Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough

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Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough Download

Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough Download

Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough Torrent

Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough Torrent

Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough Free

Commercial Color Grading By Sef Mccullough Free

Sef McCullough teaches commercial color grading

Have you ever looked at a polished image and wondered how the retoucher achieved that color grade? In this tutorial Sef McCullough reverse engineers images and shows how to recreate a specific grade. There are several approaches to color grading, but unfortunately, too many of the techniques used by photographers and retouchers are destructive and deteriorate the quality of image. Throughout this tutorial Sef goes over non-destructive methods to color grade for commercial imagery, provides insight on color theory, and helps expand your creativity when working on an image. Sef approaches his work by first analyzing the colors that are actually in the image, and not just the ones we perceive with our eyes. This advanced workflow will allow you to create stunning color in your images without degrading the quality.
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Color Grading
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Grade with precision

Learn to color grade commercial imagery through creative and non-destructive methods.


Let our industry pro share their proven techniques and valuable insights to help you improve your craft.
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Sef McCullough

For over 10 years, Sef McCullough has produced high-end retouching for global brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Under Armour. His work has been featured on the world’s largest billboards, top publications, and high-traffic digital spaces. He has mentored retouchers, designers, and photographers wanting to break into the field of retouching. To his credit, those artists now make a pretty nice living. Sef often collaborates to develop new workflows, and is passionate about teaching and making the commercial retouching process accessible.

Absolutely brilliant! I had no idea the way I was color grading was so bad for my photos. I’ve completely implemented this new way of grading into my workflow.
Christian R.

I love the way Sef teaches. Everything in this tutorial is made easy to follow and create on your own. Definitely worth the purchase!
Malia C.

Extremely useful knowledge on color theory and grading. This is a big game changer for my work!
Samuel D.

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