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Scalable Coach Method by Funnel Gorgeous Download​You may feel burned out as a 1:1 coach and stuck not knowing how to scale, but there’s something you need to know!How To Reach Up To 100 1:1 Clients + Provide ATransformational Experience in Just 20 Hours a WeekScale Your 1:1 Coaching Practice While Taking Less Calls & Making More Money(and no you don’t need a group program or another FB group).    A personal message from the desk of Julie Chenell:After working with hundreds of clients 1:1 (over 250+), and six years as a private business coach and consultant making on average over $1.5 million a year… I have an important message to all 1:1 coaches out there that are about to pack in their 1:1 offer and launch a group program or course (or maybe already have) because they think it’s the only way to scale.W A I T .I get the appeal of a group program or course. And… It is a good idea long term (heck I have them myself, and teach them!). But SO MANY coaches abandon their 1:1 practice TOO EARLY because they are burned out on so many Zoom or phone calls. They try to replace their income with these other types of digital products…only to be disillusioned and stressed when the revenue is slow to come in.Courses and coaching programs need big audiences and high volumes of traffic, and it takes time.Truth is, no one has told you how to SCALE your 1:1 coaching practice while being on Zoom less… which ironically will give you time to grow an audience for later!That’s what I’m here to share with you today.If you’re reading this, chances are you are an amazing coach or consultant that could change many peoples’ lives if you could just clone yourself. The math of a 1:1 coach doesn’t work…40 hours of work a week (if you’re doing full time)…    10 hours of that is admin time    10 hours of that is marketing     20 hours for coaching clients=20 clients MAX.(and if you’ve carried that amount, you know how tiring it is)I had this exact problem back in 2017. I couldn’t scale my 1:1 coaching practice any more, and I needed my time back for other projects. How could I get the same results for more clients in a different way?I already felt like the 1x a week zoom call wasn’t working, so I was motivated to find a solution (kinda like how 50% of corporate meetings could 100% be an email?)    There was a lot of pressure on that one hour call    .    Sh*t would invariably hit the fan after the call and the client would have to wait a whole week to be able to talk to me about it    .    It felt like I wasn’t dealing with the situation “in the moment” and so there was a lot of clean up on aisle 4 I had to do in these weekly calls    .    If the week’s activities didn’t get done, it felt like a waste of a call    .    Both me AND the client had massive Zoom fatigue anyway    .    We spent 50% of the hour catching up on all the things that happenedI knew group programs could be a way to buy back my time and scale, but there was ONE major piece I underestimated….When you run a group, you are working with all the people AND you are also managing the group dynamic.That group dynamic can be a monster in terms of bandwidth. Trying to keep introverts talking and loud mouths quiet. Dealing with backchanneling. Group mentality that takes the convo in the wrong direction. Groups have their place, but this didn’t lessen my mental load. It made it heavier.It wasn’t until I experienced a flexible voice coaching experience with a mentor that I had a MASSIVE aha!Flexible voice solved ALL these problems, and many more!It made sense honestly. After all, look at your closest relationships where you’re not in the same location. Texting has become the way we stay in relationship. In fact, most of you right now have a texting convo that’s years old that you would be devastated if it got erased right?The value of flexible voice is that it’s even easier, faster, and more personal than just texting. When I realized how powerful a flexible voice cadence was for me personally, I switched my entire coaching model around. All of a sudden, I found that I could take triple the clients, spend less time staring at a screen, and develop a deeper and more impactful connection by talking flexibly on a voice app.For the past six years, I’ve coached between 75-100 clients at a time with a flexible voice cadence.    30 Clients = on average 1 hour a day  = 5 hours a week    50 Clients = on average 2 hours a day = 10 hours a week    70 Clients = on average 3 hours a day = 15 hours a week    100 Clients = on average 4 hours a day = 20 hours a weekImagine 30 clients in 5 hours of flexible voice coaching a week?And if you want a full plate of 20 hours a week, you could have 100 clients. If you charge $1000 a month for services, your previous $20,000/m has just jumped to $100,000/m.This has been my business for the past 6 years and I’ve learned every pitfall, obstacle, objection there is. I know how to manage 100 people in my flexible voice app, and keep track of their business. And now, I want to bring my entire process to you!Ready to scale your 1:1 coaching business and get massive time freedom back plus MORE money? Join me in this 4 part program…A 4 part program that will help you restructure and sell your flexible voice coaching cadence in the marketplace… Easier and FASTER than any traditional coaching program!Cart Closes in:3days6hours54minutes58secondsPerfect for coaches in: Business • Health • Personal Development • Relationshipsanyone who works as a mentor in a high touch capacity    Stop worrying about how to transition your 1:1 business and replace your income with courses. Simply scale your 1:1 business AND reduce the time you work by 50%    Avoid the “over delivering guilt” and set up your flexible voice coaching so you look forward to it everyday instead of dreading your clients    Learn how to position a flexible voice coaching offer so that people are excited to work with you (no need to lower your prices)    Learn how to sell a flexible voice coaching offer, even if you’re a newer coach and don’t have a lot of clients yet    Harvest all kinds of ideas through a flexible voice coaching experience and see how much your content and expertise grows!Build a long term PROFITABLE coaching business that is easy to run,has high overhead margins, and avoids Zoom fatigue.Let’s Explore The Magic Behind The Scalable Coach Method™MODULE 1: The Mindset Shift Into Scalable Coaching    How to position it in your offer    The value of a flexible cadence    Solving for the gap between Zoom/group into a flexible cadenceBY THE END OF MODULE ONE…You will see the value of flexible voice, be able to talk about, and sell it. You will also have answers for the most common objections.MODULE 2: The Logistics of a Flexible Voice Coaching Offer    The best tool for flexible voice    How to keep track of your clients    Time management and scheduling with flexible voiceBY THE END OF MODULE TWO…You will know about Voxer®, how to set it up correctly, how to keep track of your clients. You will know how to schedule your day, set up your notifications, etc. You will also be introduced to tLdL.MODULE 3: Day To Day: Voice Coaching with Clients    Your voice coaching style    Boundaries: Needy clients, ghosting clients, and other client issues in flexible voice    Ways to use voice coaching in your marketing and contentBY THE END OF MODULE THREE…You will have skills for responding and doing flexible voice coaching.You will learn how to deal with certain personalities and create good boundaries.MODULE 4: Selling Your Flexible Voice Coaching Offer    Introduction to the coaching funnel    Pricing and offer strategy    Getting your first 5 flexible voice coaching clientsBY THE END OF MODULE FOUR…You will have been introduced to marketing your flexible voice coaching offer. We’ll show you how to build a system inside FG Funnels.Bonus: 25 Voice Scripts You Can Use To Handle Delicate SituationsBonus: Flexible Voice Offer Brief You Can Swipe For Your OfferBonus: Email Script For Transitioning To Flexible Voice From Zoom For Existing ClientsBonus: How To Add On A Weekly Audit For High Performance Business + Marketing CoachesBonus: Flexible Voice Coaching FunnelBonus: Secrets of 6 Years Of Flexible Voice CoachingPlus Also Unlock:Exclusive discounts on our Voice Coaching Assistant Proprietary Software!Let’s Recap Everything You Will Receive When Joining:    The Mindset Shift Into Scalable Coaching Value $500    The Logistics of a Flexible Voice Coaching Offer Value $500    Day To Day: Voice Coaching with Clients Value $500    Selling Your Flexible Voice Coaching Offer Value $500    BONUS: Flexible Voice Offer Brief You Can Swipe For Your Offer Value $250    BONUS: Email Script For Transitioning To Flexible Voice From Zoom For Existing ClientsValue $250    BONUS: How To Add On A Weekly Audit For High Performance Business + Marketing Coaches Value $250    BONUS: Flexible Voice Coaching Funnel Value $2500    BONUS: Secrets of 6 Years Of Flexible Voice Coaching Value $250    LIMITED TIME BONUS: Unlocked Exclusive Discounts On Voice Coaching AssistantValue $$180TOTAL VALUE = $6,680Regular Price = $997Black Friday Weekend Get 30% Off = Only $698Join Scalable Coach Method™ >+ Claim All the Bonuses Now!Payment Plan Available Here >>Cart Closes in:3days6hours55minutes58secondsWe get lots of questions about the Scalable Coach Method™ that we’re going to try and answer here:Who is the right fit for Scalable Coach Method™?Anyone who is a service provider, in the coaching industry, consulting, therapy, mentorship; in any market: spiritual, business and marketing or person development.Do I have to use your software to participate?No, you can use anything you wish. However, FG Funnels users have a distinct advantage since the funnel is pre-built and loaded with 1 click. If you want to use another software, you can use our preview links to recreate it in another program. We will also be offering a Voxer assistant software to help streamline the process for you.What types of programs can you add Flexible Voice Coaching to?It’s a stand-alone offer that can offer to clients, or you can add it to a mastermind, done-for-you services, as an upsell to a course, really the sky is the limit on your imagination.You said you are giving us a pre-built funnel? What does it look like?Yes we’ll build the funnel you need, and you can load it into your account and then we teach you how to customize them for your particular brand. You’ll be getting a basic one-one coaching funnel that you can use to sell your flexible voice coaching to scale your coaching business.Why should someone NOT do Scalable Coach Method™?If you’re not interested in any kind of one-on-one coaching or consulting in your company, even through an easy-to-use app, Scalable Coach Method™ is not a good fit for you.’The Scalable Coach Method is a total game changer!
Before implementing the Scalable Coach Method, I had zero flexibility in my business. I loved coaching, but began to resent hour long, exhausting Zoom calls. I was drained and overwhelmed by all the calls on my calendar.  
Julie showed me how to transition my clients away from traditional calls and into a new voice/audio coaching approach – The Scalable Coaching Method. Not only did I retain every single client, I added an additional 10 coaching clients – all while regaining space on my calendar.The Scalable Coaching Method has allowed me to sustainably scale coaching and generate consistent recurring income. Julie transforms complex concepts into tangible, practical steps that get results – I’ve added over $250k annually to my revenue while reducing my workload by over 75%.  Simply put, the Scalable Coaching Method changed my business – and my life.’Black Friday Weekend Cart Closes in:3days6hours55minutes58secondsJoin Scalable Coach Method™ >+ Claim All the Bonuses Now!Payment Plan Available Here >>Imagine a life where you can reach more clients, make more impact, and earn more money without the burnout.The future of coaching is right in front of you.The Scalable Coach Method™ is a proven approach, honed over six years delivering results to hundreds of clients.The power of flexible voice coaching is undeniable, and now is your chance to harness it.Enroll now and let’s revolutionize your coaching journey together.xx Julie + Cathy

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