30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch

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30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Course

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Course

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Torrent

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Torrent

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Discount

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Discount

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Download

30-Day Launch A Profitable Blog Challenge by Brittany Lynch Download

Take A Page From The Ideal Me Playbook And Discover The Foolproof Formula For Launching A Profitable Blog In A Weekend
Launching a profitable blog isn’t magic...
You might think owning a profitable blog requires something special. A unique talent, or a finely crafted idea or aptitude for writing that forces readers to take notice.

Not so.

The truth is that there’s nothing magical about building a highly profitable blog. You don’t need any dose of celebrity, or any remarkable skills.

That’s simply not how it works.

You just need the right formula.
I'm going to reveal something right now that you’ve never heard before. Something that successful publishers have known for years. A basic truth about blogging.

Yes, being a celebrity helps.

And no, writing skills won’t hurt you.

But the one thing you really need to build an audience, and force it to pay attention, is the right blogging formula. And I'm going to give you the information and insight that I've learned to architect a successful and profitable blog.

Today that’s what I want to talk to you about.

Before we share that formula, a quick question…
Why Start A Blog?
Maybe you’ve already decided to start blogging. Maybe you’ve thought about it privately for years, but never taken the first step. Or maybe you’ve never thought about it at all.

If you’re in that last group—you’re likely wondering why you should keep reading.

So, why is starting a blog something you should consider?
You can be heard.
You have a voice. That voice is valuable. It has the power to help people, or entertain them or give them a new perspective. And that’s important.

Right now your voice doesn’t have a platform.

It has no way of reaching the ears of your future audience.

When you publish your blog, your voice will being to begins to carry.

With the proper blogging formula you audience will grow. Then as your audience grows, it will echo and spread—first to hundreds, then thousands of people.

Your following on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will explode. With it you’ll discover that you’ve suddenly become influential within your niche.
Earn Consistent Income.
This month alone Ideal Me will receive 200,000 page views with ad revenue of between $2,000-$2500.

200,000 page views may sound like a lot, but keep in mind 90 days ago we were barely getting 100 visitors a day to our blog.

With a blog you can experience explosive growth.

And ads aren’t even the best way to monetize your site (we’ll talk about these other better methods too), but it’s a great and reliable worst case scenario, right?
It’s As Low Maintenance As You Want & You Get Free Targeted Traffic
There is a misconception that to have a profitable blog you need to be writing and releasing content all the time.

This just isn't the case.

Ideal Me only releases three new blog posts a week, and 90% of the blog post content isn’t created by us (that’s because we use a cool little technique called the “Content Curation method”. More on this in a second…).
It's all about creating the right type of content that will have the most impact.

For example, in the last 90 days idealme.com went from getting next to no visitors to our blog each day to now getting 80,000 visitors in the last 30 days alone.

And the best part?

I didn't spend a dime on advertising. The type of blog posts we use, Google and Social Media LOVE so very quickly we were able to build up our free organic traffic back to our site.

And that’s because we use a very specific formula to build up our following and force our readers to take notice.

Once you have the traffic to your blog, you can send it anywhere you want. To more blog posts, to earn ad revenue, to your newsletter optin forms, to your physical or digital products.

Creating a blog is like creating a traffic machine that you're in control of.
Build Your Newsletter List
At Idealme.com we’re adding 150-300 new people to our mailing list every single day at a cost of zero.

Once these subscribers are on our mailing list we can then build a relationship with them, share our content and promote our products to earn more revenue and monetize our blog.
Sell Something.
Whether you sell digital products (ebooks), physical products, services, coaching, or DIY crafts, launching a blog helps you sell more of your products.

Out of all the products I’ve sold online the highest Earnings Per Click (EPCs) and conversion rates are from products sold off of my blog or the blogs I manage, including 6 figure launches.

Take a look below:

Example 1: $20,912 Sales In 7 Days From A Blog Audience
Example 2: $101,262 In Sales From A Blog Audience
Example 3: $2,556 In Affiliate Commissions From A Blog Audience
Discover New Product Ideas.
Don’t have a product yet or unsure what to sell?

Send your blog traffic to a survey and ask your readers what their number one challenge is within your niche and discover what solution they are desperately looking to solve. Use this information to create a product that actually sells.

Want to add more products to your catalog?

I’ll share with you how in under 5 minutes you can set up a simple little split test using affiliate links to discover the best types of products your customers will actually buy. Physical or Digital.
Who Am I And What Do I Know About Starting A Blog?
Hi, I'm Brittany Lynch and for the past 10 years I've been helping entrepreneurs design their ideal life and build a business to help them live that life.

I'm followed by over 100,000 entrepreneurs internationally because I give them the information they need to build a lifestyle business that they love.

And, after launching my own successful blog, I received countless emails asking how it was done. So I decided to create the "Launch A 6 Figure Blog In A Weekend" training designed to help you launch a profitable blog this weekend and map out the exact steps that you need to do to earn 6 figures a year from it.
Launch A 6 Figure Blog This Weekend
We Used This Exact Plan To Build Ideal Me...
From A Few Dozen Lonely Visitors To 200,000 Page Views In Under 90 Days
When we set out to launch Ideal Me I had no idea just how much opportunity would be created by launching a blog.

And we never spent any money on marketing or advertising. We simply followed our formula, and allowed it do all of the heavy lifting for us. Despite the small start, it worked.

Today Ideal Me has over 100,000 subscribers. We also have a massive social media following, and hundreds of thousands of page views each month.

Now I Want To Share This Formula With You
Introducing... "Launch A Profitable Blog In A Weekend" Training.
I’ll Help You Launch Your Blog In A Weekend With The Goal Of Giving You A Step By Step Map & Plan For Building A 6 Figure A Year Blog
Here's A Small Preview Of What You'll Discover

How To Choose The Right Niche & Topic For Your Blog
Choosing Your Blog Name - The Best Way To Create A Memorable Blog Name
How To Come Up With Endless Blog Post Ideas
Look Over My Shoulder Live Demonstration Of Buying Your Domain Name, Setting Up Hosting And Installing Your WordPress Theme
The 7 Plugins You Need To Run A Profitable “Viral Blog”
What Is S.E.O? And How To Use Proper S.E.O Conventions To Develop Organic Traffic To Your Site
How To Create An Editorial Calendar
Copy And Paste My Editorial Calendar Template
14 Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche And How To Turn These Ideas Into Quality Content Fast
How To Grow Your Audience, And Keep Them Coming Back

The Minimal Viable Product (M.V.P) You Need Ready Before Launching Your Blog (Hint: This Will Only Take You An Afternoon)
The Only Four Types Of Blog Posts You’ll Ever Need- These four blog post templates will become the cornerstone of your blog.
How To Create Foundational Content - This is the content that sucks people in, builds trust with your audience and grows your revenue.
The 7 Best Methods For Monetizing Your Blog With Examples And Step By Step Instructions (Ads, Physical Products, Info Products, Affiliate Links
How To Setup Your Newsletter On Your Blog And Grow Your List
The Best Way To Get People To Share Content On Your Blog
The Number 1 Analytics Tool To Use To Track Your Growth
How To Set Up Your Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Goals For Your Blog To Hit 6 Figures

Join The "Launch Your 6 Figure Blog This Weekend" Training
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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)
 Is There A Guarantee?
Yes, absolutely. All Ideal Me products come with a full 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't love it, simply let us know and we'll provide you with your money back. We take the risk, you get the reward 🙂
 What If You Don’t Have An Idea Yet?
There’s a good chance you don’t. Or even if you do have an idea, it may not be totally polished yet. But that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.

This formula assumes you don’t have an idea.

It gives you all of the tools, and all of the exercises you need to invent one. Then the step-by-step process that will turn your concept into a fully fledged brand.

 How Will You Come Up With Content Ideas?
Fresh posts every week? Where will you get the ideas? Maybe you’re worried about staring at the blank page, wondering where your next post will come from.

It’s a bit scary, isn’t it?

But think about this…

Before you knew how to ride a bike, I bet that felt intimidating too. I bet you were a bit afraid of stumbling, crashing or falling down. Then you learned how to do it.

A lot less scary, right?

Content ideas work the same way.

In the training, I’ll share with you 3 strategies I use to come up with blog post ideas and how to create the posts fast.
 What If You Don’t Think You’re A Good Writer Or Don't Like Writing?
The good news is that I actually don’t consider myself a good writer either. Most of the blog post strategies that I share in this training are designed to let other people do the heavy lifting in a way that engages your audience. A way that forces the reader to keep coming back, again and again. When you write like this, your audience becomes addicted.

Even if you’ve always struggled with writing.

Even if you think your writing is terrible.

Even if you know it’s not great.

The training will help guide you on identifying your personal writing style and using that to your advantage!

 Will This Really Work?
The short answer is - YES. If you follow along and implement it!

It worked for us with Ideal Me. It’s worked for hundreds of other bloggers who started from scratch, and launched themselves.
 What If You’re Not Tech Savvy At All?
When Ideal Me was starting, I wasn’t a technology experts. I’m still not. That didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you.

With the step-by-step instructions you’ll find in this training, you won’t need to do anything that’s technically challenging. We’ll walk you through each part of the process. Everything from picking an eye catching blog theme to hosting your website online.

You’ll never find yourself frustrated, or wondering what to do next.
 Will You Have Time To Follow The Steps?
You’re busy. We understand that. Between work, family and your social life, it can hard to find time to sleep - much less build a blog from scratch. You might be wondering, if you’ll have time to start a blog, write good content and build your audience.

We’ve focused on giving you a formula you can put to work, even if you’re already dealing with a full time life. Even if you barely have 5 minutes to grab a coffee.

Every technique we’ve included was chosen for maximum impact. So your tiny investment of time will still produce results.


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