Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo

Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo

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Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo Coupon Discount Free

Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo Coupon Discount Free

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Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo Download

Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo Download

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Coach Certification Program by Brooke Castillo Torrent

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The Life Coach School
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Become a Life Coach
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We have the best students in the world.

Each year we bring our students together as part of the alumni benefit to celebrate their accomplishments and spend time connecting.

We give out awards from Tiffany’s for all students who make six figures, seven figures, and beyond. It is our time to truly see what is possible and to share out wins and knowledge.

Please watch the following video to hear awesome testimonials from our coaches. Imagine yourself recording your own in just a very short time after you get certified.

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Ready to enroll?

When you enroll today, you aren’t just making the decision to become a Life Coach.

You’re making the decision to live and lead a bigger, more meaningful life.

You’re making a decision that will not only change your life…

But also change the lives of those around you.

And when you look back at this moment five, ten, or even twenty years from now…

You’ll remember this day, this moment, as the real turning point in your life.

You will have a heart full of joy as you look back on all the lives you impacted and helped.

My friend, if you’re here reading this right now, it’s not an accident.

This is your calling to step into your potential because there are people out there who need YOU.

They need what you do, they need your story, and they need your guidance.

“Just by creating the possibility in your mind, you make it possible.”


If you have any questions about becoming a life coach, please email [email protected] or call (855) 283-8390.
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If you need to ask additional questions or if you need help, schedule a call with one of our coaches.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you say life coaching is the Perfect Career?

Life coaching is the perfect career because you have the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule, work from home and anywhere around the world, and choose which clients you want to work with. This is not a regulated industry, so there’s no limit to how you can help your clients. You can choose to be an entrepreneur and work for yourself or work for the many organizations that are hiring life coaches right now. Plus, your own transformation is part of your work. This is just the beginning. There’s never been a better time to become a life coach. It’s perfect.
Can I be a successful life coach?

Absolutely. We encourage you to be just you because who you are and your own coaching journey and transformation is what will help your clients—not imitation. Our Coach Certification Program will help you identify your own strengths and amplify them. So yes, you can be 100% successful. Go for authenticity and you’ll get there.
I’ve never coached someone before. Am I cut out for this program?

You’re in the right place regardless of your starting point into this journey. Our curriculum is designed to be individualized exactly where you are to become a successful coach. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to coach your own clients and receive individualized feedback from a Certified Coach Instructor to help you grow and sharpen your coaching skills. We don’t just teach you information—we help you apply and practice as you go.
Do I need to be certified by The Life Coach School to use the Model in my business?

Yes. Please don’t listen to a few episodes of The Life Coach School Podcast and try to coach someone else. Our students will tell you that the Coach Certification Program curriculum is more expansive than they ever imagined. Truly, coaching is an art that takes education and practice. If you love the Model and want to help others achieve amazing results, come join us for Certification.
What’s your best advice for a student going through the Coach Certification Program?

Do your own self coaching. We can’t emphasize this enough. It’s one thing to read, study, and show up for class. It’s another to do your own self coaching and make that a priority. Remember, your transformation and your journey as a coach is what will inspire others. It’s how you will connect with your clients. Don’t underestimate the power of taking out a pen and piece of paper and have a look at your mind. This is how you start being an example of what’s possible.
Do you have any examples of successful students?

Absolutely. We are so proud of our Certified Coaches. And we can’t wait for you to join us. <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Here’s a link</a> to just a few of our alumni. Not too long ago, they were just starting out, just like you. Imagine what’s possible for you.
Will I be fully certified at the end of the training?

You will receive all the course curriculum, instruction and class recordings as soon as you enroll. Your journey will be individualized so you can complete the requirements at the speed you desire. You will then have up to one full year to complete your Certification Requirements. If you want to get certified fast, schedule all your sessions and get it done.
If you want to take your time, schedule them weeks apart and take your time.
I’ve never owned a business before. Is becoming a life coach for me?

Yes. We welcome students of all levels and backgrounds. If you choose to have your own life coaching business, we provide you with a self paced Post Certification Training in Entrepreneurship that will teach you Brooke’s method for starting a coaching business.
Not every student will want to have their own business; they may want to work for another coach or company. We provide you with a self paced Post Certification Training in Applied Coaching to hone your coaching skills and prepare you to apply for coaching positions.
I live outside the United States. Is this program for me?

Yes. We have students from around the world. The program is self paced to meet your Certification Requirements. You may schedule your private sessions with a Certified Coach Instructor based on your availability and schedule. We offer many various times to accommodate different time zones.

Old Price: $579.90

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