Conversionxl Lifecycle Email Marketing for Ecommerce by Austin Brawner

Conversionxl Lifecycle Email Marketing for Ecommerce by Austin Brawner

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Conversionxl Building data-driven personas by Stefania Mereu Download

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Conversionxl Building data-driven personas by Stefania Mereu Torrent

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Conversionxl Building data-driven personas by Stefania Mereu Free

Lifecycle Email Marketing for Ecommerce
5x your revenue from email.

Lifecycle emails - triggered by actions subscribers take - are often overlooked and under utilized by ecommerce companies. Yet when you build a solid lifecycle email marketing system and you can literally automate growth.
In just 4 sessions, you'll be able to...

Capture more quality leads and convert them into customers with effective campaigns.
Drive more sales from email while creating less content and sending fewer promotions.
Advertise more confidently knowing your new customers are being followed up with ‘automatically’ after each purchase.

Austin Brawner, CEO @ Brand Growth Experts

Get a 60-second course overview in this video:

This course will teach you how to send smarter and more profitable emails. You’ll learn how to capture more qualified leads, recover abandoned carts/sessions, and drive repeat sales with simple yet effective email systems.

If your ecommerce business relies on driving sales through email marketing - from newsletters to following up with prospects and customers, you need this in order to drive more revenue from this channel.
Spend marketing dollars on other channels more confidently

You can advertise more confidently know your new subscribers and customers are being followed up with “automatically”
Decrease your cost of customer acquisition

It’s much less expensive to sell new products to customers and subscribers on your email list than to convert new people who’ve never heard of you
Increase your Customer Lifetime Value

If you want to drive more repeat purchases in your business, the first step is to get your customers on your email list. Unlike retargeting, sending emails to your current customers doesn't cost more.
This course is right for you if you...

have an online brand or store that sends emails to customers and prospects
know you’re leaving money on the table with your current email marketing strategy
are consistently driving sales and want to become more profitable

This course is NOT for you if...

Your business isn’t in the market of selling ecommerce products
You cannot make changes to your email marketing (even if you want to!)
You’ve never sent an email to your list or customers

Skills you should have before taking this course:

This is an intermediate course for anyone who has ever sent an email out to their customers
You should be familiar with how to send out an email whatever Email Service Provider you use (e.g. Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Bronto, Retention Science, etc.)
Knowledge of how a lead capture opt-in works would be helpful, but not essential!

About your instructor:
Austin Brawner

Austin Brawner is the CEO at Brand Growth Experts. We help the world's fastest growing online brands drive traffic and retain customers by sending smarter, more profitable emails and delivering more effective ads.

He also hosts the highly-acclaimed Ecommerce Influence Podcast, where he shares advanced acquisition and retention strategies for fast-growing online brands.

Why we hand-selected Austin to teach this course

Austin is one of the smartest marketers in ecommerce today. He knows how to boost retention and he knows how to grow profitable ecommerce businesses, that’s why I’ve had him speak at my events!
Ezra Firestone, CEO @ Smart Marketer Inc.

Much of what helped MVMT grow to over $10 million in sales, I learned from Austin. I listened to his podcast every week and took away lessons that helped us grow tremendously. He’s smart as hell and I highly recommend working with him!
Jake Kassan, CEO @ Mvmt Watches


Your curriculum:

Classes are self-paced and entirely online.

Lifecycle email marketing

Class 1
Deploy magnetic opt-ins

In this class, we’ll cover best practices around high converting opt-ins and we’ll create a sequence to turn your new leads into customers.

Class 2
Recover abandoned sales

In this class, we’ll cover how to deal with different types of abandonment that online stores experience. We’ll identify different types of abandonment and build email campaigns to recover lost sales.

Class 3
Segmentation: why it’s important and how to do it

The old “batch and blast” method of email marketing doesn’t work anymore. If you want to succeed in 2018 you need to segment your email list. In this class, you’ll learn how to do it properly.

Class 4
Increase lifetime value

In this class, we’ll cover how to drive repeat purchases with email marketing. The more 1x buyers who become 2x buyers the higher the LTV. You’ll learn the email marketing campaigns to set up to drive repeat sales.

You will also get introductory
video lessons

In addition to classes, you’ll get access to snack-sized video lessons to bring you up to speed before you begin the course.

About this course

How to best prepare? What should you do before beginning the course?



Why should you segment your email list?


Email marketing for ecommerce

Why is it important?


The customer lifecycle

What is it?


Customer lifetime value

Why is it important?


Browse abandonment

What is it, and how concerned should you be about it?


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