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BnB Freedom Formula by Sue Hoyuela Download

BnB Freedom Formula by Sue Hoyuela Download

BnB Freedom Formula by Sue Hoyuela Free

BnB Freedom Formula by Sue Hoyuela Free

BnB Freedom Formula by Sue Hoyuela Torrent

BnB Freedom Formula by Sue Hoyuela Torrent

Who’s it for?

It’s for the ENTREPRENEUR who’s looking for the fastest path to cash. Well, you’ve come to the right place because this is the easiest new business to start with zero capital and you can be up and running in as little as 7 days.
It’s for the STAY-AT-HOME PARENT who wants the ultimate home-based business that takes minutes per month to run in your spare time.
It’s for the AIRBNB HOST who wants to build their Airbnb empire and make a six-figure income. The good news is that it only takes a couple of properties.

If that’s you, then you are in the right place.
What Are The Benefits?

Maximizing your income – squeezing every last drop out of your short-term rental business by removing the ceiling on rental income for you and your client.
Avoiding the 10 BIGGEST MISTAKES that newbies make (and some Airbnb hosts too!)
Screening guests like a pro so you can avoid the nuts
Seeing new opportunities in real estate that others don’t. Get a leg up on the competition.
Automating your short-term rental business so you are free to enjoy your passive income
Positioning your listings to rank higher in the searches so you get more visibility and make more money.
Protecting yourself from, risk, liability and exposure by using Airbnb and the BnB Freedom Formula
Become a SHORT TERM RENTAL AUTOMATION MASTER by learning how to outsource and automate your business.
And much more!

Students all over the globe are having success!
Airbnb students around the world

Airbnb students around the world
Tell Me More About The Formula

ONCE YOU KNOW THE FORMULA, The process for turning a house, room or space into a short-term rental is easy.

WARNING: But do it wrong and you’ll be left wondering where all of the guests are.

The BnB Freedom Formula is the fastest path to cash, helping you avoid the learning curve so you can go straight to profits to build a truly turnkey Airbnb business in the shortest time possible. The course is made up of 4 CLEARLY DEFINED PHASES:

PHASE 1 – Controlling the Property. It begins when you find a new client and ends once you have a signed contract.

PHASE 2 -Furnishing. It begins when you identify your ideal guest and ends when you take the pictures of the beautifully furnished and staged listing.

PHASE 3 – Listing. It begins when the photographs are uploaded to your Airbnb account and ends when you “Go Live” with your Airbnb listing.

PHASE 4 – Management. It begins when your account managers are handling all of the daily duties f you and you are freed up to go out and get more clients, follow your dreams and live your true life’s purpose.

Why use Airbnb instead of the Others?

Airbnb is a very robust booking engine. It beats the competition (VRBO, Wimdu, 9flats, FlipKey, HomeAway, etc.) hands down for:

Price – Airbnb has NO upfront costs, NO charge to use their website, and you can create as many listings as you want FOR FREE. Airbnb puts their money where their mouth is and only collects 3% from each booking they get for you.
Marketing – Airbnb is valued at $31 Billion and they put many of their considerable resources to work for you by driving focused traffic to your listings.
24-hour Customer Support – awesome.
Functionality – with the many robust features built into Airbnb’s website and mobile app, you will enjoy the convenience and freedom of running your business from anywhere…or outsourcing the daily duties if you so choose.
User-Friendly – Airbnb’s intuitive user interface makes the app easy to use on any smart phone or tablet.
Insurance– Airbnb provides $1,000,000 Liability Insurance and $1,000,000 Host Guarantee automatically with every booking that you accept. Having no applications to fill out, and no deductibles to pay means Airbnb has your back!

Airbnb is the Ferrari of booking engines. The key is understanding HOW TO USE ALL OF AIRBNB’S FEATURES to become a Short Term Rental Automation Master. And that’s where the BnB Freedom Formula comes in.
What’s included in the Online Course?


The Client Acquisition System™

Get the proven system for finding your ideal clients. Use the scripts and templates to set the appointment and pick up the check. $$

The Experience Creation System™

You will use the Avatar worksheets to work through the process with your client of determining who the IDEAL GUESTS will be. This is a critical step and the rest of the entire process depends on who you will be serving and what brings them into town.

Property Set Up System™

When furnishing the place, you’ll look at every item as an investment. Nothing goes in that does not have a purpose. You’ll give your client the Furnishing Checklist so they will know exactly what to buy and what NOT TO BUY. This is where you will shine and add value when advising your client on setting up their short term rental. This checklist will speed up the property set up process and save your client time and money when shopping for furnishings. The goal: to set up the property THE RIGHT WAY from the beginning and be up and running in 7 DAYS OR LESS.

The Nightly Rate Pricing System™

You’ll discover the 5 Income Maximization Strategies you need to take full advantage of, so you can STOP LIMITING YOUR UPSIDE POTENTIAL and remove the ceiling on your rental income.

Using the Cash Flow Calculator and Property Evaluation Checklist, you will learn how to evaluate a property’s profit potential to help you decide which property is THE BEST INVESTMENT that will create the highest cash flow for you and your client. The Cash Flow Calculator is a powerful tool that will let you see at a glance what the start up costs will be and how quickly your client will be in profit. And once you’re up and running, you’ll project the monthly income based on recurring expenses and occupancy rates so you’ll know how much net profit your investment will be producing month after month.

The Listing Creation System™

You’ll set up your listing using all of my tips and tricks quickly and easily.

Your goal: to have a completely polished listing that is ready for the world to see BEFORE you Go Live!

Daily Business Management System™

I give you my Rapid Response System™ to reduce the time it takes to screen guests and accept reservations down to LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. Compare that to how long it takes to screen and accept a new long-term tenant (weeks? months?) and you’ll understand how valuable this system really is.

We’ll put systems and automation in place to save you even more time so that running your short-term rental business will take less than 10 hours per month. (At least that’s how long it takes me to handle 10 properties and 21 Airbnb listings.) I mean, can you really even call that work?

But if you do, then you can take it to the next level and outsource the daily duties to as many account managers as you need.

This course becomes your Standard Operating Procedures Manual to guide you through the process of spotting short-term rental opportunities where others don’t and setting up your clients for success, to get reliable reproducible results every time. Following these steps will help you build a six-figure lifestyle-friendly business with other people’s property.

The result: a reproducible business model that you can rinse and repeat by adding more properties to your inventory anywhere in the world.

Warning: Airbnb can become addicting. Once you put on your Airbnb-filtered glasses, you’ll see opportunity everywhere. And with the BnB Freedom Formula course, you now have the power to set up as many short-term rentals as you want, quickly and efficiently.
Great, Sue. Now Tell Me About the Bonuses!

Bonus #1 – Reservation Management Certification ($Priceless)

To grow your business by opening up yet another source of new clients, I invite you to join my nationwide network of Certified Reservation Managers. Just take my course, pass the quiz at the end and I’ll send new clients your way. What’s a new client worth? Well, it’s hard to put a value on an endless stream of income so we’ll just call it, “priceless”!

Bonus #2 – Membership in my Private Facebook Group ($500 Value)

My private Facebook group is where my students and meet to help each other succeed. Because isn’t it more fun when we can do it together?

Bonus #3 – Monthly Live Group Coaching Calls ($1997 Value)

M passion is to help people discover financial freedom and the best way I know how to do that is to use all of my tips, tricks, systems, templates, worksheets and tools to create a six-figure lifestyle-friendly business with short-term rentals using other people’s property. And my mission is to help your out of the rat race so you can have the time freedom and money freedom to live your true life purpose. To that end, I am including live group coaching calls that meet monthly to keep you moving forward so you can reach your goals faster.

I believe there is no better business out there. Where else can you start a business with no money and be making a monthly income with assets you don’t even own by only working 10 hours or less per month?

And the best part is that now you don’t have to figure it all out from scratch. Just go through the course in a weekend, and be on your way to becoming a Certified Reservation Manager in no time.

Well, this package and bonuses are worth $12,000 alone to get a turnkey short-term rental business up and running in as little as 7 days and it all comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose and financial freedom to gain.

So I invite you to join me now. Sign up below and let’s do this together!

To your success,

Sue Hoyuela

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