bring body, mind and spirit in a state of total relaxation, and operate inside a state of absolute goodness, freed from the mind: Which he calls Living in the Sweet Spot. Harry is a renown guide and shaman, working with a variety of people including leading actors, UFC fighters, and visionaries. results from RA Students:I have shed and released so much, made so many life long friends and am continuing to step into embodied sovereignty. It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.JohannaThe RA course has been amazing! In the space of 12 weeks I can hardly believe how much I have shifted. Before the course I had issues around feeling safe around others, due to some past traumas. The RA course, with skilful guidance from Daniel, enabled me to relax my nervous system and start to breathe again in a way I had never done before; to trust in the flow of life and feel safe and open around others. I can hardly express how much of an impact this has made in my life: more openness To others; more ability to connect with people on an heart/ soul level, and to take up more opportunities for myself, knowing I deserve to live my best life. I feel before RA I was surviving rather than really living my life. Hiding away rather than truly being seen. The course has also enabled me to awaken to myself more; to be more present in the world, and to align to my spiritual essence. As I have started to feel more aligned to my purpose, beautiful opportunities have started to flow into my life, especially around financial abundance and job offers. Most recently a coaching contract and a number of awards at work. All in the space of a few weeks. I truly feel the RA course has been a blessing and gift in my life. It has shifted me in numerous ways to live my authentic, most joyous life. Daniel is an incredible teacher/ mentor/ guide, wizard extraordinaire, rolled into one! So grateful to have met him and to be part of the wonderful RA and Dreamporting community.ShilaThe start of the program I went through huge shifts personally from an engagement to a move to a new home and uncovering a huge block with my partner. The activations reminded me of my divine nature and all I am a part of that strengthened and renewed the way I approach everyday life and challenges. One profound shift is knowing that everything is divine and that there is nothing wrong. I am able to sit and allow difficult feelings to pass through me, something I was not comfortable with before. This program is unlike any other because healing and change can happen instantly and what I’ve learned and worked through in this program would have been years in traditional therapy. Many thank you’s daniel. You’re such an amazing wizard and my life is changed because of your work.SharonDuring the Rapid Awakening journey, as I felt trapped and desperate, all of a sudden, after having heard Daniel speaking (I think it was the 3rd to last training), I totally shifted. Since then I feel happy and grateful 100% of my time, despite the everyday obstacles. I feel that life is happening to me. Saturday, a person has offered me to organize a lecture and a workshop in her association. Today, 2 persons have called to ask me to run workshops. And my professional partner has just let me know that within 2 weeks, we meet the CEO of one of the most important associations of our country.PatriciaAverage Results fromour last Ra group:21% increase in their intuition43% increase in their trust in life78% increase in their level of abundance100% said it positively changed their life100% it transformed one or more of their greatest blocks100% increased their motivation and positivity for life100% felt significantly more confident and empowered100% would recommend this course to people they love

Old Price: $299.90
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